Tracy And Sandy’s Not So Excellent Adventure In Africa

Tracy: Sandy, I’m so hungry. I’ve got to eat before we go up to our rooms.

Sandy: Me too. I’m the one who had to get up early to drive us to the airport 13 hours ago.

Tracy: But I was the one who found that elderly billionaire who financed our trip to find rare African herbs for our green houses.

Mrs Adisa: If you want, I can put your suitcases behind the front desk. We have a superior restaurant. And very affordable. Abayomi, take the cases from the ladies and put them behind the desk.

Abayomi: Yes, mother.

Mrs Adisa: Ladies, I will show you to your table. You were saying you have a friend who is a billionaire that is interested in African herbs?

Tracy: Oh. He is an elderly man who worries about radiation from Fukushima polluting us across the ocean in the northern hemisphere. We want to set up greenhouses and aquaponics to raise food and fish indoors. The American government allows higher levels of radiation than anyone else in the world so just eating food is hazardous to our health.

Sandy: That old guy is fixated on Tracy because she is so pretty. She used to be a model when she was a teenager.

Tracy: She always says that. Sandy is a lot prettier than I am.

Mrs Adisa: Oh. You ladies will be very popular here. We are expecting lots of American men to come here soon. I heard bad women in the market this morning dreaming about how much money they will make.

Tracy: Why are American men coming here?

Abayomi: Mother, please let me tell them.

Mrs Adisa: You will have to excuse my son. He is on the Internet all the time. He will be your waiter anyway so I suppose you will hear all about our new President who studied at American schools.

Sandy: What schools? Harvard and Yale? America is being ruined by men from those two schools so I suppose we have a lot in common.

Abayomi: Our President was installed by a coup last year. He went to school at Fort Benning Georgia and a fort in Arizona I cannot pronounce.

Tracy: Fort Benning teaches torture. And that fort you cannot pronounce is probably Fort Huachuca. I say Wa-Chew-Ka. That school teaches people to spy. You really do have a government just like we have in America.

Abayomi: I want to borrow a joke from the Latin Americans. They ask Americans why they will never have a military coup in America. The reason is that America has no American embassy.

Sandy: Your mother said American men are coming here. What did she mean by that?

Abayomi: We just found a great gold deposit 20 kilometers north of us. We have the closest hotel and restaurant. I gave the geologist generous servings of our African drinks. He let it slip that their deposit has 3 1/2 times the amount of gold per ton as they do in the South African mines. The Chinese have invested 100 billion dollars in Africa since the Beijing Conference of 2010. The Americans have no money so they send soldiers to invade countries to steal their resources and run the Chinese out.

Tracy: I heard about that. The US has soldiers in 74 countries.

Abayomi: 74 countries where they are either shooting or advising their puppet regime soldiers how to torture and kill the natives. I fear our country will be nation number 75. My friend in the capitol has a cousin who works in a fine hotel. He checked in a Colonel Jennings. I went on the Internet for hours until I found a photo of him in Afghanistan. My friend’s cousin confirmed the photo. He was standing next to some commanding generals. Colonel Jennings is a member of JSOC, Joint Special Operations Command. Since this is your first trip to Africa, I will bring you our House Special dinner.

Sandy: That sounds good.

Tracy: JSOC! Those are America’s assassins.

Sandy: They have 20,000 of the best trained killers in the world.

Abayomi says, “Yes.” He goes to the kitchen.

Tracy: When he gets back. I want to ask him about that colonel and what he is doing here.

Sandy: You’re back. We wanted to ask you what you think Colonel Jennings was doing here.

Abayomi: Two weeks after he showed up in our capitol Al Qaeda began operations in our country. We do not like Al Qaeda. They killed 40,000 unarmed Africans after they took over Libya. Qaddafi was a hero to most of our people because he stood up to Wall Street and the City of London. Al Qaeda are foreigners. They do not represent African people.

Tracy: Exactly. They work for the CIA. They aren’t real revolutionaries.

Sandy: Can we talk to your mother? I see she has several of those little planter pots with one of the herbs we are looking for. We need to buy some seeds. Maybe she can sell us seeds or find a friend who can.

Abayomi: My aunt does the cooking. She puts that herb in everything. My mother thinks it makes us live longer. I’ll get her.

Mrs Adisa: My son said you wanted to buy some seeds. It will keep people in America very healthy. I can sell you a little jar of seeds. How does five dollars in American money sound? I might need American money if your soldiers come and stay in my hotel.

Sandy: Please don’t make jokes about American soldiers. I think we might be on that Core list of 8 million Americans to be rounded up and shot in case of a National Emergency.

Mrs Adisa: My son started that talk about the phones. Every time the phones go down he says that means the soldiers might be coming. He has been going crazy ever since they found that gold deposit 20 kilometers from here. He is always saying the first thing they do in a military operation is cut off our communications. He was right last year when they had the coup. But we have phones going down here all the time. My brother-in-law is a local policeman. If there is an army action, he will tell us so don’t worry until I tell you to.

Tracy: I see your small town is just like ours back home. Every one is related to every one else.

Sandy: Your African food is very good. In America in the city not too far from us we have Ethiopian restaurants but this is different. I realize the Ethiopians are on the other side of the continent from you.

Mrs Adisa: We are a tight together in this town. We do not trust people from the capitol. And we believe our food and herbs make us healthier than the people in the cities.

A policeman rushes in. He talks to his sister-in-law.

Mrs Adisa: Attention. Attention. Ladies and Gentlemen. The military is staging an operation and will be here in 30 minutes. I have to ask all restaurant customers to finish eating in 10 minutes. We do not want this to look like a prosperous place when the army comes here from the capitol. She pauses and walks over to Sandy and Tracy’s table. She says. “My brother-in-law went and found a trader who is a tribesman, Mr Agbede, and lives on the other side of our southern border. He has a truck and will be leaving in five minutes. He said he will get any Americans or Europeans over the border for $50 each. Do you want to go?

Tracy: Definitely. Our suitcases are behind the front desk. I’m glad we never did unpack.

Sandy stands and says, “I want to apologize for this intervention. They are stealing your gold mine because they stole Germany’s gold and have no way of paying them back. The government in Washington is hated by Americans. They do not represent us. A study in Switzerland said that 147 corporations with interlocking boards run all of our trade and all of our governments. We will never be free in America or Europe until we join the Africans, the Latin Americans and the Asians in over throwing this One World dictatorship.

Tracy gets up and pays Mrs Adisa for their meal and for the jar of seeds.

Mrs Adisa: My brother-in-law is a policeman so he can guarantee your safety. Mr Agbede has to come back here to do business. And he is a good man.

Abayomi: I will tell my friends what you two women said. We follow the dollar in the news. It is about to collapse. And when it does your government will go with it. Then people all over the world must join together to overthrow the tyrants.

Tracy: That is the truth. I am really sorry for what we are doing to your people. Back in America we had a bridge collapse killing 13 people because we spent all our money on foreign wars and cannot afford to repair our dams, levees, bridges, roads and sewers.

Abayomi: Tell people in America what I said here today. My family name Adisa means one who is clear. And my first name Abayomi means God will prevail against my enemies. I will get your bags onto the truck. That is Mr Agbede over there talking to that German couple. I guess they will be going with you. It is a two hour drive straight south on a 2 lane road. My greatest wish is that some day I will see the two of you on the Internet in the crowd taking over your government after the criminals have to flee your country.

Tracy: I hope your dream comes true. I have children back in America. I dread what could happen to them if we fail to take back our country.

Sandy: Abayomi, you are an inspiration to us all. I am a better person for having met you.

Author’s Notes:

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