Trump for President

Trump for President
1. From Fr. George Rutler
2. From the Editor
1. From Rev. Fr. George Rutler, with a few comments from your editor interspersed in boldface:
...Our federal government has intimidated religious orders and churches, challenging religious freedom. The institution of the family has been re-defined, and sexual identity has been Gnosticized to the point of mocking biology. Assisted suicide is spreading, abortions since 1973 have reached a total equal to the population of Italy, and sexually transmitted diseases are at a record high. Objective journalism has died, justice has been corrupted, racial bitterness ruins cities, entertainment is degraded, knowledge of the liberal arts spirals downwards...
...Sands blow over the ruins of churches St. Augustine knew in North Africa where the Cross is now virtually forbidden. By a blessed irony, a new church is opened every day in formerly Communist Russia, while churches in our own formerly Christian nation are being closed daily. For those who bought into the seductions of politicians’ false hopes, there is the counsel of Walt Kelly’s character Pogo: “It’s always darkest before it goes pitch black.”
It is incorrect to say that the coming presidential election poses a choice between two evils. For ethical and aesthetic reasons, there may be some bad in certain candidates (including Trump), but badness consists in doing bad things. The Evil (of Mrs. Clinton) is different: it is the deliberate destruction of truth, virtue and holiness.
...At one party’s convention (the Democrats), the name of God was excluded from its platform and a woman who boasted of having aborted her child was applauded. It is a grave become an accomplice in objective evil by voting for anyone who encourages it (abortion), for that imperils the nation and destroys the soul.
It is also the duty of the clergy to make this clear and not to shrink, under the pretense of charity, from explaining the Church’s censures. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are dangerous, but worse are wolves in shepherd’s clothing. While the evils foreseen eight years ago were realized, worse would come if those affronts to human dignity were endorsed again. In the most adverse prospect, God forbid, there might not be another free election... (end quote)
2. Michael Hoffman

Donald Trump has shot himself in the foot on so many occasions I have lost count. If he declares ‘It’s a disaster!” one more time I’m going to howl in anguish at his impoverished vocabulary. 

His playboy remarks in the past about women are disgusting, and his links to the Israelis are very troubling. 
I don’t believe in voting for the lesser of two evils, but as Fr. Rutler suggests in his remarks above, Trump may be bad, but he is not evil. I agree. It seems that Trump had an epiphany in 2015 and in many respects has turned his life around. Moreover, he has sounded themes suggestive of ending America’s catastrophic “World Policeman” role, which defies one of the dearest dogmas of the New World Order. He does not want to go to war with Russia over Ukraine. He will not shoot down Russian planes over Syria in a U.S.-declared “no-fly” zone.
Most of you already know he will likely appoint Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, fight the “Free Trade” giveaways, and slow or halt the immigration invasion.
As for his Israeli connections, let us desist from our boy scout illusions. No one who wants to have a winning chance at being President of the United States can publicly be seen to want to crush the Israeli lobby, or end our alliance with that bandit state in the Middle East.
Putin plays a more sophisticated version of this gambit. He has passed laws against doubting homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz, and he has made friends with Rabbi Lazar and the Chabad of Moscow. In Putin’s case he is infiltrating the Israeli lobby in Russia, a thought that seldom occurs to our side, so little are we accustomed to counter-intelligence offensives. We who have been infiltrated countless times can’t conceive of a Christian such as Putin doing the same to the enemy. Ah, but he is doing so - putting in motion a strategy of which Alexander Solzhenitsyn approved, before he died. 
Trump is no Putin. His alliance with the Israeli lobby is political opportunism; there’s no grand strategy. Whether he can disengage from the “Jewish state” using the power of the Presidency remains to be seen. With God’s help he could.
Trump is bad in many ways, but he is not evil. I accept Fr. Rutler’s distinction on that theological point. 
Hillary Clinton is a fiend. Need I say more? Most of you are familiar with her criminal curriculum vitae.
Leadership is a precious thing. Too many of us confine ourselves to arm chair warriorship in front of our computer screens, trading data back and forth on the Satanism of this world. Yet without a man or woman who can stand in the streets and command the cameras and the headlines, and come even 3/4s of the way toward what we think and believe, we are doomed to retreat. 
Mr. Trump has been a lightning rod reinvigorating American nationalism and the original dream of this country as initiated by the Founders 240 years ago. He has given millions of Americans hope and energy on the road to the Second American Revolution. Win or lose the election, the legacy of his rebellion will live on. 
The Cryptocracy is heavily invested in the mass hypnotism of inevitabilism: projecting the certainty that Hillary will win on Tuesday and that the future is theirs. All that is needed for us to fulfill the Cryptocracy’s fake and flimsy script is to give up, accept defeat and the “inevitability” of their victory, which in truth, is by no means certain. I won’t accept defeat. I don’t believe the pollsters or the mainstream media, and I will be voting for Donald Trump for President, hoping and praying for his victory.
If God does not grant it, then it may be that America deserves the witch, as chastisement on us for sacrificing, through abortion, more than 30 million of His most defenseless, on the Moloch altar of selfish convenience. This nation will never know peace until the abortion scourge is ended. 
Trump for President.
Michael Hoffman is the editor of the periodical Revisionist History, and the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. He writes from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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