Judaism Incorporated Requires Cultural Corruption

Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was killed on the night of the California primary in 1968. He would have probably defeated Richard Nixon if the Powers That Be had decided to let him live. To illustrate corruption in American courts, the media and law enforcement I cite the fact that RFK was shot in the back at close range from an upward angle. Gun powder burns prove the assassin was close to the ground behind the candidate. That means Sirhan could not have killed Senator Kennedy. I doubt he could have knowingly been part of a conspiracy because he can remember nothing of what happened. And he did say he might have voted for Bobby Kennedy because he favored minorities.

The fact the RFK was shot a close range in the back was known to all local and national news outlets. This fact was known to the courts and to a dozen different police agencies. Now let that fact sink in until you understand the level of Corruption we have in America. Not one person in authority said No to the cover up. Apparently, America has become so corrupt that killing the President, a congressman, a Senator, a witness or even medical doctors who cure cancer is No Big Deal.

I was born before the assassination of President Kennedy which was also before Martin Luther king Jr was killed so he could not go to Washington DC and shut the town down until they stopped the Vietnam war. Apparently, the Powers That Be like wars, especially one that addicted white American youths to drugs making the people who own the Banks very rich laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons money. They also bowed to Israeli dictates: JFK did not want Israel to have nuclear weapons.

If they want to have a war, you will just have to bear the burden. If we had functioning democracy with men and women of integrity in the news media, we would be invited to our local TV station to debate the collapse of the 47 story World Trade Center Tower 7 in 6.5 seconds on 9-11-2001. We spent $6 trillion killing “terrorists” without a debate because 911 was accepted without questioning.

I use “terrorists” in quote marks because the CIA, the Mossad, MI6 and the Saudi royal family own Al Qaeda and ISIS.

How did Tower 7 fall down? The windows were intact on the front so there was no raging fire. And it was never hit by an airplane. And nobody in the Congress or the Corporate News Media has asked the federal government for an explanation that makes sense. They did offer a ridiculous cartoon full of gibberish but no Authority Figures questioned the justification for spending $6 trillion killing innocent people and acting like a bully.

How many witnesses have to die before we say something.

I predict the Culture of Corruption in America will come to a screeching halt the Day After the Dollar Dies. That is when prices double overnight because 60% of American Federal Reserve Notes are overseas. They were sent there to pay for wars and to buy things we are too poor to otherwise purchase because the Powers That Be decided to over populate America.

If we do not have monetary reform and debt cancellation, we will escalate from Nationwide Food Riots to a Civil War without a national debate.

Don’t you wish that Jewish people would allow dissident voices on 911 and terrorism to discuss issues on TV?

Don’t you wish they would let us discuss why we should demand proper accounting procedures so $21 trillion would not be unaccounted for at HUD and DOD between 1998 and 2015?

Don’t you wish they would let us discuss the difference between an interest bearing currency like the Federal Reserve Note and and an interest free one like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks? If we did have that freedom, we would not have a  $22 trillion national debt.

Don’t you wish that Americans could talk directly to each other without Jewish newscasters, producers, directors and network executives telling what we can and cannot say?

Americans will never have free speech until they have the right to say who is curbing their freedom.

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