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In a 34 minute 50 second radio interview with Catholic author E. Michael Jones conducted by American Free Press editor Mark Anderson, at a point 31 minutes and ten seconds into the broadcast: Mr. Anderson says to Dr. Jones: "As Michael Hoffman has noted too, for so long usury was illegal, a sin...

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by Michael Hoffman Re: "Orthodox Jewish Scholar's Profound Words about Yeshua   Nazarene Space"
 Nazarene Judaism blog:
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This writer has been invited to speak at the "America's Promise Annual Bible Summer Conference" in Sandpoint, Idaho, which will be held Friday July 26 through Sunday July 28. The town of Sandpoint is located in northern Idaho, on the shore of one of most beautiful...

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By Michael Hoffman

While I regret that any arms are being sent to ether side in this horrible civil war, since some of the Gulf states that are implicated in advancing Wahabist/Salafist Islamic fundamentalism and the terrorism and anti-Christian repression that it is known for, are also shipping...

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Advertisement banned by The American Conservative magazine

Advertisements for Michael Hoffman's book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not are banned from the pages of The American Conservative magazine, a publication affiliated with Patick J. Buchanan. Advertising...

Revisionist Review - 2013-05-10 - Original post - cached version
By Michael Hoffman

The Church of Scotland, under pressure from the ‘British Board of Jewish Deputies’ has suppressed its own ten-page report, “The Inheritance ofAbraham,” exposing the ungodly and unscriptural claims of Zionism to the land of Palestine.

This astute and edifying report was...

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Sex, Economics, and Austerity By Jeet Heer  The American Prospect May 7, 2013 [Excerpt]

...Historically, attempts to prohibit sodomy (defined broadly as non-procreative sex) have had an economic dimension as well as a moral one. Economics...

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"Reports of the attack raised the possibility that Israel, even if merely intending to pursue its own national security goals, could end up providing a psychological and perhaps military assist to Syrian rebels, who over the last several weeks have faced losses in a series of government offensives...
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Evil Contents of the Talmud Editor's note: One of the obligations of an author is to reply to readers when they ask questions. Not all authors would agree with me, but that is how I see my duty. I often receive queries about Judaism and if they are sincere and demonstrate that the questioner has...
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The early Zionists denied the existence of Palestinians in 1882 when they arrived; it is even more shocking to find out that they deny their existence — beyond sporadic ghettoized communities — in 2013.

By Ilan Pappe

University of Exeter | Electronic Intifada

In a regal interview he gave...

Revisionist Review - 2013-04-29 - Original post - cached version
By Michael Hoffman

I am currently writing the introduction, compiling the bibiliography and designing the cover for our forthcoming book, Testing the Talmud, which was written by a professor of Hebrew at a major university. Judaism is again on my mind therefore,...

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FBI Fumbles

By Kurt Nimmo  “...a mountain of evidence, virtually ignored by the corporate media, revealed that the 2005 terror attack in London was a staged event like the Boston attack. The London bombing occurred...
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On April 12 we penned an essay which appeared here, in On the Contrary, "Bishop Williamson contra the Votaries of Holocaustianity." A lady volunteer in Paris, France translated that essay into French. She wishes to remain anonymous. We are grateful for her unselfish and very fine work. ...
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Excerpted from an April 20 report by Kurt Nimmo:

...After Zubeidat K. Tsarnaeva, the mother of Boston bombing suspects Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, said Friday (April 19) that her eldest son Tamerlan was under the control of the FBI, the agency responded by stating that it had “...

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April 18 update click here Boston Globe online 5 pm Eastern time, April 17, 2013

From Fox News online:

as of April 17 at 3:36 pm Eastern time

"DEVELOPING: The FBI and Boston Police said...

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While we congratulate ourselves on how noble we and our “pluralistic democratic” nation are, there is another terrorism, seldom the subject of investigation by the FBI, and never by the corporate media. It is a virtually silent terrorism against the most helpless Americans, and it undercuts our...
Revisionist Review - 2013-04-16 - Original post - cached version
When will we see war crime prosecutions of torturers George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Yoo and their fellow thugs?Are war crime trials only for those who lose a war?  The University of California at Berkeley hired John Yoo as a professor and pays him a handsome salary. Mr. Yoo pontificates on...
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Elijah against the Baal priests
By Michael Hoffman April 12, 2013 •

Enclosed (below) is the publication for the first time of an obtuse and ignorant eight page letter sent to Bishop Richard Williamson in December, 2010, by his subordinate, Fr. Niklaus Pfluger...

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I. Editorial: Stop Wasting Time

II. News: A Breakthrough
Also: Affirmation; Promotion; Radio program update


Stop Wasting Time!
Make Deuteronomy 15 our Banner and Manifesto By Michael Hoffman
Revisionist Review - 2013-04-09 - Original post - cached version
New pope’s reputed favorite work of art is Chagall's Talmudic mockery of Christ  [Michael Hoffman’s Analysis follows this report]

Understanding Pope Francis's Surprising Affinity For Jewish Art
World's Top Catholic Worships Marc Chagall By Menachem Wecker The Jewish Daily Forward...
Revisionist Review - 2013-04-04 - Original post - cached version
The Conspiracy against King Richard III - Why it still matters
An Interview with historian Michael Hoffman

Interviewer: Your newsletter in this April, 2013 issue is on the Plantagenet dynasty -- the suppressed English royal house.

Hoffman: Part of this issue is. King Richard III is...

Revisionist Review - 2013-04-03 - Original post - cached version
Announcing our latest issue

Revisionist History Newsletter no. 66 is now being mailed to subscribers  Cover report:  The last rightful King of England - Who Killed the reputation of Richard III?  Why it still matters Also in this issue: Tenth Anniversary of the Neocon Purim War in Iraq...
Revisionist Review - 2013-03-28 - Original post - cached version

By Michael Hoffman  Maundy Thursday, 2013

Christ our passover has been sacrificed, alleluia: therefore let us keep festival with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” (I Cor. 5: 7-8).

Modern people think they know the answer to the question, "...

Revisionist Review - 2013-03-20 - Original post - cached version
MICHAEL HOFFMAN: Note the favorable NY Times portrayal of the new, alleged "Vicar of Christ on earth" as a "deal maker" who works for the "lesser of two evils." When did Jesus Christ cut a deal and work for evil that was "lesser"? This is not the Gospel -- this is the situation ethics of the devil...
Revisionist Review - 2013-03-20 - Original post - cached version ______________________
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A Life of Sacrifice and Idealism By Michael Hoffman Douglas Christie Though it could have been from an assassin's bullet or a terrorist's bomb so virulent and persistent were the threats against him, Catholic attorney Douglas "Doug" Christie, Canada's premier defender...
Revisionist Review - 2013-03-10 - Original post - cached version

"A Badge of Honor"

By Michael Hoffman

Morris Dees' Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a Catholic organization a "hate group" because the Catholics hosted "speakers who have given lectures on Jewish and Masonic plots for world domination" or...

Revisionist Review - 2013-03-09 - Original post - cached version
On March 9, 1945 the U.S. Air Force fire-bombed the city of Tokyo; an estimated 100,000 Japanese civilians were incinerated.  This holocaust in Tokyo is: •Not studied in special curricula in American schools • Not memorialized by American museums or exhibits •No reparations have been paid and...
Revisionist Review - 2013-03-07 - Original post - cached version
The Wall Street Journal Mocks Senator Rand Paul's Constitutional Concerns
By Michael Hoffman | March 7, 2013

When President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder channel the policies of George W. Bush they win plaudits from the Money Power and neocon...
Revisionist Review - 2013-03-07 - Original post - cached version

Rand Paul conducts filibuster in opposition to John Brennan, Obama’s drone policy

By Ed O’Keefe and Aaron Blake | Washington Post | March 6, 2013

One of the oldest and most storied traditions of...

Revisionist Review - 2013-02-26 - Original post - cached version
This is a film of excerpts of Bishop Richard N. Williamson's homily in Post Falls, Idaho in the diocese of Boise,  on Feb. 25, at a Confirmation held in defiance of the Bishop of Boise appointed by Rome. Click here to watch It is approximately 25 minutes in length. Though mainly of interest to...
Revisionist Review - 2013-02-26 - Original post - cached version
The Mockery-Mongers By Michael Hoffman Copyright ©2013 Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-New York), in Afro wig and blackface at a Purim gathering, Feb. 24, 2013. His wife dressed as the devil to celebrate the religious festival.

As part of the Judaic holy day of Purim,...

Revisionist Review - 2013-02-15 - Original post - cached version An asteroid is passing 17,000 miles from us as a spectacular meteor strikes Russia, while "A Good Day to Die Hard," a Hollywood blockbuster movie based in Russia, debuts. What is the statistical chance of all these events happening within hours of each other? 
Revisionist Review - 2013-02-12 - Original post - cached version
The Shrove Monday Abdication of Pope Benedict XVI: More Questions than Answers

By Michael Hoffman

Shrove Tuesday, A.D. 2013 Copyright ©2013. All Rights Reserved

"Spin at Shrovetide and the flax will fail. The wheels must all be packed away." 
--Jacob Grimm...

Revisionist Review - 2013-02-09 - Original post - cached version

FOURTH TRIAL Bishop Richard N. Williamson Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved*

A reader asks about my latest trial and condemnation for “Holocaust denial” by the Regional Court of Regensburg in South Germany on January 16. Readers will remember that my...


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