Shocking Video: 5 Strange Things About Jeffrey Epstein

The Jeffrey Epstein saga continues.... Every day we find out more and more about this Jewish sicko, his private Caribbean island of sex orgies, pedophilia, and other disgusting sexual acts, and especially his "Lolita Express" aircraft that transported some famous celebrities, politicians, and well known dignitaries and businessmen to that same island pit of sickness.... It is getting so disgusting, and I do wonder what will be the eventual outcome of this entire charade of perversion....

Well... Just earlier today someone sent me an email asking me to look at a new video that was just released the other day that is entitled: "5 Strange Things About Jeffrey Epstein" and possibly put it up at an article at my blog for everyone to view for themselves.... I watched the video and quickly decided to share its findings with my readers for them to view.... Therefore here is that video for everyone to view and ponder for themselves right here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:
NTS Notes: I would agree that much of Jeffrey's money came from the sick people that attended his island of sickness in the Caribbean... That and of course it came from Epstein's ability to blackmail so many to prevent the videos that he took of their sickness at his resorts from becoming public!
I also definitely can believe that Epstein is actually Israeli Intelligence, and most probably a key Mossad operative.... Money through that link was most definitely used to provide the video equipment and other facilities, that was used to tape all of the degenerates that used his "services"......
The facts are that this sick bastard has so much goods on so many powerful people, and those perverted people are indeed running scared right now that Epstein will spill his guts if he is ever in danger of being indicted for his vast crimes, especially those crimes against underaged children!   I therefore am sticking to my assessment that this sick and twisted bastard will either receive some ludicrous "plea bargain" or will be put to death under "mysterious circumstances" or by some "mysterious disease" before he is able to squeal...
And yes, that Lolita airlines that was operated by this sick pervert was used at least 27 times (some claim it may be at least twice that number) by none other than William Jefferson Bligh (Clinton) during and after his US Presidency!   This once again shows how the Jewish criminals are able to keep their firm control over the entire US government by the fact that most members of the US Government are indeed sick and twisted child molesters and pedophiles.....
There is still so much more that we are still not being told... And the more and more we dig into this sick and twisted story, the more we see the Jewish criminals behind the whole sickness and how they indeed have been blackmailing so many powerful people that have sick perversions..... Jeffrey Epstein is in fact only the tip of the entire iceberg of sickness....
More to come

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