Podcast 034 : Interview : Dr. Martin Erdmann : Technocracy and the Smart Grid : Part One : Technocracy

For the first of two interviews on the subject of Technocracy and the Smart Grid, we are again joined by theologian Dr. Martin Erdmann, former Professor of Philosophy at North Greenville University and Director of the Verax Institute in Greer, South Carolina. In this interview, Dr. Erdmann introduces the technocratic movement of 1930s' America under Howard Scott and M. King Hubbert, and traces its intellectual roots to the positivistic, anti-supernaturalist and utopian ideas of the 18th/19th-Century French philosophers Henri Saint-Simon and Auguste Comte. But, explains, Dr. Erdmann, Technocracy is far from dead; bewitched by its ideals of a fair, efficient and ecological economy, and now emancipated by the wonders of smart technology, the utopian dreamers of our day are gradually resurrecting Technocracy, and quietly ushering in an Orwellian nightmare of global, totalitarian control. (For show notes, please visit TheMindRenewed.com)