Updates On Syrian Situation: Final OPCW Report Shows Definite Proof That Douma "Chemical Weapons" Attack Was A False Flag!

Yes, I am once again playing 'catch up' with what has been happening in our sick world... This is of course due to my projects on the go and my inability due to lack of time to sit down, surf the internet, and come up with articles at this blog... I am stuck with having to write articles when I have the time!

It has been a while since I last filed a report here about the real situation in Syria... And that is indeed long overdue....I have been doing my best in updating the ongoing war for the freedom of the Syrian people through my weekly 'rants', but a full article to cover some key issues is overdue....

First, I want to share the following article that I came across from the Russia Today online news site, at, where apparently that after almost one full year after the key city of Al Raqqa was "liberated" by the US "coalition" forces along with their Kurdish "allies", the city is nearly a ghost town where the survivors are still digging up the corpses of the victims of that brutal US led slaughter to this day!  Here is the link to that report here:

I read that report, and to me, I am so disgusted....BUT this report should indeed be a "reality check" for those idiots out there that still believe blindly that the US is in Syria to "fight terrorism"... The reality is that the US is still illegally operating in northeastern Syria for nothing more than the establishment of an illegal "Kurdish state" and to work with the Kurdish criminal forces to "ethnically cleanse" cities and towns in their path of onslaught.... Al Raqqa is today the best evidence of this brutal act of genocide where the city was purposely destroyed to cleanse it of its Syrian civilians!

And as a comparison between how the US has "liberated" Al Raqqa and basically left it to ruin and death, we find a different story in the key northern Syrian city of Aleppo, where now a full 2+ years since it was truly liberated and restored to the Syrian people by the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their Russian/Arabic allies, the city is open and truly free where the people are happy and thriving!  Here, for example, is a short video through Russia Today showing what Aleppo is like today:

Yes, here we have proof once again of the fact that when the US gets involved in any war on foreign nations today, they leave nothing but destruction in their path.... The comparison between Al Raqqa and Aleppo today is all the proof that anyone needs.

And... I came across the following report via the Duran website, at, where apparently the OPCW has FINALLY come forward with the truth that the so called "chemical weapons" attack that supposedly happened on April 7th was indeed a fraud and a massive false flag for nothing more than to try to vilify Bashar al-Assad to lay the groundwork for an American attack on Syria itself... Here is the link to that report here:

Honestly, I and others in the real truth movement knew from the word go that this Douma "gas attack" was indeed a fraud, and we did our utmost from the time of that incident to alert everyone to not fall for the garbage that the Jew spew media was portraying... Now we all feel vindicated for our efforts..

However, due to the dumbing down of the American sheeple and the inability of the majority of Americans to see reality from the crap that the Jew spew media fills their heads with, this report will not be seen by most Americans... I have watched the American Jew spew media over the last few days since this OPCW report came out to see if they would put out a report on these findings, and I found ZERO reports on the Talmudvision!   But of course I am not shocked at all, as the criminal Jewish pricks that control the media want to continue to cloud the minds of Americans from the truth to prepare them for wars for Israel...

And about the ongoing situation in the real war in Syria by the Syrian people to free their nation from the US/Israel/NATO scourge, I do want to present the latest update on the Syrian war thanks of course to the Southfront website, at, dated just yesterday, July 10th, 2018... Here is the link to that report here:

Yes, the facts are clear that the last vestiges of any US backed "terrorists" or equally laughable "rebel" forces left in southwestern Syria are now on the run and the entire area will indeed be cleared up within the next week.... And with that, the SAA can now concentrate on cleaning up the eastern desert area of "ISIS" and finally turn their attention to the Kurds in northeastern Syria as well as that last remaining pocket centered on Idlib in the north...

The facts are that this Syrian war for their freedom has gone on for way too long, but the light is now at the end of the tunnel for the Syrian people.... I for one will be celebrating when the Syrian nation is finally free of outside interference and control..

More to come


*Update July 13th, 2018:  Global Research in Canada has picked up on the crimes against humanity committed by the US and their "coalition" when it destroyed the city of Raqqa.... Here is the link to their report here:

Yes, it is so sad when even Amnesty International shows clear evidence of genocide in Raqqa.... It was indeed absolutely a genocide of innocent civilians and NOT this "fighting terrorist" bullshit that the US continues to claim!


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