Pt.2: Syria From Hot to Hotter

Following up on: Part 1: Syria's Northern Border- Hot Spot Getting Hotter

Which contained the first news article covering the situation on the northern border. From west to east- Mediterranean to Iraq. 

2- Wheat: Damascus offering better price for wheat, of course, the Kurds won’t let the wheat leave the annexed territory. Despite farmer’s not wanting to be used as bargaining chips and, of course, wanting the best price for their crops.

Syria's Breadbasket Kurd/Regime Battle for Wheat Crop

"The regime is offering a better price, but the Kurds have said no wheat can leave the region under their control.

"We'll sell our crop to the highest bidder," Othman said in Kurdish by his field in the area of Amuda.

"In the end, a farmer needs to make a profit," he said, his short black hair slightly unruly above a thick moustache.

The Kurdish grain authority chief, Salman Bardo, accused the regime of announcing its higher price "to sow discord between the people and the autonomous administration".

The Kurds would not permit the regime to ferry the cereal to other parts of Syria, he said.

"We will not allow it to leave northeast Syria," he added, without providing further details on how this would be achieved."

Wheat crops have been burned in the North East of Syria. Either ISIS or the PKK Kurds burnt the fields and there is no difference in my books.  Both groups being propped up by the Usrael war machine.

3- The PKK Kurds and Turkish Military have been battling it out in the Tel Rifaat Area

"Turkey killed 10 Kurdish militants in Syria’s Tel Rifaat region on Sunday in retaliation for an attack that killed a Turkish soldier, the Turkish Defence Ministry said on Tuesday"

4- Bomb attack on SDF/YPG/PKK convoy

"A roadside bomb targeted a convoy of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) military vehicles near Raqqa in Syria, leaving at least four Kurdish fighters killed.

The blast has also injured nine other fighters, according to Sputnik.

The attack took place while a large convoy of SDF vehicles were passing through the village of Abu Susa, some 15 kilometers to the north of Raqqa.

At least four military vehicles of the Kurdish forces were burned as the result of the explosion."

5- Turkey has been trying to avoid this massive influx of refugees from Idlib

“Our fear is if this continues, and if the numbers continue soaring, and if the conflict intensifies, that we could see really hundreds of thousands, a million, two, heading toward the borders with Turkey,” Reuters quoted the UN’s regional humanitarian coordinator for the Syria crisis, Panos Moumtzis, as saying.

Hundreds of thousands to a million refugee's flowing into Turkey will further strain Turkey's economy... This would surely please many players in this situation. But doesn't serve Turkish interests. I've often wondered why it was Russia and Syria moved all the fighters and their families to this area.... Was one reason for the move to place pressure on Turkey?

6- Russia and Syria’s Idlib Offensive has stalled to some degree-

"Regime-Russian militias sent more military reinforcements from the Fifth Corps, a large portion of them fighters who carried out “reconciliations” in Daraa, under the command of the former armed opposition leader Ahmed al-Awda. The new reinforcements concentrated on the top fronts with the opposition in the Jabel al-Turkman, and on the front lines from al-Seraf and Rabiyeh to the area between the two clusters of mountains, Ardas Dagh and Nour Dagh, in the furthest northwest adjacent to the Syrian-Turkish border.

The redeployment of the militias and the reinforcements sent to the northern Lattakia countryside fronts come after they suffered heavy losses on Sunday in three land attacks and operations carried out by the opposition against their positions"

6(a)  Regime offensive in Syria’s northwest grinds to a halt

In its early phase, pro-regime fighters secured a series of important victories in northern Hama, notably capturing the towns of Kafr Nabudah and Qalaat al-Mudiq. That success has since fizzled out. On the Kbana front, pro-regime forces have failed to advance altogether, being routed on an almost daily basis. Today in sum, the regime has recaptured approximately one percent of Syria’s northwest zone, but lost almost the same. 

As the Turkish military fights the PKK Kurds in Syria and Iraq, Operation Claw continues.  Haven’t changed my mind on the fact that it is Usrael that supports and supplies HTS in Idlib. Turkey supports the (irregulars/mercenary) National Liberation Force. 
The Turkish military is fighting well armed and trained Kurdish forces on two fronts.
 Does anyone think this is not already a world war?
How many nations have to be embroiled in military action before this is called a world war?

7: The US continues to deliver massive quantities of arms to eastern Syria.. Lots of smuggling going on.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that a convoy comprising 55 trucks containing logistical and military consignments was sent to Eastern Euphrates via Simalka crossing in Northern Iraq.

The SOHR also reiterated that a sum of 1,115 trucks have been so far sent to areas under SDF's control in Deir Ezzur province.

In a relevant development last month, media reports said that the Kurdish forces backed by the US-led coalition had prepared to launch military offensive against the Syrian Army and resistance forces in Deir Ezzur Province.

I'm going to put up a Part 3 since Israel has struck Syria - 

Pt 3: Syria Hot and Hotter, Israeli Strikes and more

I'm getting suspicious that Israel is softening Syria for a big move onto more of Syria's territory. Stay tuned for Part 3.

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