ISIS Hits Libyan Oil Field


ISIS, the radical Islamic group now terrorizing the Middle East has made it presence known in Libya. Night before last, February 3, 2015, the Al Mabruk Oil field some 60 miles south of Sirte was attacked from 3 directions by approximately 200 vehicles of heavily armed ISIS mercenaries. During the attack approximately 12 people were killed, one of them was a Frenchman, there is being reported a number of hostages but that is still waiting confirmation.

The Al Mabruk oil field is an inactive oil production field at this time, Total SA the French Oil Company had been operating the field in a joint venture with the Libyan National Oil company but the lack of security in a country over run by radical Islamic psychopaths forced Total to remove all their workers. The Al Mabruk oil field in its best days produced about 70,000 BOPD making it one of Libya's smaller production fields.

ISIS and other terrorist mercenaries have been staging out of Turkey. They come from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other countries. They are all paid mercenaries. They are being transported into Libya by Turkish Airlines landing in Misurata and being led by Libya Dawn and others in their terrorist alliance.

The Misurata Libya Dawn Islamist gangs attempted to take the oil port of Ras Lanuf the same evening as the Al Mabruk field was attacked but they were surprised by a large force of the Libyan army that beat them badly and cost them the lives of a number of their mercenaries.

The Libyans know that Obama is supporting ISIS and other Islamic militias in Libya who have now joined together in an alliance including the well known terrorists of Libya Dawn in Misurata. Omar Al Hassi the leader of the Islamists now holding Tripoli by force with no legitimate position of government has declared openly on TV this week in Libya that President Obama of the USA has offered his full support of the Islamist Extremists in Libya. Obama also told the Islamists to go and take all the oil fields from the Libyans and once they have completed that he will recognize them as the legitimate government of Libya.

The Tribes of Libya told me: "It is a very dangerous game that your government is playing with these radical Islamists, it is dangerous for the entire world" and they are right.

Omar Al Hassi proclaimed leader of the Islamists in Tripoli is also a terrorist. He and his Al Qaeda buddy, Adbulhakem Belhaj helped form the "Islamic Armed Movement" known as H.M.S in the 1990's. Al Hassi lived in the US for many years in exile because he was a radical and Libya did not allow radicals in their country. Hassi worked as a taxi cab driver in the US and most likely was employed by the CIA as were many exiled Libyans. The truth is that this group of exiled Libyans were exiled for a reason - they were radical psychopaths. Interesting isn't it that these are the psychopaths now controlling Libya with the full support of the US and they were the ones the US joined hands with to destroy Libya. These terrorists make up less than 4% of the Libyan population yet the west put them in power by force, keeps them in power by force, arms them, funds them and feeds them more mercenaries constantly.

It is not hard to understand why Libya is a failed state.

The great tribes of Libya understand the dirty game that was played and continues to be played against their country. They say, quite correctly, that ISIS controlling the Libyan resources is a big problem for the world much more than it is a problem for the Libyans, the Libyans are already suffering and in exile, etc, but the control of the natural resources in Libya makes the terrorists a formidable force against the neighboring countries, Europe and every other part of the world.

It is known to the tribes that the plan is for ISIS is to take control of all the resources of the Middle East and North Africa.

Lastly, a piece of shocking news that you will never read in any other news/website/blog etc. This news comes from people that I know and trust, yesterday there were two European nations that were reading themselves to attack ISIS in Libya. These nations understand the major threat to them and the world by these radicals controlling any of Libya. The attack was to begin after dark, but was stopped by none other than Obama who called these countries and demanded/threatened them to cancel their plans of attack. All of this follows Obama telling the radicals to take control of the resources of Libya, of Obama telling Hassi that the US will support all these radicals in Libya and of the US dictating to other countries, stopping them from attacking ISIS in Libya.

The majority (90%) of all Islamic radicals in Libya are foreigners. The Libyan people are by a 99%+ margin against radical Islam, so Libya is being taken over illegally by terrorist mercenaries, one must ask the all encompassing question: 'WHERE IS THE UN?'

The Libyans are not daunted by these occurrences, they are not daunted by the lies of Deborah Jones, US Ambassador to Libya who tweets out that the Libyans are weak and stupid and cannot work together. She also says that Libya would be broken even if the Islamists were not there. I guess 42 years of peace and prosperity with all the tribes working together, has been conveniently forgotten by this horrible woman. She meets with and supports the Islamists in Libya, again fitting into Obama's plan to keep Libya for the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and any other radical, psychopathic group.

The Libyans will clean their country, as usual they are underestimated and misunderstood. The tribes are strong and they are courageous and do work together to bring their country out of this dark place forced on them by western Imperialists.

Libyan War Truth

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