NSA And IRS Scandals. The Gentiles Did It?

Room 641A at 611 Folsom st in San Francisco had a splitter that copied all the data using Israeli equipment from the Israeli company Narus. The other company involved was Verint which worked with Verizon and was also an Israeli company. All of these data centers have splitters so everything is copied.

The media is portraying this as if only names and phone numbers are copied and not the content as well.

That NSA data center in Utah is big enough to record so much information that our minds cannot comprehend it. If every byte of information were a piece of paper, it would stack all the way to the moon and back 66 million times.

There were other Israeli firms involved in  spying on Americans. Amdocs does billing for Tier 1 and Tier 2 phone companies all over the world. In the US law enforcement discovered that when they tracked Israeli criminals that they were alerted before being arrested. They accused Amdocs of using American phone data to warn Israeli drug dealers of impending arrest.

The media is also conveniently leaving out the fact that these Israeli firms are allowed to work with Gentile telephone companies all over the world. And the US has submarines tapping the cables at the bottom of the sea for those nations that do not let the US and Israel record all of their data and phone conversations.

The NSA has also traded customer data from major firms  for sensitive information that could help them, such as, their bids, new products and inventions.

The Bush and Obama administrations have both used the EPA  to shut down power plants that competed with GE and/or J P Morgan.  The latter bought aging plants knowing that they had the right to use the government to bankrupt and close down small businesses that were not politically connected. So what if utility bills are doubled. Those people who have to pay utility bills do not matter.

The primary purpose of National Security is to keep the Gentiles from complaining when their money is stolen. In the Great Depression between 3 and 4 million Americans died of starvation. This current Depression will be much worse so the bankers do need those 17 US spy agencies. And maybe a few plagues starting with the 2013 Hajj pilgrimage season in Mecca in October and November. But there are  plagues other than Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and other years available. MERS might need a little more tweaking in the lab before it can be used.

80% of all homicides in the US are drug and gang related. The CIA brings planeloads of heroin and cocaine into the country which they distribute to the key gangs. There are 1.4 million gang members in the US. The US government sells many of these gangs high powered weapons so they can terrorize the citizens of Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Gary and other towns. The bombings at Oklahoma city in 1995, the WTC in 1993, the WTC in 2001 and Boston in 2013 all involved suspects who were working for either the CIA or the FBI.

Clearly the Zionist Occupation Group in Washington does not want Gentile Americans to be either safe or prosperous.

There is plenty of evidence linking all of America’s wars and spy scandals to Israel. Yes. The wars too. In case you had forgotten I will post the video below of Wesley Clark listing the 7 Muslim nations the Pentagon was told to invade in 5 years by Donald Rumsfeld (meaning the Israelis) after 911.

There is also plenty of evidence linking Jewish Warburg and Rothschild interests to the IRS. The IRS was created in 1913 to collect taxes to pay the interest on the loans the Federal Reserve made out off nothing as a Ponzi scheme to transfer all wealth from the Gentiles to the Jews. The IRS has always been used by the Jews to oppress Gentiles and is one of the most politicized agencies in Washington.

Last August the Obama administration arrested Jewish American taxpayers and tax preparers who were linked to secret and unreported bank accounts in Israel. This was likely in retaliation for all those Jewish contributions to Mitt Romney. The Jewish Lobby has in return been allowing Obama’s IRS abuses into public awareness.

So all these minor scandals out of Washington are just a matter of the Jews showing Obama who runs America.

And nobody is allowed to say that in the press.

The only Obama scandal that means anything is Benghazi because Obama ordered the CIA and the military to stand down for 6 hours while four Americans were killed. The other scandals are just the way the Jews treat Gentiles.

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These are those videos. First up is Wesley Clark. The most important point is to ask who gave that list to our Jewish Secretary of Defense.

The second video is from James Bamford who has been writing about the NSA since 1982.

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