Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

A lot has changed in America since the attacks of 9/11/01. If he was still among the living, Osama bin Laden would be smiling as much as Vladimir Putin does when he reflects on the self-destructive forces unleashed by fear and paranoia. Fear and paranoia have no bounds when it comes to republicans thinking about Muslims, whether those Muslims are in far away countries or living peacefully right down the street trying to make a new life for themselves and their families in a country they believe in more than those who cheer the idea of banishing them.

I remember a Trump supporter from Minnesota telling me during the 2016 campaign that "We should kill all the Muslims." He's a big NFL fan so I sarcastically said, "Fine, the next time your Minnesota Vikings come east to play my New York Giants, I'll look forward to seeing how many players they can put on the field to face the Giants." The look on his face was one of simple-minded confusion, a look I often see on the faces of Trump supporters. He'd never stopped to think that any players on his favorite team, the team he cheers for, would be executed if he and people like him had their way. I told him that my Giants would probably run up quite a score if they were able to field their starting 11 vs. whatever was left of his favorite team after he and his kind "purged" it of Muslims. "8 Vikings vs. 11 Giants? 6?" The would be homicidal maniac likes to place bets on games so I asked him how much did he want to bet me on the outcome. The wheels in his brain were having a lot of trouble. Sigh. Critical thinking ability is not a trait of repugs. That's why they're republicans.

We've done a lot of bad, un-American things since 9/11. We've even had 62 million citizens vote for an un-American, un-patriotic president of bigotry. Centrist, right of center or left of center, no matter how much we disliked them or even detested them, the one thing we could always say about our presidents before was that they were somehow pro-America. That's gone and never to come back if republicans continue to be allowed to have their way. In this country, right now, we have half of us rejecting strangers who come to our shores while welcoming enemies who tamper with our elections into our computers. The inconvenience of longer lines at airports are nothing compared to that; nothing compared to having Russian-paid operatives running the United States Senate or having half of us cheer the terrorization and torture of children.

Tonight's meme features the van of the MAGA-Bomber, a red hatted man who proudly attended Trump rallies and went home and made pipe bombs and mailed them to prominent Democrats. Check out the Sarah Palin style targets superimposed over his perceived "enemies of the people." That he didn't succeed in killing anybody was just dumb luck. We weren't so lucky with the man who also took the 24 hour psychotic rhetoric he heard from Trump and FOX "News" to heart and drove 10 hours to El Paso to act accordingly. There are more of them out there, and millions more who support this sort of thing with their votes. Our law enforcement people are catching would be killers in the midst of hatching their murderous plans every week but sooner or later, one will slip through. Periodically, one does. As many have said, terrorists only have to be lucky once. We have to be lucky always.

Down With Tyranny

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