Counterfeit “Jews” in the News

Counterfeit “Jews” in the NewsBy Michael HoffmanThe preceding is excerpted from a July 11 Wall Street Journal (p. A13) review of Stephen Weitzman’s book, The Origin of the Jews. Not so long ago the Zionist-dominated media could afford to ignore the debate over the Khazar origin of East-European “Jews” (who comprise the majority in America). This is no longer the case! Judaic heavy-hitters such as Israeli historian Shlomo Sand and Israeli-born geneticist Eran Elhaik have staked their claim to the Khazarian descent of the imposters worshipped by Churchianity as the direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The media are increasingly compelled to try and account for this puncture hole in their inflated, “Chosen People” balloon.In the Wall Street Journal article, in addition to absurdly smearing belief in the Khazar origin of European “Jews” as Stalinist, the true, Turkic-Khazar identity of most European “Jews” is dismissed—not because it is false— but because it allegedly has “an anti-Jewish pedigree.” How can it be anti-Jewish? Authentic Jews are not in any way harmed by identifying the imposters among them—those "who say they are Jews and are not" (toward whom the Bible takes a dim view: Revelation 2:9).  Until they can establish their identity to our satisfaction, we always refer to the millions who self-advertise as “Jews” as Judaics, a term which more accurately reflects their cerebral nostalgia and attachment to Judaism or the customs and traditions associated with the Talmudic tribe in general, while eschewing their claims to having “proof" that establishes descent from King David etc. The followers of the dead “messiah," Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, late of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, actually claim such documents exist proving King David is Schneerson's ancestor, in a direct line of descent. Truly, the Talmudic mentality is a fairy tale mentality.Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered.  @HoffmanMichaelA     www.RevisionistHistory.org____________________________