The Roman Roots of Satanic Feminism

In the January issue of Revisionist History® newsletter we document the significant role of Éliphas Levi, a “traditional Catholic,” in introducing Satan into the Feminist movement; utterly factual, but many “Catholics” run from the truth.Levi's demonic conspiracy in the pontificate of Pius IX was immune to charges of heresy or ecclesiastical interference of any kind. He enjoyed protection at the highest levels of the Church of Rome and while doing so he helped to navigate the Feminist movement in the direction of hell. Many of the leading Feminists of the nineteenth century, who are today enshrined at the Women’s Rights National Park, were his disciples. One complained that her only objection to Levi was that he was too closely tied to Rome!  For documentation see pp. 1-4 of this month’s RevisionistHistory® newsletter, and pp. 523-524 of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.We realize that this type of historical revelation makes us more unpopular than we already are, but we prefer bankruptcy to betraying our mission of pursuing the truth at any cost. In our processed and programmed Revelation-of-the-Method era, Pope Francis is the publicly manifested face of a long line of diabolic pontiffs who, prior to the 1960s, perpetrated their occult crimes and subversion of Jesus Christ under a deep cover Right wing conservative cloak, which continues to hoodwink “traditional” and “conservative Catholics” to this day. Human nature being what it is, most people want to be fooled. Christ’s true followers do not. _________________