Murder In Palestine: US Makes Ludicrous Attempt To Justify Israeli Actions At Gaza Border, Having The Nerve To Call Them "Restrained"!

I have been sick to my stomach after I spent the last day and a half pouring over so many of the articles and pictures of the immense slaughter of innocent people conducted by those psychotic freaks in Israel against the innocent people of Palestine.... As of this morning, the last reports have stated that some "100" Palestinians are now dead while over 3000+ have been "injured"... Considering the fact that the Jew spew media absolutely will water down these figures to try to cover for this slaughter, I would logically assume that at least 200 Palestinian men, women, and children are now dead at the hands of these monsters while well over 5000 are injured, many critically!  It is indeed an immense crime against humanity with absolutely NO justification at all!

BUT... The Jew spew media even today is trying to say that the psychotic state of Israel is somehow "innocent" of this crime, and parroting the message again and again that the psychotic Jew freaks were indeed "justified" for this slaughter by trying to stop a Palestinian "attack" on Israel itself (!).... But I and others are NOT fooled for we can easily see that these peaceful protests were conducted entirely within the confines of the largest open air concentration camp on planet Earth aka the "Gaza Strip" and at NO time did the Palestinians ever bother to try to climb the separation fence between Gaza and Israel itself.... Any attempt to try to climb that fence would be tantamount to suicide as the sicko Israelis have the fences monitored constantly and have sharpshooters in place to prevent any incursions into Israeli territory... Therefore this claim by the Jew spew media is a massive lie....

I have been awaiting to see what the criminal US government has to say about this slaughter by their Jewish masters over in that illegal state of Israel... And we did not have long to wait.... Right now, I want to present the following article from the Southfront website at, where that sick and twisted bitch that calls herself the "UN Ambassador" for the United States to the United Nations, that warped minded "Nikki Haley", has gone in front of the United Nations and has claimed that this slaughter by the sicko Israelis was a "restrained" action and was a reaction to "Hama's criminal actions against Israel"!..... I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


US Makes Attempt To Justify Israeli Actions At Gaza Border Calling Them ‘Restrained’
Nikki Haley
On May 15, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley attempted to justify Israel’s use of force against Palestinians protestors during the May 14 causalities at the Gaza border, ABC News reported.
Addressing to the UN Security Council at a special session Haley stressed that “no country would act with greater restraint than Israel”. The US ambassador reaffirmed the earlier accusations made by the White House that Hamas had been responsible for the deaths.
“Let’s remember that the Hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years, long before the United States decided to move our embassy,” Haley said.
Haley pointed out that “the location of the embassy has no bearing on the specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem” and “it does not undermine the prospects for peace in any way.”
When Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad H. Mansour began to speak, Haley left the UN Security Council meeting. Mansour responded to the US statement calling for a “transparent, independent, and international inquiry to be conducted.”
According to ABC News, ahead the session Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN Danny Danon told reporters that Hamas had committed a “double war crime” for inciting both Israel and its own people. During the session, Danon stressed that Hamas must be told “that violence is not the answer.”
During the May 14 clashes at the Gaza border, 59 Palestinian protesters were killed and over 2,771 were injured by Israeli forces. The demonstrations were held amid the US embassy inauguration in Jerusalem, which took place on the same day. The Israeli actions the international condemnation.
On the same day, commenting on Israel’s actions at the Gaza border, White House Principal Deputy spokesman Raj Shah emphasized that “Hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response and as the Secretary of State said, Israel has the right to defend itself.”

NTS Notes:  Honestly, how this bitch can go in front of the UN podium and lie like this is beyond reproach...

Yes, readers, here we have the freaks in Israel trying to justify their actions by claiming that this slaughter was in response to Hamas "terrorism" against Israel.... This is such a bold faced lie that I am surprised that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can read it and not want to vomit...

And of course we have the usual bullshit answer given that "Israel has the right to defend itself"... But this slaughter has not been "defensive" in any means, as again the Palestinians were well within their own territory and the Israelis were shooting them within their own territory en mass.....Therefore even that statement made by these Jew supporters is unjustified..

Well, this was expected however.. .The US is absolutely under Jew freak control and they will back up their sick and criminal state no matter what... And all it means is that there will be NO justice for the thousands of innocent lives that have been either murdered or left crippled for life due to the actions of these psychos...

I do wonder what is coming next?  I cannot see the Palestinian protests stopping any time soon, and the result will be more innocent lives snuffed out by the monsters in that illegal state of Israel.... The question now becomes; When will the people of this planet have finally had enough and do something about these Jew freaks and their want to see Palestinians destroyed?.... That time cannot come soon enough..

More to come



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