Reality Principle #26 on Boiling Frogs

“In Defense of Teachers” with Nick Penkovsky

This week Eric sits down with attorney Nick Penkovsky who has represented a number of New York City public school teachers. Eric and Nick discuss the political and legal attacks on teachers as they are deprived of due process and other Constitutional rights. Nick explains the recent history of this phenomenon and describes the way in which the whole hearing process is essentially fraudulent. Additionally, Eric and Nick examine various examples in which corporations and their political servants use “education reform” to destroy teachers and make billions in profits through the privatization of education. Eric details his first-hand experience with, and knowledge of, the Common Core Standards, proposed as part of Obama’s so-called “Race to the Top” and how they benefit corporations at the cost of our children’s learning. All this and much more…

Nick Penkovsky is an attorney in New York City.  He has vigorously defended a number of New York City teachers who have been unfairly punished and sent to languish in the infamous “rubber room”.  Penkovsky continues to fight on behalf of teachers both by defending them during the hearing process and by publicizing these cases.  Visit his website at

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