If we have a God — He must be a pacifist

For a harmless God would surely have a harmless heaven, and everyone in it created with a grateful harmless nature.  And God would have no need to ever use force.  For everyone would have a grateful conviction that they deserve less, giving them compassion and charity toward those who have less.  And a grateful happiness would be enjoyed by all.  And as everyone desires to own only enough for a comfortable life, there is no wealth to fight over.
As for planet earth, surely the majority are given an ingrate conviction that they deserve to be rich, all so that it be established how global warming is cause by the greed driven rich.  As for a burning hell, what purpose would it serve?
For good is life, and good are all the actions we do that protect and sustain life.
For evil is death, and evil are all the harmful thoughts and actions that can only lead to death.
So, soon comes an end to all death, causing all things to turn toward the good.
And so, be a pacifist vegetarian with just enough for a comfortable life and hope for the best.