Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry

A few things that caught my eye this past week.

Indian Ocean warming can strengthen the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation [link]

Indian ocean warming trend reduces Pacific warming response to anthropogenic greenhouse gases: an interbasin thermostat mechanism [link]

Theoretical models advance knowledge of ocean circulations [link]

Blue Carbon, and the role of coastal ecosystems in removing carbon from the atmosphere [link]

How the Greenland ice sheet fared in 2019 [link]

Dense Antarctic water returning to the Atlantic [link]

Revealing the ocean’s rare but prolific carbon export events [link]

Field experiment constraints on the enhancement of the terrestrial carbon sinb by CO2 fertilization [link]

Probing the sources of uncertainty in transient warming on different time scales [link]

Emissions and total concentration of air pollutants have dropped significantly in the last 30 years and continue to decrease, even as the U.S. economy has grown and our population and energy use has increased.

Desertification and the role of climate change [link]

Projected slowdown of Antarctic Bottom Water Formation in response to Ampliflied meltwater contributions.  [link]

Cutting air pollution would not cause ‘near-term spike’ in global warming [link]

2019 ozone hole could be smallest in three decades [link]

How a wayward Arctic current could cool the climate of Europe [link]

How volcanic mountains cool the climate [link]

Interruption of two decades of Jakobshavn Isbrae acceleration and thinning as regional ocean cools [link]

Uncertainty and scale interactions in ocean ensembles

Climatological characteristics of Bay of Bengal tropical cyclones: 1972–2017 [link]

A new view of plate tectonics is emerging [link]

relationship of weathering rates and climate during glacial-interglacial cycles of the past ~2.6 Myr

Unlocking pre-1850 instrumental meteorological records [link]

Flash floods in the U.S. [link]

Antarctic seasonal sea ice melts faster than it grows [link]

Improved calculation of warming-equivalent of short-lived climate pollutants [link]

Cold kills more than heat:  Mortality risk attributable to high and low temperatures: a multi-country observational study [link]

When is climate change just weather? [link]

Investigating the applicability of emergent constraints

Policy & technologies

Nature: Act now and avert a climate crisis [link]  First i’ve seen of any allegedly reputable scientific organizations use the word ‘crisis’

Climate change requires big solutions.  But baby steps are the only way to get there [link]

The two degree delusion [link]

The degrowth delusion [link]

Pielke Jr:  The yawning gap between climate rhetoric and climate action [link]

Engineered CO2 removal, climate restoration, and humility [link]

Did setting a timeline doom the fight against global warming? [link]

Humanity will find ways to adapt to climate change [link]

Democratic climate policies are ambitious but fail the reality test [link]

Tilting toward windmills – offshore wind in the NE US [link]

Debating the bedrock of climate-change mitigation scenarios [link]

Underestimating internal variability leads to narrow estimates of climate system properties [link]

Interrogating uncertainty in energy forecasts: the case of the shale gas boom [link]

Bag leakeage: the effect of disposable carryout bag regulations on unregulated bags [link]

Seven audacious ideas to reverse global warming [link]

What Democratic Presidential candidates get wrong about  US agriculture and climate change [link]

A recommended paradigm shift in the approach to risks to large water infrastructure in the coming decades [link]

Crops under solar panels can be a win-win [link]

Unfurling the waste problem caused by wind energy [link]

Artificial reefs boost marine life [link]

Wind energy: not in my affluent back yard [link]

Is meatless ‘meat’ really better for your health and the planet? [link]

Why demonising plastics won’t save the environment [link]

Where does all the plastic go? [link]

The massive cost of not adapting to climate change [link]

Bill Gates, Ban-Ki Moon and other leaders propose ways to adapt to a warming planet [link]

New islands could solve Bangladesh land crisis [link]

World’s first jacket made with spider silk sourced from GMO bacteria. Five times stronger than steel, three times tougher than Kevlar, and lighter than carbon fiber!


Cory Booker says any serious climate plan has to include nuclear power [link]

Limits to growth: can nuclear power supply the world’s needs? [link]

A beginner’s guide to the debate over nuclear power and climate [link]

How Nuclear Hybrids Could Redefine the Industry’s Future

Scientists rescue historical data taken on floating ice islands in the Arctic [link]

About science & scientists

How two academics are trying to break the outrage cycle [link]

Science is deeply imaginative: why is this treated as a secret? [link]

Climate science needs professional statisticians [link]

Intelligence, complexity and the failed ‘science’ of IQ [link]

Mark Steyn on Tim Ball’s legal victory over Michael Mann:  Michael E. Mann, loser [link]

The problem with sugar daddy science (wealthy donors) [link]

The conversation is now censoring climate change ‘deniers’, including moi [link]

Is the staggering profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? [link]

Alexander von Humboldt: The Scientist who connected it all [link]

Sorry, but male geniuses are replaceable [link]

Will Happer is leaving his position in the Trump administration [link]

Affirmative citation bias in scientific myth debunking [link]

How can we know unknown unknowns? [link]

Ideological discrimination in academia is more complex than you think [link]

Deception and self deception [link]

What statistics can – and can’t- tell us about ourselves [link]

Does science have a bullying problem? [link]


Judith Curry

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