Vidrebel: Silver Update

A very long time ago I promised to issue a Silver Buy flash.  I will never recommend buying silver on a credit card but we are running out of time to prepare for the End Game. I am not recommending that you buy silver at the expense of other things you need. And I must remind you that I am not a financial expert.

I saw this video below and decided to share it. It is that important. As the video explains, we are very close to a collapse of the COMEX silver pricing mechanism. Open Interest is the number of contracts to deliver silver that exist at the beginning of business on that day at the COMEX. It is about 20% more than the amount of silver produced by miners in an entire year.

A third of world silver production is imported by India. China uses their domestic production to make solar panels. It is impossible to accurately determine the amount of silver China imports. There are rumors that silver refiners in Europe will run out of silver in September or October. The COMEX keeps piling on the short positions as a response to the lack of physical silver. This will lead to a major Short Squeeze. The conclusion the participants reach is that Force Majeure will be declared by the COMEX. At that point, the price of silver and gold will be set in Asia and not in dollars.

This will be at about the same time as the following:

The IMF will accept the yuan as the fifth currency in its SDR basket of international reserve currencies.

The fulfillment of Israeli (Mossad) prophecies regarding the crash of the world economy on September 13th and the completion of the War chart on September 28th.

In September of this year we will have experienced a contracting economy for a year. That would be more than a year if we calculated GDP per capita and used the Shadow Stats inflation calculator. A contracting economy cannot support this current stock market.

By the way, one of the men in this video used to be in the bond market. Pay attention when he says how hard it will soon be to sell bonds. The bonds he is talking about are held by our pensions. The Federal Reserve could create enough money to buy all the government bonds in the US and Europe. But that would be another reason to buy Silver and Gold.

I need to remind you that I am not an investment counselor. I am merely commenting on world events. Buying food and finding a safe place to live should also be high on the To Do List.

I began this blog years ago by posting videos and adding my comments. I think Vidrebel was my second or third choice for a title as the first couple of choices were already taken. I am a rebel and my original intention was to comment on videos hence Vidrebel.

Prepare for your future. Strengthen your network both locally and in the target area where you intend to relocate.

Things will change soon. We might not be allowed to speak in public. But eventually we might be running the government. We have to prepare for both possibilities.

I said I wrote about the Mossad’s prediction that the economy would crash in September of 2015.

Shemitah 2015 Demystified: Will The Economy Drop Like A Rock In September

I wrote about the Mossad September 2015 war prophecy here:

Was John Hagee Told By The Israelis When They Plan To Blow Up The World?

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