Podcast 053 : Interview : Marcia Montenegro : The New Age - Beautiful Deception

Our guest this week is ex-professional astrologer Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers for the New Age, who joins us to discuss the diverse teachings and practices of the New Age movement. Neither a religion nor a philosophy, but more precisely a worldview, the New Age offers a perceptive critique of many of the dehumanising features of modern life, but proposes a solution, which (though in many ways attractive) is nevertheless deceptive, harmful, and ultimately incapable of delivering its promises. Marcia also shares with us her spiritual journey: from her initial rejection of Christianity, through her increasing involvement in the New Age to the point of becoming a professional astrologer and one-time president of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, to her eventual coming to faith in Jesus Christ and subsequent work as a missionary reaching out to those involved in the New Age. (For show notes, please visit TheMindRenewed.com)