Video: Seal Team 6, Osama, Opium, Benghazi and Dr Pieczenik

The video below is from Judicial Watch’s Press conference of the Seal Team 6 families. The best speaker was the father of Navy Seal Michael Strange of Philadelphia. This video needs some interpretation. America has transitioned from fighting wars to what can best be called Staging Security Theater.

Why? Because the bankers have successfully bankrupted America so we will lose World War III. We may have been bankrupted by endless banker wars and open ended Ponzi schemes but Wall Street is addicted to taxpayer money. And blowing up the World Trade Center and setting off a backpack bomb at the Boston Marathon yields lots of cash.

We can trace Security Theater in the modern era back to the April 19, 1995 bombing at the Oklahoma City federal building. We were recently insulted by ex-Secretary Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearings who said, “What does it matter”. The meaning is clear. She is taunting us by saying she is above the law and will not go to jail  even if she is a murderer and a traitor.

One of the Seal Team 6  parents said Four Star Admiral William McRaven, former JSOC commander, lied to them and said Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire. The military actually killed him because he threatened to go home and tell everyone that we are in Afghanistan for the drug money. Obama wants to keep troops in Afghanistan until 2024. The bankers are hungry for the trillions of dollars they will make in the heroin trade. They do not care that 100,000 people every year die from heroin overdoses. They do not care that neighborhoods all over the world are destroyed by drug addiction. But they do care for money.

There is a charge made in this video that Seal Team 6 was set up intentionally to die. And a retired general accused two Secretaries of State, two CIA Directors, two Secretaries of Defense and two Chairmen of the Joints Chief of Staff  joining in the coverup of treason.

The video charges treason against those who sent our Navy Seals into combat inadequately supported knowing that the enemy knew the Seals were coming. One speaker rightfully concluded that we have no government. If you listen to this video, you will understand why the federal government thinks American veterans are likely to join a revolt against the bankers.

Osama bin Laden did not do 911. Israel did it with the help of traitors inside the government. It was covered up by the media and by the Democrats who are alleged to be the loyal opposition. Osama died in 2001. All photos and videos released since then have been obvious fakes. There was a shootout at a home in Pakistan. Seal Team 6 was sent into Pakistan to seize the body of the man the Pakistani Army had killed. It was not bin Laden so the body was dumped into the ocean.  Al Qaeda and the Chechen guerrillas have always been employees of the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad. Many of the people in this video do not seem to understand that Al Qaeda is an ally of the bankers and the Zionists. The bankers are the real enemies of most veterans, most Muslims and most Christians. The bankers want a clash of civilizations so the two major religions of the world kill each other rather than join in opposition to the NWO plan to reduce us all to Debt Slavery.

Several of the speakers talked about Benghazi as another example of treason. The US ambassador to Libya was set up and killed by the Obama administration because they wanted to transfer heat seeking missiles to Al Qaeda. They denied him adequate protection. They hired an Al Qaeda ally to protect him and told them secret State Department protection protocols. And denied him military support for at least 6 hours to make sure he was killed. Afterwards the missiles were taken from the adjacent warehouse.

Subsequently, the US has supported Al Qaeda against Syria. Washington had no regard for the loss of life either for Seal Team 6 or the US military in the Mideast. American consular staff at Benghazi pleaded for military support. Four men died. Sixteen officers were disciplined and fired because they wanted to disobey orders and go to the aid of the men under enemy fire.

The useful legend is that Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization. In reality it was created to destroy Islamic nations. This Banker Occupied Government has no legitimate authority to do anything. The bankers have stolen so much money that their greatest fear is that Americans will come looking for the tens of trillions that Wall Street stole from them.

The Benghazi coverup began almost immediately when Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey and UN ambassador Susan Rice said our Libyan ambassador was killed by rioters angry over a trailer to a non-existent film that no Libyan had ever seen.

The Seal Team 6, Benghazi and Al Qaeda scandals can and will undo this Banker Occupied Government because the dollar is collapsing and that will enrage the populace.

This means that we are under imminent threat of another false flag as big as 911 to get all these scandals off the headlines. Bankers are addicted to Security Theater.

I would like to conclude by quoting what Dr Steve Pieczenik who said today that our system is sick and that the only cure is either revolution or a military junta of junior officers. Dr Pieczenik worked in the State Department for five Presidents and was Tom Clancy’s business partner. He said this in the fourth hour of the May 9th Alex Jones show. This was on the same day President Obama and the Secret Service arrived in Austin Texas which is where Alex broadcasts from. Mr Jones immediately distanced himself from Pieczenik’s call for a military coup.

Revolution is in the air.

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