No Trace Of Truth

Lets be honest here... This COVID-19 hysteria is fucking OUT OF CONTROL.... I just spent a most interesting and harrowing few hours trying to pick up a few groceries from the local supermarket, and I was first alarmed at the massive LINE UP for people with their shopping carts trying to get into that store....

I spent nearly 20 minutes in that line up, which according to some store clerks was nothing, for they said that the line up earlier on this Saturday was nearly 45 minutes long at times... The supermarket has had to follow new "rules" and "guidelines", especially with this bullshit "social distancing" and has had to limit the number of people in the huge store at one time!  

But that was nothing, for in spite of many of the shelves in the supermarket full of items (other than the toilet paper aisle of course..), I only needed about 7 items, and then when I wanted to check out, there was another huge line up as the store was limiting the number of checkouts to a bare minimum.... And it was remarkable that the self serve checkout was nearly empty, and I said "fuck this madness" and used the self checkout rather than endure standing in another stupid line up for another 30 minutes!   Less than 10 Minutes later, I was out of that insanity and on my way home...

Yes, readers, this is the "new world" that we have now with this COVID-19 insanity, and I do feel that I am fighting a losing battle in trying to get people to see the reality that they and their minds are being fucked with....

Anyways... my colleague, John Kaminski, has been hard at work with his essays over the last while taking shots at this Coronavirus insanity, and has just released his latest essay that covers once again some truths about that madness and of course other important issues.... I want to present that entire essay, from his website over at, entitled: "No Trace Of Truth", with the subheading of "We Are All Imprisoned By Lies From Our Trusted Leaders", for everyone to read for themselves right here at this blog... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

We’re all imprisoned by lies
from our trusted leaders
The fatal embrace of humanity turns out to be the control of worldwide media by misanthropes who simply don’t believe in the beauty of life.
Their concoction called ‘the new normal’ is the perpetual erasure of obvious truth. Thus, the people who created this so-called epidemic now threatening the whole world are surely not the ones who are going to fix it.
We are awash in a sea of unnatural disasters. The people who claim to be protecting us appear to be the ones trying to kill us. This is the ultimate sickness of nonbelief. If you don’t believe in the beauty of life, only darkness will guide your actions. Those who believe in the darkness continually brag about it.
The one great thing about the contrived epidemic that has everybody confined to their houses is that there is no reason to watch TV anymore because no truth can be found there. Thus I have finally ditched my TV and I no longer have to put up with all those ads for things nobody ever needed.
Everything relevant seems to be being blocked these days, if not by YouTube, then by Google. And if not by those two, then by other imitators who follow their lead.
They are emulating the precedents set by television to exclude everything important to your health and freedom and replacing it with the objectives of their advertisers, specifically by the Big Pharma shysters who dominate their airwaves with their billions in ads for toxic medicines, constantly developing new drugs which supposedly make you feel better but invariably diminish your health and sometimes even cause new diseases, as is the case with statins and most vaccinations.
This is why, two decades ago, I left the newspaper business — no trace of truth there. Even the few newspapers not owned by Jews are subject to their evil intentions, for they may deprive any publication of its advertisers — and consequently destroy its business — simply by putting the word out that any media outlet advocating for individual health, liberty and freedom is ‘anti-Semitic’. In fear and trembling of going broke, the victimized publications quickly fall into line and continue to obscure the truth.
The two Bobs
Two of my most trusted advisers are both named Bob. The Bob from way down South sent out a complex email to 21 people in late January full of relevant YouTubes with such fragrant titles as “Is the Coronavirus event 201?” and “International Espionage at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak.” He received delivery messages saying none of these emails ever went through. He sent them again and the same thing happened. In the meantime all his other emails went through to their intended recipients.
The next month, he sent it again as an attachment, and again it did not go through. This month, when it finally did go through, all but one of the YouTubes was blanked out for the usual various reasons. This type of censorship also has frequently happened to me, particularly when my story involves a certain ethnicity which happens to dominate worldwide media.
The first two pages of a Google search for vaccine dangers are exclusively press releases from the CDC.
At almost the same time last week, my friend the Bob up North sent around an astonishing email which told me something I already knew but hadn’t really registered in my mind with the impact it deserved.
The Centers for Disease Control is not only a government organization under the Department of Health and Human Services but also a private organization funded by mammoth grants from Big Pharma, giving credibility to the vicious rumor that the CDC creates diseases and vaccines at the same time.
In addition it is also a 501(c)(3) public charity, just like the criminal Clinton Foundation. The email from Bob up North put it this way.
“The CDC Foundation receives charitable contributions and philanthropic grants from individuals, foundations, corporations, universities, NGOs and other organizations to advance the work of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is NOT a government-funded organization. It is not exclusively a government-funded – very curious.”
And the email added:
“I have serious questions as to what is being driven by the CDC in conjunction with John Hopkins University who takes $1.8 billion from Bloomberg. The CDC and John Hopkins are either deliberately trying to create an economic depression, or are sublimely ignorant of the consequences of their scorched earth policy.”
So I tried to find more information about this on Google but wouldn’t you know, the first three pages of a Google search were all press releases from the CDC.
We desperately need an investigation of the CDC, which creates medical crises where otherwise none would exist.
Was this panic contrived?
In their terrified confusion, most of the people in the world now commanded to stay in their homes and wait for whatever novel solution their government has prescribed for them have yet to make the connection that the people who created this problem are now the ones who are saying they are going to fix it. Doesn’t that strike you as extremely odd?
Not to mention suspicious?
Yet most people don’t see it.
Will we ever know what exactly happened in Wuhan, China? Perhaps the most suspicious element in this demonic fairy tale is the question of how the world was stricken at more or less the same time. How was that possible?
How could a virus supposedly emanating from the wild foods market in Wuhan suddenly infect hundreds of people in India and Iran at the same time? This had many of us thinking that 5G was the real culprit, since the deadly 5G radio waves all strike the planet at the same time, whereas any kind of flu must be transported by person to person contact, or at least by residue.
This can’t happen simultaneously all over the world.
Now they want you to stay in your houses so you won’t see them installing 5G in the schools, which is a death sentence for the next generations, Sure enough, when I drove past my local high school yesterday, there were three cable TV trucks hovering around a fenced in enclosure nearby containing several giant aerials.
They tell the public to stay in their homes so they won’t drive past their schools and figure out what’s going on. The addition of 5G to their schools will be the final nail in the coffin of future generations.
5G portends great incidence of brain cancers and chromosomal DNA damage. In other words, serious damage to human health.
The effect of 5G on a child is ten times great than on an adult. Men who carry cellphones in their pockets have significantly lower sperm counts.
Investigate the CDC and Big Pharma. They create crises where none need to exist.
They suppress news implicating vaccinations as often lethal poisons. They created the autism epidemic by putting poison adjuvants in their vaccines, such as aluminum and mercury.
The WHO discovered that the smallpox vaccine actually caused smallpox. The polio vaccine actually caused cancer.
The CDC, which takes large contributions from Big Pharma, creates patented diseases at the same time it creates the vaccines.
Communism arrives in USA
This whole lockdown extravaganza of course is a big step toward Communism. The government handing out checks to people for not working is the obvious indicator of this. Like a drug pusher on the corner of the slum you live in, the first dose (or doses) is (or are) free.
But subsequent checks will come at a price that will be too high to pay if you have any interest in keeping your freedom of speech.
Bill Gates has said he won’t be happy until everyone in the world has been vaccinated against the Coronavirus. Bill Gates owns the patent for the Coronavirus, which means it is not a naturally occurring disease.
The menace of media
Bad news has always generated sales of everything meant to improve our safety, but it also generates alienation, which is what the banks want. This is why bankers prefer Communism, which was amply demonstrated during World War II when President Roosevelt said nice things about Joe Stalin for killing 66 million non Jews.
The secondary effect of bad news creating public impotence is that it delegitimizes the family as the go-to people, because they have all become clueless in the face of worldwide threats.
Trust your government. They’ll give you a paycheck for staying home that for some will exceed what they make at their regular jobs.
This government is not going to fix this problem because this government created the problem. They way they are going to fix it is to create an even bigger problem with the addition of metals to the vaccines they invent to fix the first problem which will make everyone more susceptible to 5G radiation which will eventually kill them.
You can read a lot about this at
Our government has become blatantly corrupt where leaders routinely lie to their people, and this is expected if not exploited by political hangers on who profit from this cynical chicanery.
Try not to throw up as mainstream media outlets warn against taking legitimate medicines and insincere politicians insist this virus is permanent.
Now Israel has created a vaccine for this imaginary menace that will poison an entire population in vain, because informed opinion keeps coming back to the opinion flues are caused by electricity, and that 5G is the obvious culprit.
It’s about what you believe
The older I get the more I think that well being depends on the matter of belief. Most everyone who has read my stuff knows I take issue with the self-serving historicity of all religions, but I don’t think that’s the real issue in this time of terrible trial for the human species.
The real issue is the difference between belief and nonbelief.
Consider the difference between believers and nonbelievers. The former expect to find light at the end of their tunnel, while the Jews can only look forward to the darkness that they try to inflict on everyone else.
Their ultimate objective is to kill everyone who does not believe as they do, which is to rip off everyone first and ask questions later, if there is anybody left. And when they have killed everyone off, their only option then will be to kill themselves.
This is the path that non believers are leading the world toward. It is no way to raise your children.
It is true that we all die. Since it is true of every species that lives, to deny this is lunacy. But even though you can’t save yourself, you can save somebody else. And in this fact resides the beauty of life.
Killing others to improve your own position will only lead to the eventual destruction of everyone and everything. This is the course our government appears to have chosen, and the bamboozled lemmings glued to their TVs fail to see it for what it is.

NTS Notes:  Once again, a great essay from John IMHO...

And again, John is right in his statement that this "pandemic" is contrived.... I look at this entire COVID-19 hysteria as a bunch of mind fucking, and basically an exercise to see how far these bastards can go with their panic porn being generated by their Jew spew media outlets... And I would bet anything that they are all applauding themselves for a job well done, for this pandemic's effects has probably exceeded their most wildest expectations...

And lets be honest here... The entire goal of this hysteria is to have people so panicked and scared to death that they will GLADLY accept their enslavement, as they will blindly turn to their crooked governments for the 'solution" to this "pandemic" which will be loss of freedoms, having everyone under a strict surveillance system  (we are seeing that happening as the criminals in charge are now wanting to "track" all of the supposed Coronavirus victims!), and of course to have everyone be stupid enough to roll up their arms and have their mind destroying vaccines pumped into their bodies..

I again am continuing my own research into the links between 5G and this "pandemic"....There have been a lot of "naysayers" that have come forward in my own comment section that are stating that there is NO link as many areas now with high amounts of COVID-19 "victims" do not have "5G" in place as of yet... That may be true, but there is definitive proof that "5G" does indeed weaken the body's immune system, and thus the COVOD-19 affect on victims can be magnified in those areas that do have "5G" switched on!

John is also well aware about my stance on "religion".....I have always looked upon organized religion as a true detriment on societies ability to progress forward.....And that a person does not need religion to know how to live their lives and know the differences between what is wrong and what is right... And since most modern religions have been hijacked and ruined by the criminal Jewish pricks, I have no use for such ignorance and stupidity..

John is absolutely right about the Jewish criminals and their sick and freakish religion called "Judaism" that is a true poison on this planet, and how their way is one of darkness and the destruction of this planet and its people.  And yes, sadly, that course of destruction is definitely the course that our own Jew controlled governments have stupidly chosen as well...

I will continue to present John's essays in the future when they become available, so stay tuned..

More to come



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