Court battles of Gas Chamber doubter Faurisson not over

The Battle of Gas Chamber Doubter Robert Faurisson is not yet overBy Michael Hoffmanwww.RevisionistHistory.orgLe Monde, February 8, 2018Franz Kafka has nothing on Dr. Robert Faurisson, the French professor who doubts the existence of Nazi homicidal gas chambers. He has been more or less perpetually on trial for his  thought crime since he first aired his doubts in his native France in the late 1970s.At age 89 in 2018 he has not budged an inch and remains as defiant as ever, even after bankruptcy brought on by innumerable court-mandated fines, and a severe beating administered by Zionist terrorists in 1989. He has also been briefly incarcerated (in jail French-Muslim guards extended him courtesies which his countrymen refuse him).His latest court appearance relates to a defamation suit he has brought against Ariane Chemin, a Stalinist-type scribbler who has labeled Dr. Faurisson a professional liar, on the grounds that whoever doubts the execution gas chambers of Auschwitz, must be a liar.The French, for all their celebrated masonic secularism, have never truly escaped their ancien regime Jesuit formation. Hence, the old formula of the ecclesiastical heretic-burners: “The proof that you are a liar is obvious — you deny that the Communion wafer is the flesh of Jesus Christ” — is thriving in Paris, 300 years later: “...denying the existence of gas chambers is a crime. To say that Mr. Faurisson is a professional liar, it was obvious” — Ariane Chemin.This is the madhouse which these “genius-intellectuals” inhabit. If truth was permitted as a defense, Faurisson would demolish their case, as he did to the “foremost expert historian of the Holocaust,” Prof. Raoul Hilberg, at the 1985 trial of Ernst Zündel. Truth is not a defense, however. Faurisson is a heretic. That is all the French (and the West) need to know in order to silence and libel him. Since heretics are no longer publicly burned, they are publicly shamed and defamed, by court order. This is what Faurisson continued to fight today in court, with no expectation of victory and  only a small circle of supporters. In a better world this would be seen as heroic.The following is a rough translation of an excerpt from today’s edition of the leading French newspaper Le Monde:The ultimate battle of Holocaust denier Robert FaurissonBy Franck Johannés...Faurisson appealed a court ruling of 2017 that upheld Ariane Chemin’s allegation that Faurisson was a professional liar and “forger of history.” The case goes back quite far, to a declaration by Faurisson published by Le Monde in 1978:"The so-called Hitler gas chambers and the so-called genocide of the Jews are one and the same historical lie, which has allowed for a huge political-financial swindle, whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism. ""To deny the existence of gas chambers is a crime”At the appeal hearing on Thursday, the denialist came to support his arguments, accompanied by his younger brother and a handful of sympathizers. The judge, Catherine Bézio did not discern immediately in what trouble she had placed herself. Ariane Chemin came to defend his work. "I absolutely assume what I wrote, said the reporter, I'm from the generation of the Gayssot law, for me it is obvious that denying the existence of gas chambers is a crime. To say that Mr. Faurisson is a professional liar, it was obvious.”"What are you basing yourself on to say that he is a liar? Asked the court blandly. Slight tremor in the audience in the courtroom at this question. The judge thought she could recover by asking some questions of Robert Faurisson. The old gentleman was only waiting for that; he told of his life, his work, his travels to Auschwitz, the content of Pravda on February 2, 1945, the contradictions of Elie Wiesel and Raoul Hilberg, the author of The Destruction of the Jews of Europe —  the man is inexhaustible, and it was not easy to stop him.....The professor of literature (Faurisson) was tried in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1990, 2007, 2014; and convicted of crimes against humanity in 1991, 1998 and 2006. ..."I have sinned by naivete, concluded (Faurisson’s accuser) Ariane Chemin. I had not suspected that the battle against Holocaust denial (‘negationnisme’) would have to be be conducted every day. There is a succession of young people who no longer rely on old traditional anti-Semitism, but on the current inspired by Robert Faurisson.”“...A decision will be given by the court on April 12." (End quote, Le Monde)A postscript:  A phrase has been imposed on the West universally, “anti-semitism.” One must ask, how did it come about that anti-Judaic bigotry has a formal name and category, and institutions and governments devoted to its study and prosecution? — whereas the bigotry of Judaism against gentiles has no entry in the human rights lexicon? What should we term it? Perhaps anti-goyimism would be most apropos. Anti-goyimism is as real, indeed it is more real, than “anti-Semitism," for who today despises a Judaic because they are of the tribe of Shem, the father of the Semites? The haters of non-Jews are legion and they have dozens of sacred halachic texts which instruct them in their hatred: the Mishna, Gemara, Shulchan Aruch etc. ad infinitum. In the Talmud Bavli, there are hundreds of such laws. Here is one, from  BT Avodah Zarah:  “Jews should not leave small animals alone with gentiles, or entrust their sheep to gentile shepherds, because they are likely to use them to commit bestiality.”We who are not Jews are prone to have sex with animals — according to the halacha of Orthodox Judaism. Where is there a court that will defend us from virulent racist defamation like this?The narcissistic exceptionalism of the TalmudistsThe hallmark of the Talmudic mentality is the dividing line between the Jew and the goy: one exceptional standard for the 'Holy People' and another for everyone else —  eternal vigilance over outbreaks of anti-Semitism — zero attention paid to theologically-inculcated hatred of Palestinians, and gentiles generally. We have written fifteen hundred pages on this subject in two books and many essays. The courts have “not yet” accorded us the Faurisson treatment. 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