Mapping The Tsarnaev Brothers

I lived in Boston for eight years when I was in college. I have been asked to make some comments on the Boston Marathon bombing.

The most glaring points about this Boston Marathon bombing are that the alleged bombers were well connected to the CIA and paid by them. We were told that they accepted $100,000 from the state in welfare over ten years. But $100,000 over ten years is not a lot of money.

The older brother Tamerlan was allowed to travel internationally under aliases even after being put on a terrorist watch list by Russia. He attended a terrorism conference put on by the Jamestown Foundation which has strong ties to the US government.

There are no real terrorists of any consequence that are not run by the US, Israel, Her Majesty’s Jewish Government and the Saudi royal family. A neglected aspect of history is the Jewish origins of the Saudi royals who were made kings by the British government. Sabbatai Zevi who was born in 1626 in the Ottoman Empire, claimed to be the Jewish messiah. About half of all Jewish people in the world accepted him as the Messiah despite his almost satanic views. He converted to Islam and formed his own Islamic sect called the Donmeh which eventually took over the Turkish government. They have been linked to the Armenian genocide of 1915-1923. The Saudi royal family were Jewish converts to Islam. They put their support behind the most extreme form of Islam imaginable, the Wahhabis.

This Wahhabi sect of Islam is the only one that requires women to wear veils. It is from this radical sect that the terrorists of Al Qaeda are recruited. Al Qaeda means base. The late British Foreign Minister Robin Cook told us in an editorial in the Guardian newspaper before his suspicious death that Al Qaeda was a database of Muslims willing to work for MI6 and the CIA. It was created by Zbigniew Brzezinski during the Carter administration in order to provoke the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan. Brzezinski also began funding the Chechnyan rebels in the Soviet Union and now Russia. One key element was the promotion of the Saudi Wahhabi sect on Russian territory. This same sect is also promoted in Pakistan to inspire a murderous campaign of bombings and assassinations against Shi’ite Muslims. This has been combined with the frequent drone attacks against the people of Waziristan on northwest Pakistan. All of this support of terrorism and use of drones is part of the Strategy of Tension. The idea is to destabilize the region at a low cost to us and to deny the area to normal commercial development by China, Russia and the people of the region

What about the American invasion of Afghanistan? We are making or rather the people who own our government is making hundreds of billions of dollars from the sale of opium and heroin. We are not there because Al Qaeda did 911. The government knows the Israelis did 911  I would point out that the US hired Taliban mercenaries to augment their other hired thugs to invade Syria. They destroyed the oldest Christian church in the world that had been there since 50 A,D, And have killed and tortured Muslims as well as Christians.

Hamid Karzai has accused America of setting off bombs to blame the Taliban to justify their continued presence. Our Banker Occupied Government wants to stay in Afghanistan until 2024 because they want to squeeze a few trillion dollars more out of the heroin trade.

So let’s go back to the Tsarnaev brothers and their CIA-FBI handlers. You might remember that the FBI asked us to identify the brothers from photos they released. But this request came after the FBI had called them on the phone.

I believe the cop was shot at the MIT campus to make the cops go insane and kill the Tsarnaev brothers so they could not contradict stories told by the FBI and the CIA. There is an audio tape of the brothers yelling at the cops, “We didn’t do it. We didn’t do it.”

You might remember that the media was touting the arrest of a bombing suspect on the Wednesday after the bombing. The media flocked to the Boston courthouse only to be kicked out after an unknown threat was made. The media then dutifully reported that there was no suspect being arraigned.

What happened was that in the first hour after the bombing the Internet began unraveling the lies spun by the government. Several men with Navy Seal Team 3 hats which were the company logos of the mercenary group founded by Chris Kyle. He was the Navy Seal made famous by falsely claiming he had punched Jesse Ventura at Navy bar in San Diego. Before his death Kyle wrote a book describing his exploits as a sniper in Iraq saying that he killed pregnant women. Men from Kyle’s company (The Craft) were seen next to a young man who had a black backpack just like the mercenaries standing near him. The young man appeared to be mentally challenged.

The FBI since 911 has entrapped dozens of suspects in fake bomb plots. All of these men were young men of low intelligence. My favorite was the young men in Miami who were given an expensive digital camera by the FBI who told them to take pictures of a government building. The young men sold the camera for $50 to get something to eat. The FBI had to get them another camera so they could arrest them. The judge laughed the FBI out of court which is what we should do to the government and to the media.

There does not seem to be any significant evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers acted alone without the foreknowledge of the FBI. In fact it was only a few minutes after the bombing that Rob Dew was told that his sister’s husband, a high ranking Army officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency, was pulled from the Boston Marathon. The Army said he was dehydrated, But, if he had stayed in the race, he would have crossed the finish line at the time the bomb went off. We can see from the videos of the bombing that the mercenaries seemed to walk away from the area of the bomb before it went off. You will also notice that the men in those Craft uniforms seemed to be directing the police who should have been in charge.

The older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev was taken into custody. stripped naked and put into a police car. This is on video. The police claim that he was run over by his brother who drove away while Tamerlan was being shot. The younger brother Dzhokhar was shouting at the paramedics when he was taken in the ambulance to the Israeli doctors. He has since lost his ability to speak.

This bombing was part of a series of events since the shooting at the Aurora theater in Colorado. Each staged event is part of Security theater which justifies outrageous budgets and the elimination of the Bill of Rights. We should expect another event especially since the lies they told had unraveled before the week was out. They might be tempted to something big to get the Boston Marathon off the headlines

The long range threat to us would be the Banker Occupied Government releasing plagues during natural disasters over the next year or two in order to reduce our numbers. To paraphrase Brzezinski it is easier to kill a billion people than to control a billion people.

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