Important Health News: Vitamin D Is The Best Defense Against Influenza

I have not been able to do much "blogging" over these last few days due to my "better half" coming down very hard with that "strain" of Influenza that has been hitting everyone... She has been so sick that I contemplated earlier taking her to the local hospital for any additional treatment that she could obtain... Luckily, the worse seems to be over, and she is presently sleeping and after doing a lot of other personal and family business and needs, I figured I have enough time to fire off at least one article this evening at this blog...

Yes, everyone that I know has been stricken with what ever "bug" has been going around... I can consider myself lucky this year, for in spite of being prone to getting a lot of colds and sinus infections, apparently my boosting my intake of both Vitamin C and Vitamin D has paid off and at the moment I have avoided contracting "the flu".....

And yes, I have always been an advocate of fighting off "the flu" by avoiding those goddamn "flu shots" that absolutely do NOT work.... I have already shown in so many previous articles here at this blog that the "flu shot" that the criminals are administering and that people are suddenly in a panic to obtain, not only does not work but is the WRONG "shot" for this year's strain of Influenza.... I find it therefore diabolical that these criminals behind Big Pharma and of course their compliant Jew spew media outlets, are out there using pure propaganda and lies in getting idiots and morons to line up to get their 'seasonal flu shot' that again..DOES NOT WORK....  In fact, to prove this as fact, I want to present the following link to an important article at Natural News website once again that backs up this statement here:

Well, now that we know that vaccines for "the flu" do not work, once again people have been wondering what is the best method of combatting "the flu"... I have already pointed out that proper hygiene and sanitation is of course necessary, and of course that means hand cleaning at all times... But the other method is to take your vitamins, and especially Vitamin D....

To show the importance of Vitamin D in the fight against 'the flu', I want to present the following Youtube video that actually came out last April that everyone can watch here about the importance of Vitamin D in not only fighting "the flu" but avoiding other ailments such as the "common cold" as well...Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  I for one have long been an advocate of taking high doses of Vitamin D to avoid so many ailments that we find in our modern lives.....  I personally take 5000+ IU Vitamin D dosage daily and about 3000 IU of Vitamin C during "flu season" to try to boost my own immune system and to ward off diseases....

Yes, I absolutely do recommend that people do their utmost to take vitamins to fight off "the flu" and to boost their immune systems.. It is so much better than rolling up your sleeves and allowing criminals to inject their poisons into your bodies by a long shot...

Well, back to taking care of my "better half"...I for one am glad that she is on the road to recovery..... I am still crossing my fingers that I will avoid this 'strain' of "the flu" this year by taking care of my body and boosting my immune system.... The next few days will be telling...

More to come



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