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Land Destroyer - 2019-11-21 - Original post - cached version
November 21, 2019 (Tony Cartlaucci - NEO) - The New York Times has once again exposed itself as an organ of US special interests operating under the guise of journalism - contributing to Wall Street and Washington's ongoing and escalating hybrid war with China with a particularly underhanded piece...
Land Destroyer - 2019-11-16 - Original post - cached version
November 17, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Beginning in 2011, the Kingdom of Thailand began replacing aging US helicopters not with newer US-built models, but with Russian and Italian systems instead.

This includes Russian Mi-17 medium twin-turbine transport helicopters and several...

Land Destroyer - 2019-11-15 - Original post - cached version
November 15, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - Former British military officer James Le Mesurier suspected of ties to MI6 and the co-founder of the so-called "White Helmets" front was found dead this month in Turkey from an apparent fall from his residence.

The Western media wasted no time linking...

Land Destroyer - 2019-11-15 - Original post - cached version
November 15, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - At first glance the Danish toy company Lego doesn't seem to have much to do with paradigm shifts in technology. Yet a recent incident illustrates the march forward of modern technology and the threat it poses to not only well-established but inflexible...
Land Destroyer - 2019-11-14 - Original post - cached version
November 14, 2019 (21st Century Wire TV) Yesterday Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned from office, even though he had won his country's elections. Upon closer examination, this crisis has all the elements of a US regime change operation - done in successive steps, and designed to install a US...
Land Destroyer - 2019-11-12 - Original post - cached version
November 12, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - After the supposed US "withdrawal" from Syria - Western media outlets have causally reported on US troops now preparing to occupy Syria's oilfields east of the Euphrates River.

Articles include carefully selected "experts" who avoid any mention of how...

Land Destroyer - 2019-11-11 - Original post - cached version
November 11, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Documents have surfaced exposing US corporate lobbying behind one of Thailand's supposed "pro-democracy" opposition parties, Future Forward Party (FFP).

Future Forward, headed by union-busting nepotist billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, was...

Land Destroyer - 2019-11-06 - Original post - cached version
November 6, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - Hong Kong legislator Junius Ho narrowly escaped assassination when an opposition member attempted to drive a knife into his chest after luring him in for a selfie, RT would report.

RT's article would mention briefly in one paragraph that Junius Ho has...

Land Destroyer - 2019-11-05 - Original post - cached version
November 5, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Whistleblowers have come forward revealing what many had known all along - that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had deliberately altered various reports and suppressed evidence regarding alleged chemical weapon attacks in...
Land Destroyer - 2019-11-03 - Original post - cached version
November 3, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Under Thailand's new government, efforts to ban toxic pesticides and herbicides including those made by US agricultural giant Monsanto were first accelerated, and have now finally succeeded. Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Anutin...
Land Destroyer - 2019-10-31 - Original post - cached version
October 31, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Thailand's opposition faces sedition charges after conducting a seminar in Thailand's troubled deep south where they recommended amending the Thai constitution and paving way for the nation's territorial division.

Thailand's English language newspaper...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-30 - Original post - cached version
October 30, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - While Russia has attempted to direct attention toward its first ever Russia-Africa Summit held in Sochi, Russia this month, it has been the systematic smear campaign launched by media in the West that has raised debate over accusations made against Moscow and...
Land Destroyer - 2019-10-27 - Original post - cached version
October 27, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - The Western media is reporting that US military forces have killed the supposed leader of the so-called "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) in Syria's northern governorate of Idlib.

Newsweek in its article, "Trump Approves Special Ops Raid...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-24 - Original post - cached version
October 24, 2019 (LD) - US war propaganda has created such a complex web of lies it is unlikely anyone following Western corporate media outlets has any idea of what is happening in Syria.

The US withdrawal from Syria has been surrounded by last-minute attempts to re-ignite the conflict as well...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-24 - Original post - cached version
October 24, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Despite the chaos created across Hong Kong, the vast majority of the region's inhabitants do not support the growing violence nor do they benefit from it in any way.

As is typical in other regions of the world the US is meddling, a lack of local support...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-23 - Original post - cached version
The notion that Russia "controls" the US is absurd. That this conspiracy theory has taken root in the US says a lot about the public's grip on reality. 

October 23, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - Before 2016, few Americans had any real opinion on Russia.

In the wake of "Russia Gate," a...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-21 - Original post - cached version
October 21, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) -  It is interesting to note where the Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore sits amid the shifting poles of global power between East and West.

Once a British colony, the tiny island nation has since served as a barometer indicating the ebb and flow of...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-20 - Original post - cached version
October 20, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - As US troops flee northeast Syria - they leave behind their Kurdish proxies to face an uncertain future at the hands of approaching Turkish troops. Reports of Turkish forces entering Syria dominated news headlines - followed by Western op-eds trading blame...
Land Destroyer - 2019-10-19 - Original post - cached version
October 19, 2019 (LD) - Independent journalist Dan Cohen provides an expert explanation of US meddling in Hong Kong in the video below - exposing the steady stream of propaganda emerging from the US and other Western powers directly involved in engineering and perpetuating growing violence aimed at...
Land Destroyer - 2019-10-17 - Original post - cached version
October 17, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - As spectacular and indicative of America's sinking fortunes in Syria as its bombing of its own military base in northern Syria was - it is also an indicator of something else much more sinister.

CNN in its article, "US conducts airstrike on weapons...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-17 - Original post - cached version
October 17, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - Huawei's flagship smartphone, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, launched without Google products being available on it due to US restrictions against Chinese companies (and specifically against Huawei itself).

Contrary to what many have speculated, Huawei has...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-15 - Original post - cached version
Turkey is at a pivotal moment where it can chose to help end the war or take on the torch of Washington's failure.

October 15, 2019  (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - US troops are in the middle of an apparent withdrawal from Syria's northeast.

This leaves the door open to a variety of...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-14 - Original post - cached version
October 14, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - When Twitter Safety announced that it was taking actions against "information operations" directed at Hong Kong - informed observers could have immediately assumed that Twitter was not actually serious about stopping anything of the sort - but rather...
Land Destroyer - 2019-10-13 - Original post - cached version
October 13, 2019 - American expat Nathan Rich living in China confronts New York Times propaganda regarding Hong Kong. Nathan's other videos are also worth watching, including "The REAL Reason Facebook is Banned in China."
Land Destroyer - 2019-10-10 - Original post - cached version
October 10, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - When the West's leading media organizations attempt to convince audiences they know nothing about where Mohammed Aly - a Spanish-based Egyptian protest leader - came from, the first thing one can be sure of is they are being lied to.

Protests have...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-08 - Original post - cached version
October 8, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - The Southeast Asian state of Myanmar, despite pressure from Washington, has decided to work with Chinese telecom company Huawei to develop its national 5G communication network. 

The move by Myanmar is just one among many by the entire region to build...

Land Destroyer - 2019-10-04 - Original post - cached version
October 4, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - In yet another sign of waning Western hegemony, the Southeast Asian state of Vietnam has begun the long-overdue process of reclaiming its information space from US tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google. 

Reuters in its article, "Facebook-style...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-28 - Original post - cached version
September 28, 2019 (F. William Engdahl - NEO) - Climate. Now who wudda thought. The very mega-corporations and mega-billionaires behind the globalization of the world economy over recent decades, whose pursuit of shareholder value and cost reduction who have wreaked so much damage to our...
Land Destroyer - 2019-09-28 - Original post - cached version
September 28, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - A 16 year old girl is obviously not behind a "global movement" demanding "climate action" from governments.

The massive corporate Western media is. And anything the corporate media is behind certainly cannot be described as "grassroots."

It is...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-27 - Original post - cached version
September 27, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Just as unfolded in 2014 during the so-called "Umbrella protests" or "Occupy Central" movement, a growing backlash has begun across Hong Kong against US-funded protests that have attempted to disrupt governance and commerce as part of a floundering...
Land Destroyer - 2019-09-22 - Original post - cached version
Editor's Note: This article was written before the strike on Saudi oil infrastructure. An article covering that incident can be found here. The US reaction and continued military build-up against Iran makes it more than clear predictions Bolton's "firing" was a bait and switch were accurate. 


Land Destroyer - 2019-09-18 - Original post - cached version
September 18, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Recent news of Bangkok signing a 6.5 billion Thai Baht deal with China to procure a naval landing ship (a landing platform dock or LPD) further illustrates growing ties between Beijing and Bangkok in the sphere of military matters.

The Thai Royal Navy'...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-16 - Original post - cached version
September 16, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Huge blazes were reported at two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia owned by Aramco. While Saudi authorities refused to assign blame, media outlets like the BBC immediately began insinuating either Yemen's Houthis or Iran were responsible. 

The BBC in...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-13 - Original post - cached version
September 13, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - The Group of Seven (G7), comprised of the "most advanced economies in the world," includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

It emerged in the 1970s. While it exists for supposedly many different and "...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-10 - Original post - cached version
September 10, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - The US continues to deny any involvement in ongoing unrest in China's special administrative region of Hong Kong.

However, even a casual look at US headlines or comments made by US politicians makes it clear the unrest not only suits US interests,...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-07 - Original post - cached version
September 7, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - The Western media has begun complaining about Southeast Asia's collective decision to move forward with 5G network technology from Chinese telecom giant Huawei despite US demands that nations ban all Huawei products.

These demands are predicated on...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-05 - Original post - cached version
September 5, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Western special interests have used the term "fake news" as a pretext for widening censorship, particularly across US-based social media networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as across Google's various platforms.

In a move of political judo, many...

Land Destroyer - 2019-09-02 - Original post - cached version
September 2, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Headlines emanating from the West regarding Syria's ongoing war have a common theme - allegations of Syria and Russia's "ruthless barrage" of the northern region of Idlib.

So often - however - has the US and its allies falsely invoked "humanitarian...

Land Destroyer - 2019-08-28 - Original post - cached version
August 29, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - Elon Musk has recently unveiled during a launching event technology he hopes will link the human mind to computers and eventually, link humans with artificial intelligence.

The technology can be used to help restore function for victims of brain diseases...

Land Destroyer - 2019-08-24 - Original post - cached version
August 25, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Claims that Western interests are driving unrest in Hong Kong to undermine China have been decried across the Western media as "fake news," "disinformation," and even grounds for censorship from platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Yet a look at the...

Land Destroyer - 2019-08-19 - Original post - cached version
August 19, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - The recent attack aimed at New Eastern Outlook (NEO) and several of its authors once again exposes the infinite hypocrisy of US and European interests including across their media and among their supposed human rights advocates.

It also exposes the severe...

Land Destroyer - 2019-08-15 - Original post - cached version
August 15, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Two Cambodian employees of US government-funded "Radio Free Asia" (RFA) face espionage charges for continuing to work for the foreign information operation even after the Cambodian government ordered it closed.

Qatari state media, Al Jazeera, in their...

Land Destroyer - 2019-08-13 - Original post - cached version
August 13, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) -  A recent meeting of the 10 member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) convened in Bangkok, Thailand and attended by representatives from China, Russia and even the United States, provides us with a clear indicator of how power and influence are...
Land Destroyer - 2019-08-12 - Original post - cached version
August 12, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Scott Lucas - a professor at the University of Birmingham UK - would decry with the rest of the Western media - resumed joint military operations carried out by Syria and Russia in and around the northwestern governorate of Idlib.

Reuters in their...

Land Destroyer - 2019-08-09 - Original post - cached version
August 9, 2019 (Gunnar Ulson - NEO) - We're told that the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty singed in 1987 between the US and Soviet Union was based on claims that Russia had violated it.

While we continue waiting for Washington to provide evidence to...

Land Destroyer - 2019-08-07 - Original post - cached version
August 7, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - Nations running afoul of US and European hegemony often find themselves the target of concerted, long-term propaganda campaigns. Without creating a media front capable of confronting this propaganda, virtually nothing a targeted nation does can improve its...
Land Destroyer - 2019-08-03 - Original post - cached version
August 3, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Several small bombs detonated across Bangkok on Friday, August 2, amid a meeting between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) the US, China, and Russia.

There were several injuries reported, but no deaths.

Despite a Western media...

Land Destroyer - 2019-07-31 - Original post - cached version
July 31, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano's passing has stirred up suspicion and further tensions amid US-Iranian tensions.

Amano was 72 years old and as of mid July 2019 had already begun preparing to step down due to poor health....

Land Destroyer - 2019-07-27 - Original post - cached version
July 27, 2019 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - All Facebook and Twitter accounts associated with Bangkok-based geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci have been deleted. The extent to which both American-based tech companies went to target Cartalucci could be seen in a recent Reuters article reporting on it...
Land Destroyer - 2019-07-27 - Original post - cached version
July 27, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - Facebook's official statement regarding a coordinated smear and censorship campaign targeting and closing my Facebook and Twitter accounts claims I was engaged in "coordinated inauthentic behavior." 

I am a single individual thus...


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