Moore defeats the Money Power in Alabama

Roy Moore Defeats Paul Singer, Jared Kushner  and the Money Power in the Alabama Senate primaryBy Michael Hoffman • RevisionistHistory.orgTens of millions of dollars were donated to the aptly named Luther Strange in his Donald Trump-endorsed attempt to defeat staunch Christian Roy Moore in the Republican primary for US Senate in Alabama on September 26.The 70-year-old Moore is the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, which is an elected office in that state. He was twice removed from the court by the machinations of lawyers and politicians: first for refusing to dismantle a Ten Commandments memorial from the courthouse and again, after being reelected by the people of Alabama, for stating that God’s law trumps man’s law when it comes to rejecting the judicial abomination lately known as “gay marriage”—the Supreme Court-licensed perversion unprecedented in the history of western civilization. For his exemplary refusal to cooperate with the homosexual rights’ revolution, the media, with their typical abuse of the English language, stigmatize Moore as an “extremist.” To oppose a revolution is an act of conservation, not extremism, but try telling that to the grand wizards of word jugglery. Dr. Chuck Baldwin, himself a former candidate for President of the United States and a personal friend of Judge Moore, provided details on how Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor, President George W. Bush and swamp denizen Karl Rove moved against Moore. This is first person history and recommended reading. Baldwin relates how Bush awarded Pryor’s treachery against Moore with a federal judgeship. Message: betray true Christians and you will receive lucrative emoluments made possible by the visible heads of what is otherwise a cryptocracy.In addition to Chuck Baldwin, we contributed in our way to Moore’s campaign by identifying and exposing one of the largest donors to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Republican super pac which funded Strange: Paul Singer, a billionaire American-Israeli fanatic and militant homosexual rights campaigner who believes in protective walls for the Israelis while funding open borders for the U.S. This crocodile is the typical well-heeled “Republican” donor for whom the swamp is habitat. Moreover, while the New York Times did not investigate the criminal politics behind Strange’s appointment to Jeff Sessions’ vacated Senate seat, it did at least allude to it in today’s (September 27) edition:"Strange’s demise was in some respects as much a local phenomenon as a national one, stemming from his appointment this year by then-Gov. Robert Bentley to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Strange, the state’s attorney general at the time, was overseeing an investigation into Mr. Bentley’s personal relationship with a close aide, suggesting to many in a scandal-weary state that there may have been a corrupt bargain. The newly appointed senator denied any wrongdoing, but never fully confronted the issue in a way that would eliminate the lingering cloud over the appointment.”The Times reported further: "Mr. Moore’s incendiary rhetoric will also oblige others in the GOP to answer for his comments, perhaps for years to come, at a time when many Republicans would just as soon move on from the debate over gay rights."Think of it: “many Republicans” would just as soon accept ("move on from") the revolutionary overthrow of the Biblical institution of marriage by the legalization of the sham "marriage" of homosexuals. The GOP leadership are eager to accept as settled law a defiant act of rebellion against God which spells the beginning of the end of our civilization. Hey, that’s politics! Democrats initiate  revolution and the Republican Establishment pretends to “resist” by acquiescing to it gradually rather than immediately. The Republican Money Power men (Jared Kushner, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Paul Singer, John McCain) are not concerned with the immutable morality of the Bible. These Republicans desire to accommodate evil for the sake of gaining more power, more money and the blessing of the mainstream media.In the midst of this political swamp a man like Roy Moore appears like an alien from Mars. Establishment Republicans can't understand a guy who won't make a deal with the devil, as they have.Judge Moore stated that he never prayed to win his primary campaign. He only prayed that God’s will be done. Coming from most politicians we would laugh at them for expecting us to believe that a selfless act like that really took place. Based on his past record of courage and conscience proving Moore’s character however, we do believe it — and we pray he wins a Senate seat December 12, against the Democrat Party’s nominee, Doug Jones, another former prosecutor. For further research:“...the McConnell gang...polluted the airwaves and local mailboxes with nasty, ludicrous attacks on Mr. Moore…" read moreMichael Hoffman’s writing and research are made possible by donations from truth-seekers and the sale of his books, recordings and newsletters. Will you help finance Michael’s Truth Mission?_________________