The US Supreme Court Voted 7 To 2 For A Racial Civil War

Chief Justice John Roberts has been accused of breaking the tie and voting with the liberals to approve Obamacare due to NSA wiretaps. He has now voted to destroy America by allowing illegal aliens to vote 2, 3 or even 5 or 6 times in American elections. Sibel Edmonds said that when she was at the FBI agents would do background checks on judicial nominees so the ones who were guilty of felonies could be approved to sit on the bench. Honest men and women were denied the appointment.  When Justice Sonia Sotomayor was nominated for the Supreme Court, 187 news outlets were contacted with detailed information about her participation in a ring of federal judges who personally profited from rigging bankruptcy proceedings. Of course nothing made the media.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented from the court’s ruling that made Arizona Proposition 200 unconstitutional. I do not see how you can see requiring voters to be citizens and prove who they are is illegal.

Allowing ten million or more illegal aliens to vote as often as they want, guarantees that they will get Amnesty passed.

If we legalize 30 million or more illegal aliens and put their relatives overseas on a fast track to both immigration and citizenship, we will see an explosion in demand for welfare at a time when wages plummet and prices double. This is intended to destroy America.

America’s budget deficit is already one trillion dollars a year. America is currently adding 11 trillion dollars a year to its total of 222 trillion unfunded liabilities. That works out to 915 billion dollars a month. Adding 30 million people or 10% of the population to the number of people who are owed benefits will only make that total of unfunded liabilities grow by 10% in one year. That is 22 trillion in addition to the 11 trillion dollar a year annual growth. That is 33 trillion in one year or 2.75 trillion a month.

That is why I can freely say the Supreme Court just voted for a Racial Civil War to destroy America.

Please ask the next moron you meet from Washington who favors legalization to please tell you how they plan to salvage America’s finances before they add 30 to 50 million people to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Food Stamps and Disability benefits.

You might expand the question and ask about the 4 trillion dollars in infrastructure repairs we must do to prevent the bridges, dams, roads and levees from collapsing. Adding to the demand for roads, bridges, schools, dams and levees will only exacerbate the dismal state of local finances.

The city of Detroit has recently declared a debt moratorium and is looking at cutting civil service pensions. The US federal government debt will soon be 17 trillion dollars. Total state and local debt is already 4.5 trillion. Local governments are finding it difficult to pay either pensions and even current salaries. One county in northeast Ohio over a year ago had to suspend police protection for 90% of its taxpayers. People laughed when Oakland California announced they would no longer send the police out in cases where men had cut power lines or someone had poisoned their neighbor. So how are we to provide services and fund increased demand? Raising property taxes will only harm young people who owe more on their home than it is worth. But it will also seriously harm older couples who will lose their homes because higher taxes combined with inflation and pension cuts will drown them.

Now let me explain why I think we have at least a 50-50 chance this will not happen.

It is very likely that we will have a sharp economic down turn in the next few months. The US economy is contracting in real terms after you devalue for inflation. That is a Depression. We are able to pay for Food Stamps and Medicaid and pensions because we are selling over a trillion dollars a year in US Treasury bonds. Bonds actually are paying negative interest which means bondholders are losing money every month. The ten year Treasury bond rate has been edging up for the past few moths. What this means is that the cost of financing that federal 17 trillion debt is going up every month which will require us to sell even more bonds to pay the interest.

If the interest rate were equal to our real inflation rate, we would see our cost of debt service soar from 535 billion a year to over 1.5 trillion and then 2 and even 3 trillion dollars a year.

But rising interest rates will more immediately crash the bond market and the stock market. Why so? Because the value of a bond is determined by the interest it pays. If you hold bonds valued at a billion dollars paying 2% interest and the interest goes to 4%, then the value of your bonds has just been cut 50%. And, if your stock has a dividend of 2%, you would be better off buying a bond at 4%.

Rising interest rates in a Bubble economy with rigged markets guarantees that pension funds will default as the value of the binds they hold plummet. Companies will declare bankruptcyand default on their bonds and loans. Millions of people will lose their jobs. And the sudden erosion of the tax base will force even more civil service layoffs and benefit cuts.

I often quote Professor Steve Keen who said we have the greatest Bubble of financial debts to cancel in the last 500 years. This means we will have the greatest Financial Crisis in the last 500 years. And rising interest rates are the surest indicator of an imminent collapse.

The US is also rigging stock, commodity and foreign exchange markets with money they create out of nothing by selling Treasury bonds. This increases the supply of money and is designed to increase the value of assets held by billionaires. This has the side effect of raising your cost of living. To calculate your return on a savings account is to subtract the inflation rate from the interest the bank pays. The billionaires will sell those assets and your pension funds and bank accounts will implode to near zero value.

Reality is about to crush the fantasies of Washington and New York.

The US Congress adjourned for the summer without passing Amnesty for illegal aliens. And there are no elections which the federal government and the Supreme Court can rig until 2014.

The dollar and the world economy will definitely crash before then. There is at least a 50-50 chance that either the food riots and race riots will begin before the Congress can pass Amnesty or the US military has to stage a coup and start arresting the criminals in New York and Washington.

Notes: This first article is about a major motion picture to be released this summer. Homeland Security has been having Zombie Drills. Zombie is a code word for people who have no food after the dollar collapses.

Signs The Bankers Are Prepping You For World War Z

I think the following is the most feasible means of seizing the tens of trillions of dollars stolen from us by the bankers:

Memo To Pentagon: Compare The Invasion Of Lichtenstein And The Cayman Islands To War With Iran And Syria

The next two articles explain why this cycle of inflation,  Decompression unemployment need not be. It only benefits Wall Street.

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.

The New Economics, Radical Solutions Required

And Offered

I think the following is the most feasible means of seizing the tens of trillions of dollars stolen from us by the bankers:

Memo To Pentagon: Compare The Invasion Of Lichtenstein And The Cayman Islands To War With Iran And Syria

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