Measles Vaccination Hysteria

Our National Insanity as Manifested in the Measles Vaccination Hysteria
By Michael Hoffman
On the basis of the alleged sovereignty of her body, a pregnant woman may choose to kill her unborn baby in an abortion, but that alleged sovereignty then vanishes when obligated to submit to a needle full of chemicals ordered by the government, under the rubric of vaccination. 
What is the mysterious etiology of devastating ailments such as early-onset dementia, epidemic rates of allergies and cancer, and other diseases either not seen at all, or not seen at these rates prior to the 1970s? What is the etiology of early-onset puberty? Record numbers of girls not yet old enough for middle school are starting puberty. According to a continuing study begun in 2005 by pediatric endocrinologists in the U.S., “By the age of seven, 23% of black girls, 15% of Hispanic girls and 10% of white girls had started to develop breasts” (New York Times, Feb. 5, 2015, p. A27).
How is it that FDA-approved prescription medications are the fourth leading cause of deaths in America, with more than 100,000 people killed each year (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 3 p. B-8), about which the media report marginally and anemically in their back pages, if at all — while a hundred or so cases of measles rings every alarm bell in their arsenal of national mass panic?
Is there anything superior to natural immunity? To what extent is our natural immunity impeded or enervated by vaccinations? Is it prudent to imagine that something so powerful as a vaccination, which can halt symptoms of certain pernicious diseases, has, without any doubt, no other negative effect, either physiologically or on our immune system? Is it completely rational to believe that vaccinations have no contraindications (“side effects”) whatsoever, other than slight fever, dizziness and inflammation at the injection site?
Because many “scientists” sign off on the safety and efficacy of vaccinations, does that signify that “Science” is on the side of the vaccinators? When is Science degraded into scientism? How many know the difference? 
“Scientists,” with the infallible omniscience they like to imagine they possess, claim that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are completely safe to consume, even though such alleged safety can only be determined by decades of testing of those who ingest those substances.
“Scientists” claim there is no nutritional difference between organic crops and crops to which poison sprays have been applied.
“Scientists” say there is no nutritional difference between unpasteurized natural milk from grass-fed cows, and milk from cows treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) and confined to feed lots, where they are fed GMO grains. 
Could it be that, despite the "scientific" cover being provided, the vaccination hysteria is in actuality a covert drive to preserve the enormous profits of the pharmaceutical companies which manufacture these nostrums? 
We live in insane times where physicians who insist we must all be vaccinated on scientific principles, assert on those same alleged principles, that a man who goes about as a female impersonator who has never menstruated and never will menstruate, and who has no womb or other anatomical ability to give birth, becomes, after the injection of hormones and chemicals, a transgendered “woman.” Those who tell the simple truth about this masquerade are labeled by the same media that pushes vaccinations, as guilty of bigotry; indeed of "hate crime." 
We live in insane times, where the pain of an innocent baby in abortion is of negligible concern to campaigners for the pain-free execution of convicted murderers.

With the decline of Biblical religion and faith in the God who inspired the Bible, man searches for an idol to worship —  one that possesses god-like qualities. Science has become a religion for a society that condemns any enforcement of God’s Law as superstitious fanaticism, but insists on the enforcement of the law of man according to the god of scientism. 

No lengthy philosophical disquisition is necessary in order to discern that the insanity we observe in our society has its root in this fundamental transgression against the First Commandment.

Michael Hoffman is a Christian historian who writes from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. His latest book is Usury in Christendom. He is the executive editor of Revisionist History, a newsletter published six times a year.
Revisionist Review

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