The Zyklon B Dance Party And Other Tales From The Resistance

The International Committee of the Red Cross wrote a   three-volume Report of the  on its Activities during World War II and published in Geneva in 1948. Contrast this to the camps run by the Jews in the Soviet Union where we know tens of millions did die. Or compare the treatment of Palestinians in Israeli prisons or Muslims in those secret torture camps run by the CIA under the control of the Zionist puppets Bush and Obama.
There is a video done years ago showing Zyklon B being released into a closed room with four volunteers who stayed inside a closed room with Zyklon B for one hour. The dosage was 72 times what was claimed at the Nuremberg trials. And the length of time was five times as long as claimed by those witnesses. I would like to see the following video be made.
The Zyklon B Dance Party
I would have a larger group of male and female volunteers dance inside an enclosed concrete room for 15 minutes on a cool evening where the temperature does not go above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius.) As soon as the Banker Occupied Government collapses, we could do different versions of this video featuring black or Latino dancers. A narrator might point out that Zyklon B is not dangerous for the first 20 minutes to an hour depending on the room temperature. American execution gas chambers dropped their cyanide into acid to speed things up. They also took at least 16 hours to neutralize that room of deadly cyanide gas. The attending doctor would wear rubber gloves and a mask. The bodies were washed with ammonia to remove any traces to protect mortuary staff. All of these steps were not mentioned by those Holohoax eye witnesses.
I would also like to see a series of short 911 videos.
Because most boys and quite a few men like exploding things I would like to see a ten pound (4.5 Kilogram) concrete block in the shape of a cube with a steel rebar in the center suspended from a height. I would put at least two sticks of dynamite on each of the six sides of that cube. The narrator would explain that the North and South Tower of the World Trade Center Towers each weighed 500,000 tons (453,592,400 kilograms) and were turned into dust within two seconds. So let’s see if 12 sticks of dynamite can turn this 10 pound concrete block into dust. The dynamite is exploded. The camera examines the rubble showing pebbles rather than the dust clouds we saw on 911. The narrator says that 500,000 tons is a billion pounds or 100 million of these 10 pound concrete blocks. So far we have proven that 12 sticks of dynamite per block or 1.2 billion sticks of dynamite cannot turn one WTC  Tower into dust. That would be 2.4 billion sticks of dynamite for both Towers. The narrator says, “So let’s double up and try 24 sticks of dynamite per cube to see if 4.8 billion sticks of dynamite could have turned the North and South Tower into dust on 911.” This video continues until we determine just how many billion sticks of dynamite it would take to replicate what we saw.
I would also like to see an animation showing one of the 110 story the World Trade Center Towers. The narrator says, “There are 283 steel girder posts going from the fifth sub-basement to the 110th floor. On 911 all 283 connections between each floor and its steel girder posts were severed simultaneously. Steel does not melt until 2,200 degrees (1204.4 degrees Celsius). An Open air fire cannot reach that temperature. The video now shows a village blacksmith making iron. Steel did not exist until Henry Bessemer invented the blast furnace which greatly increased the amount of oxygen thus raising the temperature of the burn. The video shows a 24 story building completely engulfed in flames.
“This building burned for 24 hours but its steel girders did not collapse. Now the video show an apartment fire when the window pops. That popping sound is from a window melting in an open air fore. Glass melts at 800 degrees (426.7 degrees Celsius). Now look at the WTC North Tower collapse. Do you see a lot of melted glass? No. You did not. There are 283 connections between the steel girders and each floor, There are 110 floors in the North and South Towers. That means there are 283 X 110 X 2 or 62,260 connections between the steel girders and the floors. How likely is it that all 62,260 connections between the steel girders all melted within 2 seconds of each other while the windows did mot melt?”
Visualizing an average college graduate’s debts.
The average college student graduates with $25,000 in student debt and  owing $3,500 to credit card companies.  Let’s visualize that debt as a hole in the ground with one foot equaling $5,000 in debt. That would be five feet (1.524 Meters) for the average college grad’s student debt. And 7/10ths of a foot for their credit cards.
The narrator says, ” Let’s take our happy couple from their graduation day ceremonies and fast forward to the real world six months later. The average college grad is making $12.25 an hour so they cannot afford to marry with all those debts weighing them down. To be honest we would have to put them in separate holes 5.7 feet deep. A college graduate with $25,000 in student debts at 10% and $3,500 in credit card debts at 29.9% could pay off those debts over ten years with 120 monthly payments of  $442.62 ($330.38 + $92.24). That was hard to before Obamacare forced employers to cut hours below 30 hours to avoid paying for their health insurance. If our students have their hours cut over 25%, then those payments will start digging them even  deeper into their holes.”
The video shows the two former students gradually disappearing from view. The narrator closes and says “Unpayable Debts will never be paid.”
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This reference below is to that video showing 4 men inside a small room with Zyklon B for an hour at a temperature even higher than I recommend.