Antonio Davis, 25, was shot by cops in Spokane, Washington on September 18, 2017. Davis was unarmed.
Newly released body camera footage of the shooting was made available on Wednesday.
Officers Tucker Seitz and Chris McMurtrey were in a vehicle pursuit with Davis. Davis refused to stop because he had felony warrants.
Davis eventually wrecked his vehicle and took off on foot along with his passenger.
As Seitz and McMurtrey zerored in on Davis they yelled for him to stop and threatned to shoot him.
It was then that cops say Davis charged at Seitz prompting him to shoot Davis.
Seitz never turned his body camera on, so his vantage point is not avalable, but the video we do have is from McMurtrey.
Davis can be heard saying, “You shot me, I ain’t gonna move. I ain’t gonna move. Oh, my god. Call an ambulance … Call an ambulance, please.”
Capt. Brad Arleth of the Spokane Police Department said that it is not uncommon for officers to forget to turn on their body cameras. The Captain went on to say:

“Officers assumed Davis was armed based on previous bulletins from Nevada that said Davis was wanted for unlawful possession of a firearm, assault and shooting at a vehicle. The bulletin also mentioned Davis was a suspect in a homicide and that the weapon in that homicide had not been found.”

A 9mm gun was found in Davis’s vehicle upon the shooting.
On Dec. 5, 2017 prosecutors determined that the shooting was justified and decided not to press charges against Seitz. Prosecutors said it was,

“Reasonable for Officer Seitz to use deadly force, because Davis presented a serious and immediate threat,”

the prosecutors added,

“There is no indication Officer Seitz acted out of malice or lacked a good faith belief in the correctness of his actions. Therefore, no criminal liability attaches and no criminal charges will be filed against Officer Seitz.”

The other passenger of the vehicle that ran and got away was arrested a few days later. In October Davis posted a $75,000 bail.
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