Trump throws down the gauntlet at Oval Office News Conference [Video]

President Trump at a short Oval Office News conference

President Trump has enormous media transparency, far more than any president in history. Love him or hate him, his talent at using a hostile media to get his own message out is formidable and apparently quite effective. Here, the President gives a short, ten-minute interview in which he states in very clear terms that the spiraling violence is due to the weakness and complicity of Democrat leaders in major American cities. Of particular note are his own hometown of New York City, and Chicago, both run by extreme liberal radicals, Bill deBlasio and Lori Lightfoot, respectively.

The President also notes the ongoing developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic and efforts towards continued development of therapeutics and a vaccine against the virus. In a previous piece I note that the shifting information narrative about the coronavirus pandemic itself may be the most damaging aspect of the virus, which amazingly, has been “blessing” deadly and violent Black Lives Matter demonstrations while “cursing” Church attendance in the US and elsewhere.

The question and answer session itself was less than seven minutes. The President noted his hope for a payroll tax cut to energize the recovery of the US economy from the severe shutdown experienced during the spring. He went on to discuss the coronavirus flareup in several states and the likelihood that daily briefings will resume about the situation with the virus.

Most significantly, though, the President called out the weak and complicit “leadership” in Portland, New York and Chicago. In particular he recounded to a silent press the story of a woman in New York who got shot eight times on July 7th, 2020, for the “crime” of asking a man not to set off fireworks in her neighborhood. She succumbed to her wounds on the 19th of July. This kind of shooting has skyrocketed in New York City concurrent with its mayor’s efforts to radically undercut his own police department, eliminating its plainclothes cops crime unit on June 15th of this year. The astounding rise in violence is so clearly connected to the removal of police that it is impossible to believe anything else other than that the Democrat leaders want this violence for some ulterior motive. It is a move that is shared by leaders in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta and many other Democrat led cities.

President Trump called it strongly saying that the people doing this criminal behavior are not protesters, but anarchists. He also promised action and noted the success of reduction of crime in Portland immediately following the deployment of “federal law enforcement” personnel to that area. These people are attired in military garb, and they have run a very effective arrest and deterrence campaign in that city. Fearful of these personnel, these activists showed their true cowardice:

It is amazingly clear that these antifa / BLM people are gone insane with their hatred of law-abiding society. It would be no surprise to discover that large amounts of mind-altering substanced added to this insanity.

This is very clearly what the Democrat Party wants to unleash on America, ostensibly for the purpose of getting rid of Donald Trump and restoring control of the nation to themselves and their globalist benefactors like George Soros and allies of the Clintons. It is not so clear whether or not the Democrats themselves realize they have unleashed a monster they themselves will not be able to control, should they win. President Trump says in his conference that he actually believes the mayor and governor and senators in Oregon and other places are themselves afraid of the Antifa rioters. However, for such people the ends always justify the means, and they will be tolerated in hopes of bringing about the desired end.

President Trump’s final words are the final punch of the conference: “If Biden got in… the whole country would go to hell, and we are not going to let it go to hell. Thank you.”



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