Was There Election Fraud in Sweden?

As I said in the video interview above, I was expecting the Sweden Democrats to get around 25% but wouldn’t be surprised if they got 31%.
They only got 17,6%.
I’ll admit, I was disappointed. And perhaps my disappointment is so strong it colours my perception. At the same time, I can’t ignore there’s been an alarming amount of reports of unacceptable behavior.
An international team of 25 observers concluded that cheating took place in 46% of polling stations. So called “family voting” is illegal, yet in the majority of cases staff didn’t bother intervening.
That’s an official report. Unofficially there’s been many incidents reported under the hashtag #valfusk2018 which means “electionfraud2018”. I started this hashtag before the election so people could gather proof in case they saw anything suspicious, since it’s happened before. The day after the election it was trending.

The testimonies range anywhere from voting bills missing (primarily for the Sweden Democrats, Alternative for Sweden and Medborgerlig Samling) and votes disappearing, to one woman testifying how her mentally challenged son was fooled into voting for the Social Democrats. He wasn’t even aware of what was happening but the staff at his group home got him to do it.

On a different note, the Danish EU-politician Michael Aastrup Jensen has expressed criticism against Sweden’s voting system. Among other things he criticized the amount of party officials who stand right outside voting halls and pressure people into taking their party ballots (which is illegal) but also our system of ballots itself.
In Sweden it looks like this:

In other countries, like Norway, it looks like this:

See the problem here?
In Norway you step into a closed space and choose what party you want to vote for. Nobody can see what ballot you pick. In Sweden however, everyone can see.
Sweden is an extremely consensus-driven country. I jokingly say that the difference between Sweden and North Korea, is that the government doesn’t have to threaten you with murder to keep you silent. In Sweden people censor themselves.
The journalist Tim Pool gained fame when he went to investigate Sweden, after Donald Trump’s infamous “last night in Sweden remark”. After several video reports he came to this conclusion: “Sweden is creepy.” He had a really hard  time getting any citizen to show up on camera and speak their mind on politics.

Given Sweden’s extreme consensus culture it’s not exactly a good standard to have non-anonymous elections. And the international team of observers I mentioned earlier took issue with this as well. Everybody can see what party bill you choose. At the same time, SD are the most taboo topic in parliament. The rest is self-explanatory.
There’s also the issue of tellers having way too much opportunity to manipulate votes. As someone pointed out, all you have to do is shine a light on the envelope to see what bill is inside.

This is an especially big issue with pre-poll voters, since it means anyone can alter your vote if they just feel like doing so.
But there’s a different aspect to the election result, which may have more problematic implications.
Here’s a compilation someone made of 20 Swedish no-go zones.

The Social Democrats are overwhelmingly strong in our ghettos. So it’s not exactly strange that they chose to spend 8 million of our tax-crowns on a “democracy initiative”, to get more immigrants in exclusion areas to start voting.
On the surface they present it as a humanist action, since immigrants typically vote less than Swedes. But in practice they’re just using tax money to score more votes for themselves. If this doesn’t constitute as illegal then it’s at least immoral.
Even Swedish-citizen Turks who live in Turkey vote for the Social Democrats.

So this doesn’t have to be a matter of widespread fraud. It could also be demographic changes showing results. And maybe that has worse implications for Swedens political future, given 50% of muslims in Britain want to ban homosexuality.
In the coming 4 years Sweden is expecting 300’000 immigrants – that’s like importing a new Malmö. It’s not strange that the left is so happy about immigration, Social Democrats are losing ground all over Europe. Look at this comparison of 2000 versus 2018.

Exclusion areas are socialist areas. Ghettos are the left’s strongest voting holds, and they never have to live there themselves. So they can just keep importing voters and ensuring fat politician-salaries, while making sure everyone else deals with the consequences.
About 95% of gangrapes in Sweden are by immigrants and 58% of regular rapes are imported. Those figures are now coming from the mainstream-media themselves.
People lacking Swedish citizenships can’t vote for parliament, but they’re allowed to vote for municipality and county. And migrants are such a big group they can basically be the tipping point in some elections, like Kalmar county. Quote: “There are municipalities where voters without citizenships make up 10% of votes. In some districts even 20% of voters aren’t Swedish citizens.”
And believe me, the left is desperate. Right before the election several S-politicians spread lies in Arabic, about how right-wing parties want to steal their children and shut down all mosques. Clan-voting is also an issue in Sweden, where immigrant associations vote collectively in exchange for “support”. We’re also seeing campaign material in foreign languages, meaning immigrants don’t even need to learn Swedish in order to vote left.


There’s definitely been voting-fraud in Sweden. But it’s hard to pin-point exactly how vast. Even if there’s a lot of anecdotes on social media, it’s still just anecdotes. We can’t say for sure it’s been widespread enough to have a larger impact on the election. Personally I’d like to see an official investigation into this. There’s definitely good reason for it.
However, I suspect Sweden’s election result might just be another result of mass immigration. It’s truly strange that the Social Democrats got such a high result after such a disastrous term in government.
But I also think most Swedes aren’t exactly up-to-date on what different parties are up to. At the same time, a lot of Swedes voted for the Social Democrats because they’ve promised less immigration. Swedes essentially want the Sweden Democrats immigration policy, without having to vote for a taboo party with bad publicity.
Whether or not the Social Democrats will actually enforce that promise is dubious. Sweden allegedly closed its borders in late 2015, but in 2017 it handed out 130’000 residence permits.
However, the Sweden Democrats didn’t do as badly as many think. They retained 86% of their voters from 2014. No other party matches that, most of them only retained 50%. SD are also good at stealing voters both from the right and the left. My guess is that they are here to stay and will be more popular next election.
So change is coming. But perhaps not as quickly as some of us may wish. I think the important thing for dissidents to remember is that long-term change is stable change, and the election isn’t everything. Between every election there’s 4 years of opinion-making that we all need to exercise more, in our day-to-day lives.
Your political values should function as a lifestyle. And a lifestyle isn’t something you cover up, are ashamed of and let others bully you over. I see so many people who are afraid to even share a video on social media, or discuss with those in their surroundings. How do you expect the country to get better when you’re a coward?
So many people know that something is wrong but are afraid to speak up. You need to stop basing your life on other people’s approval. I know it’s easier said than done, but either you suffer because you tell your truth – or you suffer because you’re not standing up for what you believe.
You’re going to suffer either way. So at least choose the suffering which builds character and gives you real friends in the long run.
Until next time,
Your friendly neighborhood Foreigner