Forbidden: The Polish Defense of their Civilization

Forbidden: The Polish Defense of their CivilizationBy Michael Hoffman ©2018www.RevisionistHistory.orgWhen Poles attempt to defend their civilization from defamation,  blackmail is kicked into gear and the media announce that “Jews in Poland feel unsafe.” CNN reports: “Poland's Jewish organizations say the country’s controversial new Holocaust law has led to a ‘growing wave of intolerance, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism,’ leaving many within the community feeling unsafe.”You can be sure that this “feeling’ will be followed by dopey and disgusting neo-Nazis in the pay and under the direction of Zionists, spray-painting swastikas on Judaic tombs and synagogues in Poland.When Poles pass laws forbidding defamation of Poland in connection with World War II, it becomes a free speech cause célèbre that is not raised when Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Austria pass laws forbidding revisionist history and imprisoning writers and researchers.As we write these words a British citizen, Michelle Renouf, has been arrested in Germany on a charge of Volksvehetzung (inciting the populace), for her speech in Dresden calling the Allied fire-bombing of that city a holocaust (death by fire). Facts are facts, except when they offend The Holy People and the liberal and Neocon advocates of the “Good War” (the 55 million dead in the “good” Second World War). Miss Renouf’s allegedly “criminal” speech may be viewed here: is a Catholic nation that is not entirely under the thumb of the John Paul II style of Talmudic-papalism, of which the current pontiff Francis is but a dutiful son. Many Poles hold in more than contempt Renaissance Catholicism as it evolved in Italy. Poland is a nation capable of returning to its authentic, medieval Catholic roots. This is a hopeful prospect.All Polish patriots and their friends and allies should engage in this ideological battle with the best resources, and one of the very best is Judaic author John Sack’s magnificent book, An Eye for an Eye, about the Judaic-Communist mass murderer Salomon Morel who was given safe haven from war crimes prosecution by the Israeli government. The murders he perpetrated in Poland counted for nothing (for the relevant halacha cf. BT Sanhedrin 57a). Poland should use Sack’s facts in the information war now underway.For Catholics and some Protestants this is the season of Lent when we contemplate Christ’s 40 days in the desert and his rigged trial and death at the hands of the Sanhedrin. In one of the rare instances where these two texts concur, the New Testament (Acts 5: 27-31) and the Babylonian Talmud (BT Sanhedrin 43A), both admit that the Pharisaic leadership of the time brought about the Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.These facts were formerly well known in the whole of Europe, East and West. The Protestant Lord Chief Justice of England, Sir Edward Coke, ruled: “No Christian shall be sold into slavery to a Jew, for it is unlawful that someone who Christ redeemed should be held in servitude by someone who blasphemes against Christ” (77 Eng. Rep. 397 [1608]). What would Sir Edward say were he to observe our world today, when entire nations such as Germany, Canada and the United States are in servitude to the Israelis? The legal principle that a Christian believer redeemed by Jesus on the Cross on Calvary may not legally be under subjection to a denier of Christ’s Resurrection, is unheard of in 2018. We are victims of amnesia.The  holocaust of Jesus Christ on the Cross is hardly observed or mentioned nowadays, in comparison with the “Holocaust” of the self-worshiping Holy People, which is observed weekly and even daily in the legacy media.When Churchianity mentions the death of Jesus from the pulpit, it is almost always emphasized that the Romans bear the lion’s share of the blame. At this juncture these turncoat priests and ministers convict themselves — showing themselves to be the Bible-hating liars that they are: Jesus Christ declared to Pilate that those that delivered Me unto thee hath the greater sin.” (John 19:11).The modern world conspires to qualify, modify and mitigate, like a shyster lawyer, the guilt of the founders of the religion of rabbinic Judaism for the death of the Son of God. The Talmud, Mishneh Torah, Nizzahon Vetus, and hundreds of other sacred rabbinic texts and synagogue rites such as the Birkat ha-Minim, curse and mock Jesus, considering him an idolater, a Balaam, an Egyptian magician, and the son of a whore, who is forever boiling in excrement in hell. Furthermore, these outrageously pornographic and disgusting sacred texts of Judaism repeatedly state that the followers of Jesus are deserving of death.Despite its cultivated media image as an assembly of pious wise men who have been unjustly persecuted, Judaism is one of the most vengeful religions, if not the most vengeful. A sense of the depths of its never-ending, profoundly twisted hatred can be gleaned from the most pathological of all the accounts of Jesus in the Babylonian Talmud: “Jesus shares his place in the Netherworld (hell) with Titus and Balaam, the notorious arch enemies of the Jewish people. Whereas the Roman Titus is punished for the destruction of the Temple by being burned to ashes, reassembled, and burned over and over again, and whereas Balaam is castigated by sitting in hot semen, Jesus’ fate consists of sitting forever in boiling excrement.” What kind of religion depicts Jesus Christ being tortured in hell in scalding feces forever? This is a religion that is not content to have the Roman General Titus reduced to ashes — he has to have his ashes reassembled and burned again and again in perpetuity — the thought of which apparently has induced in generations of rabbis paroxysms of glee. These facts about the pathological contents of Talmud tractates BT Gittin 56b-57a, have been heatedly denied or explained away by Judaism’s public relations machine for many decades and even centuries. It is only very recently that our books and newsletters have unmasked these formerly deeply concealed truths concerning the degree to which we have been deceived and subverted. Yet few in the West are interested in these matters —the survival for our heritage under imminent threat from the theology of Talmudic Judaism. Conservatism Inc. —  broadcast on Fox News and taught at Hillsdale College in Michigan, and elsewhere — pretend that rabbinic Judaism is the ally of Western Civilization. The majority of the Right wing in America accept this appalling fraud. In eastern Europe is it different. If our books, newsletters and columns were in the Polish or Hungarian languages, they would sell in the hundreds of thousands. May God grant the Poles, Hungarians and other nations in the East now resisting Antichrist, knowledge, courage and victory in their struggle with the spiritual serpent that seeks the final destruction of Christian Europe by substituting Auschwitz for Calvary. _______________The New York Times online for Feb. 21 attacked conservative Catholic Polish society with a “news” report by Steven Erlanger:"Poland’s Nationalism Threatens Europe’s Values, and Cohesion"You may read this NY Times article free of charge here: is Michael Hoffman's e-mail to the author:Dear Mr. Erlanger I picked up on the subtle signaling in your “news report” which effectively is telling us what to believe about Poland (rather than stating facts objectively and permitting the reader to decide)  — i.e. that the resurgent Poles are reactionaries who we should fear.I will quote from one paragraph in your report: "People go to church several times a week, priests tend to give passionate, political sermons, and state and church media give a partisan version of events.”This statement is supposed to make us hiss and boo on cue. Actually it is an appallingly biased “partisan version” of Polish Catholicism. Suppose a Judaic region had been described by your newspaper thus: "People go to synagogues several times a week, rabbis tend to give passionate, political sermons, and state and synagogue media give a partisan version of events."Anti-Catholic prejudice has a long and ignoble history; it is unfortunate that you have exacerbated it with your New York Times report on Poland.Sincerely, Michael Hoffman______________Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered, as well as Judaism’s Strange Gods.______________Mr. Hoffman: “Whether you realize it or not, the value of your work does not come from the fact that you happen to have written it. The value has always come from the careful way that you research your material.”  - B.W., Illinois, Feb. 10, 2018______________