Important Question: WHY Does Everyone Pick On The Jews?

I finally got most of the "family issues" that I informed everyone about two days ago out of the way.... I always say that family does come first, and my writings at this blog sometimes have to be put on hold to make sure those issues are addressed... But I am back and I have a few issues that I want to put my own "two cents worth" here at this blog...

One major question that is always asked of me is: WHY do I hate the Jews?   I always give them the same answer constantly in that I am NOT against anyone other than criminals and liars... And the Jews are indeed some of the worse criminals on planet Earth today, thanks primarily to their evil ways and their want to dominate the planet.... That and they are the real "haters" and "racists" as they believe through their fraudulent "religion" called Judaism that the rest of mankind are nothing but subhuman and to be treated like "cattle"....

Why brings me to the overall question about WHY does everyone pick on the Jews?  And to help answer that important question, I want to turn to the following article that comes from a real truth seeker, Greg Bacon, through his website "Goon Squad" at His article is entitled: "Why Does Everyone Pick On The Jews?" and does indeed answer that important question with a LOT of facts that indeed shows how truly evil and disgusting the entire "tribe" is.... Here in fact is the link to Greg's important article here, which I want everyone to look at for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Greg brings forward some amazing facts and some great details about the tribe in this article.....

Greg does state that he has become a "pariah" for his constant attacks on the criminal Jews.... I too have become a "pariah" in terms of bringing forward the truth at this blog about how truly evil and disgusting these foul creatures are.....And the facts are that with "Google" now doing blatant censorship of everyone, especially in regards to "Youtube" accounts, it will only be a matter of time before these criminals, once they are done with their Youtube "censorship" will go after blogs and other works that use "Google"...

Honestly though, the truth does hurt a lot of  criminals... It is no wonder they want to suppress the truth about how truly evil the tribe is, for if people actually woke the fuck up and understood that these criminals are so hell bent on world domination and the enslavement of all mankind, there would indeed be hell to pay....

And for those who ask the question about if the "tribe" is somehow salvageable?  I honestly would love to see these criminals stop being evil and criminal, give up on their fraudulent and disgusting "religion" that is nothing but a supremacist piece of filth, and actually try to join the human race... However, considering they have been brainwashed  since birth with the "us versus the Gentiles" mentality, that  hope is nearly impossible....

And again, it is only a matter of time before the criminal Jews target this blog... I have been looking hard over these last few weeks for alternatives if they shut me down..... I am also considering getting out of "Blogger"  as it is indeed owned and controlled by the Jewish criminals behind "Google", and may have to go "mainstream"....BUT to own and operate this website if I do get out of blogger is expensive and it may force me to seek "donations" from readers to operate.. Begging for money from readers is something that I find revolting, and that is why I have never ever asked for donations to this day...... I am hoping for another alternative, and I may turn to readers for help in that regards...

More to come



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