While We Have All Been Distracted By The COVID-19 Hysteria: Canadian Criminal Liberal Government Just Tried To Turn Canada Into A Dictatorship!

I continue to be absolutely amazed at the sheer ignorance of people that I meet on a continuing day to day basis and how they are reacting to this COVID-19 hysteria.... I am so alarmed at how many are in such a state of sheer panic that common sense and actual thinking processes are now "out the door".... And in such a state of panic they are blindly turning to the criminals in charge for some kind of "resolution" to this fraud "pandemic"..... I and others that know the truth about this pandemic have been waiting for the criminals in charge to attempt major "power grabs" in our nations, and we all know they are coming..

Well, we did not have to wait long here in this formerly free nation called "Canada" before that idiot savant in charge, Justin Trudeau, and his cronies in the so called Liberal party would indeed use this "pandemic" as their excuse to turn this nation into a dictatorship!  For according to the following article, from the Spencer Fernando website, at, the sicko Liberals actually did attempt a "coup" last night and to shove through "legislation" in the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa to basically turn this formerly free nation into a full fledged dictatorship!  Here is the link to that most interesting article from Spencer Fernando that talks about how these criminals attempted that power grab and its immediate aftermath:

OK....I am in full agreement with Mr. Fernando that this was a most obscene power grab... And I am truly amazed as to how the criminal Jew spew media in this formerly free nation has been "covering up" this attempt to turn this nation into a dictatorship overnight!

The facts are that the criminal Liberal regime is continuing to try to push forward even today this heinous legislation as part of their "economic package" to "save" this nation from this COVID-19 fraud pandemic... And according to the following article from an editoral through the Toronto Sun, this was indeed a most disturbing event that almost NO Canadian was even made aware of!  Here is the link to that article here:

Somehow I think that what this "Oliver" wrote in the Toronto Sun editorials is NOT an "overturn of last fall's election results" but a full blown COUP D'ETAT!   That dangerous idiot savant that calls himself "Prime Minister" was actually wanting to have full dictatorial powers under the guise of claiming that they had to be put into place due to this COVID-19 scam!

Well, there you have it... The criminal Liberals have indeed just tried a power grab that would have possibly ended every single Canadian citizens' rights and freedoms... And they attempted that power grab by using this bullshit COVID-19 pandemic as their excuse!

And again, where is the Jew spew media in this nation that should have been all over this important story?  Canadians have to finally understand that the liars at the media are indeed all for this turning this nation into a dictatorship and are firmly on the side of these crooked Liberals....

I must point out to my fellow Canadians that this is only the beginning... I have seen many reports earlier today that this criminal Prime Minister is wanting to further erode our rights and freedoms by bringing even more rigid "laws" to further isolate Canadians and take their freedoms away under the cover of this bullshit pandemic.....

Many have said that our governments would love to turn our nations into full blown Communist dictatorships, and only need an appropriate excuse such as "war" or a "plague" to strip us of our rights and here we go... The crooked bastards here in Canada have just attempted exactly this scenario!

I do hope that my Canadian readers get the message here; We must remain vigilant and watch for this type of action by the criminals that run our government.... And we must make sure that everyone else here in this formerly free nation is well aware of this diabolical plot, for again they will continue to try to pull this stunt will everyone is blinded by "panic" due to this bullshit COVID-19 pandemic...

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