Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry

A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Background paper on detection and attribution in CMIP6 [link]

What’s missing from Antarctic ice sheet loss predictions? [link]

Vegetation and climate change in the Pro-Namib and Namib Desert based on repeat photography: Insights into climate trends

A critique of the insect alarm paper:  Alarmist by bad design [link]

Estimating the deep overturning at 26N in the Atlantic [link]

Was the Arctic Ocean ice free during the latest Cretaceous? The role of CO2 and gateway configurations

Early ECS results from CMIP6 models [link]  Punchline: values are coming in high

Underwater gliders provide unprecedented, daily data that reveal new insights into how #carbon gets from the atmosphere to the deep #ocean. [link]

How monsoons in Africa drove glacier growth in Europe [link]

Icelandic Glaciers are Expanding For the First Time in Decades. [link]

Spatiotemporal variations of extreme sea levels around the South China Sea: assessing the influence of tropical cyclones, monsoons and major climate modes [link]

South Asian perspective on temperature and rainfall extremes: A review

Orbitally Paced Carbon and Deep‐Sea Temperature Changes at the Peak of the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum

Monsoon responses to climate change: past, present, future [link]

The cloud factor: improving estimates of climate sensitivity [link]

Discrepancies between satellite and global model estimates of land water [link]

A 192,000 year record of Northwest African fires [link]

What is under Greenland’s ice?  [link]

Plant and sediment properties in seagrass meadows from two Mediterranean CO2 vents: Implications for carbon storage capacity of acidified oceans

El Niño weather patters are affecting the productivity of wind turbines by brining calm winds to the Midwest, reducing wind output by 14 percent [link]

creation of a new ‘observational’ dataset of GIA using GPS time-series [link]

Accounting for Several Infrared Radiation Processes in Climate Models

Recurrent synoptic-scale Rossby wave patterns and their effect on the persistence of cold and hot spells

Review of Susan Crockford’s new book on polar bears [link]

Social science, technology & policy

Are we failing to acknowledge the limitations of climate change projections for informing policy and decision‐making?

The growth of climate change misinformation in US philanthropy: evidence from natural language processing

It’s time to rethink foreign aid initiatives [link]  Foreign aid hasn’t helped Africa develop, nor has it boosted democracy

Climate change mitigation options among farmers in Asia [link]

Burning trees as climate mitigation is a bad idea [link]

Sand from Greenland’s melting ice sheet could bring in business [link]

Complexity uncertainty and ambiguity: Implications for EU energy governance [link]

Revisioning the role for natural gas in a clean energy future [link]

Avoiding CO2 capture effort and cost for negative CO2 emissions using industrial waste in chemical-looping combustion/gasification of biomass [link]

About science & scientists

Scientists rise up against statistical significance [link]

The mismeasurements of Stephen Jay Gould [link]

Walter Munk [link]

How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology [link]
Academic travel culture is not only bad for the planet, it is also bad for the diversity and equity of research. [link]
Judith Curry

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