Wikipedia shields truth about halakha

1. Truth about rabbinic halakha shielded by Wikipedia

Updated June 4 (see below)
A colleague of ours in Sweden has been trying to add factual information to Wikipedia’s article on Judaic “Halakha.” Despite the fact that he is correcting mistakes, he is being threatened with being blocked for “starting an editing war.”
Wikipedia is a controlled and thoroughly biased Establishment media outlet.
He writes:
The Wikipedia editor told me that I am engaged in an editing-war, and he can block me if I continue. There must be consensus

So I took it down and wrote my post in the Halakha talk page and invited everyone interested to discussion. (end quote)

In the case of Wikipedia’s articles on revisionists, the entries are not objective; they are largely controlled by our Talmudic enemies.
Wikipedia is an unreliable source for news or history. 
Beware of Wikipedia's lies, omissions and lack of accountability — attempts to correct libel and errors concerning protected topics such as rabbinic law (halakha), will be met with the following response from Wikipedia editors: “You are engaged in an editing-war and you will be blocked if you continue.”

Update June 4:

Dear Wikipedia, I am user *******

I've recently got involved in Wikipedia editing, and finally after many errors grasped the concepts of communication between users, the user talkpage, the concept of reaching consensus between editors etc.

I started out by editing the Halakha page on a topic that causes much embarrassment to many Jews, that is the supremacism towards gentiles in religious Jewish law (Halakhah),
 The edit was deleted. I didn't understand why it happened, no editor informed me at that time, so I posted it again and it was deleted again.

I wrote to you and complained that someone is deleting my post, and I got a very empathetic response from you, and I a couple of pointers on how to proceed.

I then noticed that the user RolandR had contacted me and informed me that I am involved in an "editing war", still without having grasped the basics on communication I tried to respond, luckily after many errors, I received an invitation from you, for the interactive tutorial on Wikipedia editing.
That tutorial straightened out most of my questions, however it didn't touch on the subject on calling users so much, and the concept of creating a "New Section" at a users talk page to communicate.

I did many erroneous attempts to contact RolandR, but when finally succeeded he deleted my "New section" on his talk page.

I don't think his action is according to your guidelines on behavior towards other people. Going through your tutorial, I've understood that you have strong opinions on respectful treatment towards others.

I am very glad though, that communication has been established with the first deleter of my post.

However he is of the opinion that it is an unimportant topic.

I received a useful and friendly response from user StevenJ81, on how to proceed, but I am in much doubt that Wikipedia editors will allow my factual presentation on the halakhot on gentiles, given its sensitive nature, which also have been the subject of internal Jewish censorship for over 2000 years. See for instance chapter 2 from the professor in organic chemistry at University of Jerusalem, the late Dr. Israel Shahak about the obfuscation of Talmudic texts.

I will proceed along the advice from StevenJ81, but I am here notifying you about the apparent risk of censorship by embarrassed editors. I hereby request that you monitor the subject as it proceeds and that you intervene where there are obvious attempts of censorship.

My purpose is not to hurt or embarrass anybody, I know there are many Jews that want to expose the lethal racism in the Halakha, and want it reformed in the corpus of halakhot. Many sensitive Jews do believe that these halkhot on gentiles have a real lethal impact on Palestinian lives. 

Therefore, it is an obligation for any person who subscribes to the idea of humanism and to every person’s equal value, to expose the halakhic racism, and by that means accurately convey the actual content of the halkhot towards non-Jews, which the current Wikipedia article on this subject does not do.

Kindest regards,



 2Last call for June 19-21 Bible conference featuring Historian Michael Hoffman
Location: 3000 Great Northern Road, Sandpoint, Idaho (near beautiful Lake Pend Oreille)

Registration information208-265-5405 (best means of contact). Next best: truth1632(AT) (substitute @ for AT in the preceding e-mail address)
Speakers: Pastor Dave Barley (host), Pastor Robert Phillips (Wales, England), Debi Fields Buck (Oklahoma), Ernestine Young (Boise, Idaho), Justin Cottrell (author of Rise of the Black Serial Killers); and Michael Hoffman. Michael’s speech topics: An introduction to the Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.
Mrs. Barley writes: The meetings are Friday through Sunday.  We will start at 10:00 am on Friday and go through Sunday afternoon.  We serve lunch on the grounds and the schedule is not made yet. Hopefully, we will have that done this week.
Sandpoint area motels listed by proximity to the conference:
Holiday Inn Express Hotel, 477326 Highway 95, (208) 255-4500
Hotel Ruby Ponderay Idaho, 477255 Highway 95, (208) 263-5383 (recommended)

The GuestHouse, 476841 Highway 95, (208) 263-2210
Days Inn, 363 Bonner Mall Way, (208) 263-1222
Quality Inn, 807 N 5th Ave., (208) 263-2111
La Quinta Inn, 415 Cedar St., (208) 263-9581
Best Western Edgewater Hotel, 56 Bridge St. (208) 263-3194 (located on the lake with fine dining)
K-2 Inn at Sandpoint, 501 N. 4th Ave. (208) 263-3441
Country Inn, 470700 Highway 95 (208) 263-3333
See you there!
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