The Jewish Strategy Of Occupying The Middle Ground

The truth of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 did not gain widespread attention in America because Israel and American Jews occupied the Middle Ground between decision makers and policy formulation and between events their reportage by the media. On June 4, 1967 President Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ate dinner at the home of Abe Fortas. At the dinner was a Loeb of Kuhn and Loeb, a Rothschild investment bank. The purpose of the dinner was to determine if the President and the Secretary of Defense understood that Israel was going to start the 1967 Six Day War the following morning. Israeli generals have since admitted they had been planning that attack since 1952 which was the year Gamal Abdel Nasser led the Egyptian revolution. American troops had been sent by Eisenhower to monitor the Israel-Egyptian border for ten years but were pulled out weeks before the war began.

Abe Fortas helped  Lyndon Johnson steal the Senate election of 1948. Also Occupying the Middle Ground around President Johnson was former Irgun terrorist Mathilde Krim, the wife of Arthur Krim, an LBJ adviser. She was Johnson’s girl friend and even appeared in LBJ home movies.

Lou Wasserman of Hollywood and Arthur Krim from New York had established the President’s club under JFK and continued it under Johnson. When LBJ became President, Arthur Krim bought an adjoining home in Texas so his wife could have sex more frequently with the President. That home was called Mathilde’s Mansion. It was at the Krim home in New York where Jack Kennedy had first met Marilyn Monroe when she sang Happy Birthday to him. That began an affair with him and later his brother Robert.

On the night the 1967 Six Day broke out Mathilde Krim was in the White House servicing the President. At that same time Arthur Krim was the head of the Democratic party’s National Finance Committee.

Jeff Gates, who served as a counsel to the Senate for 7 years, said that Israel has had the idea that the land occupied by the Muslims from the Nile to the Euphrates belongs to them. He called the Six Day War a Land Grab and said the Israelis felt they were entitled to operate above the law. In 1996 Richard Perle, a dual citizen, wrote A Clean Break: A Doctrine For Securing The Realm. It argued for taking down Iraq and relying upon Jordan and Turkey to project power. This paper was recycled as an American project after being named the Project For a New American Centruy or PNAC.

After Israel took down the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the Jews gave  Secretary of Defense  Donald Rumsfeld a list of 7 countries they wanted the Pentagon to invade in 5 years. Those nations, as reported by General Wesley Clark, were Libya, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and Iran.

Jeff Gates traced back all five items of false information that led America to invade Iraq came from Israeli sources. And all of that false intelligence was pre-staged before 911 which reveals long term Israeli planning. But to make this work the Israelis needed a classic asset in the Oval Office who could make this work. And of course they needed to occupy the Middle Ground around the new President. George Bush was dysfunctional recovering substance abuser and Zionist Christian who never left the United States except to go to Israel. They replaced facts with emotions by taking down the WTC.

Because American Jews Occupy the Middle Ground the media the Israelis were able to publish lies that were not challenged so the American voter had no basis for action except emotions and lies. CNN had been independent and uncontrolled until the AOL-Time Warner merger had taken away Ted Turner’s ability to say No to war.

The Jews also Occupied the Middle Ground at the Pentagon with Paul Wolfowitz as Deputy Secretary of Defense. And they had the Office of Special Plans headed by Douglas Feith to bypass the CIA and DIA so lies could be funneled directly from Israel into the Bush administration. Scooter Libby (I. Lewis Leibowitz) was Chief of Staff for Vice-President Dick Cheney.  The Secretary of State Colin Powell had grown up in New York City. His mother was a Shabbos Goy. Powell had a Mezuah over his door frame as do religious Jews.

Bush was given the nomination in 2000 when wealthy men came forward to donate 50 million dollars in 6 weeks.  He was given the Presidency when Alan Greenspan , the Jewish Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, took the economy down prior to the election. Americans usually do not turn out the incumbent political party if the stock market is rising in value.

Jeff Gates has denounced as traitors those who lied us into war .

The Iraq and Afghan wars cost the United States six trillion dollars it does not have at a time when the US has an infrastructure deficit of 4 trillion dollars. The US debt is approaching 17 trillion dollars. The state and local governments have another 4 1/2 trillion dollars in debt. The total unfunded liabilities of the US government is 222 trillion dollars and is growing at 11 trillion dollars a year. That works out to 915 billion dollars a month.

On August 1, 2007 13 people in Minneapolis Minnesota were driving over a bridge. They died because the bridge collapsed before they got to the other side. America will soon become a Third World nation incapable of recovery. Do the politicians and the Israelis care? I say No.

Those wars for Israel from World Wars I and II to Vietnam and to Iraq and Afghanistan are treason.

Jeff Gates attributes our problems to the psychopathic nature of the Zionists. He does not blame the Jewish faith community. I do not distinguish  between the two. I see over 95% of the Jews supporting Israel. Very few do denounce the Israelis for doing 911 and the July 7, 2005 London subway bombings. Very few tell the Gentiles that the Holohoax, the founding lie of the Zionist state, was a fraud.

I do not recognize Judaism as a legitimate religion. It does not Jewish people better citizens of this world as do real religions. There was no Temple of Solomon. There never was a unified kingdom of Israel and Judah. David was not a king as there were only 1,600 people in Jerusalem at the time. The religion was not invented until 622 B.C. The modern Jews converted to the religion in waves from the Khazar Empire, the Arab tribes, the Edomites, the Berbers and the Carthaginians who were descendants of the Philistines with additional genetic material drawn from their neighbors over the past 2,500 years. They are not a race.

I believe they are not a race but are members of an International Criminal Conspiracy bent upon destroying whatever land they inhabit.

In an interview Nomi Prins said she was working at Goldman Sachs on 911. She decided at that time to leave and to become a whistle-blower. She has written several books telling the truth about Wall Street. She has not dared to give her opinions on 911 and the Holohoax. But clearly she sees that war has been declared against 7 billion people by a handful of insane people.

She is what I would call a normalized person of Jewish descent. She is a liberal. I am not. If you have the ability to contact her, please inform her that there are two reasons to abandon southern California where she lives. One is the fallout from Fukushima. The other is the coming earthquake which will destroy the area.

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