Hundreds of Immigrants Drown Trying to Escape War Torn Libya

The EU is having emergency meetings today to discuss how to address the flood of African immigrants passing through war torn Libya and attempting to make their way to the coast of Italy and Greece.

Yesterday more than 700 immigrants drown when the "fishing' vessel they were in capsized. This is not the first tragedy, there have been others in the past few years. Some of the dead bodies drifting up on the shores of Tripoli, Italy and Greece.

The EU, NATO, UN, US can all stand and raise their hands to take responsibility for this catastrophe. Before the illegal NATO false flag war against the sovereign nation of Libya, immigration from surrounding countries through Libya was held at a bare minimum and most of the immigrants came to find work in Libya and found themselves welcomed with a robust economy and a great deal of work. Libya was responsible for the providing work for over 2 million Africans. It must be pointed out that thanks to the UN and NATO many of those workers lost their lives and those that lived had to run to pitiful camps set up by the UN outside of Libya with bad water, bad food and marginal tents to sleep in. I know because we visited one of these camps with our Fact Finding Commission in May of 2011. The men in these camps were very angry. They asked us why did the US, UN and NATO attack Libya? Why did they bring in 200,000 Al Qaeda mercenaries to kill Libyans? and to kill other immigrants? They said they had been happy in Libya, they had been well treated and many of them now worried that their families in other parts of Africa would starve because there was no longer any money coming home from their work. We had no answers to their questions but our hearts went out to them.

Jump forward 5 years since the illegal attack on Libya, lets do a fact check on how well things have worked out not only for Libya but for all of North Africa. Libya before the "false flag" was clean, was developing, the people (men and women) were free to get an education, start a business, have a family and Libya was completely secure. People did not worry about being shot or blown up or being robbed, there were only 2 or 3 policemen in the city of Tripoli, they were not even armed - it was not necessary. The justice system worked wonderfully, the tribal system was the backup and worked beautifully. The people were friendly, there was plenty of food and life was good - free medical, free university, free utilities, no debt, $46,000 upon marriage, $5000 for each child and so much more. Libya had the highest standard for child care and highest rate of survival for babies in the world.

Enter the Zionist Cabal who have been out to destroy Libya for a long time. Ghadafi, who by the way was not the leader of Libya since 2006, (he was required to step down by the treaty signed with Condoleeza Rice) had begun to develop the African bank with a gold backed currency for the continent of Africa. Well of course this was the coup de grâce for the fiat bankers. The Zionists bankers with their paper money backed by air could not have a gold backed currency for Africa. So, it did not matter if it was legal or who they killed, the agenda was to own Libya all else was acceptable collateral damage (1 trillion in infrastructure damage, 600,000 dead, 2 million in exile, 1 million homeless and 2 million living under the tyranny of radical psychopaths). So they knowingly (via their lying media) burned down Ghadafi with lies and believe me they were all LIES, all of the killing was done by the cabal, CIA, MI6 and other sinister organizations but it was never done by the Libyan army and especially not Ghadafi. Please understand that Ghadafi was considered the "leader" of Libya by the Libyan people, but he was not the political leader. There was a Prime Minister named Baghdadi Mahmudi, he was the political leader. Ghadafi was more of a spiritual leader and he was the one the people looked to when things went upside down and the Libyan people were tricked by a dirty dirty game played on them by the Zionist Cabal.

Libya today has no viable security of any kind. The country, a once paradise that made it illegal for any radical Islamist piece of rubbish to exist, has become a cesspool of psychopathic radical Islamic mercenaries. These are the scum that NATO, US and UN passed the country of Libya to by force. They assassinated their great leader for no other reason than they hated him for making his country free and sharing its oil wealth with his people. The people of Libya have had their homes destroyed, their children murdered, their women raped, their men imprisoned and tortured to death and on and on. Yet the world stands by and watches as innocents are killed daily. Where are the voices crying out about saving the children that were so loud and so public in 2011?

Lets see, Libya today has 12 ISIS camps and with no border control, weapons and mercenaries flow freely into Libya taking whatever they want. There are Islamic radicals controlling Tripoli with their armed gangs, killing anyone that disagrees with them. There is Libya Dawn out of Misurata, the favored group of the US and its Ambassador Deborah Jones. Libya Dawn is made up of some of the worst radical psychopaths, they have hundreds of hidden prisons holding (illegally) thousands of Libyan many have already died by torture. Libya Dawn is known to have used Sarin Gas on the innocent people of Tripoli and Bani Walid but the world looks on and does nothing. The Muslim Brotherhood is active in Tripoli along with ISIS and Libya Dawn, these groups are made up of foreign mercenaries being supplied weapons, money and men via Mitiga Airport in Tripoli that is being controlled by Belhaj an Al Qaeda leader who had joined hands with ISIS. How many people have been beheaded in Libya by ISIS, who knows?

It is not hard to understand with this knowledge, why the Libyan and other Africans make their best effort to leave the continent of Africa. The great Libyan tribes are working every day to find a way to best clean their country of these criminals. They know the Libyan army is trained to fight exactly these kinds of psychopaths. The sons of the tribes are working to fight these radical groups but Libya was banned from receiving any weapons by the UN until recently. It is not bad enough that they steal every last Dinar, every weapon, and openly bring in weapons and mercenaries weekly, but they block the Libyans from even having a chance to defend their country. Now that the ban has been lifted (put on them by the UN in 2011) the great tribes make their best efforts and work every day to search for hands of those countries that would support them in their quest to return their country to its past glory with complete security and no radical Islamists.

Now the EU starts talking about taking some action? Its an EMERGENCY! Lets see it took a couple of weeks for the UN to decide that Libya needed a no fly zone and then they let NATO loose on that innocent country to fly over 60,000 sorties, blowing up power plants, water supplies, stores, hotels, homes, roads, date orchards, hospitals etc., etc. Yet over the past 5 years of complete and utter catastrophe, death and disease they cannot come to any decision to do something? The Europeans are not stupid, they know exactly what happened in Libya and what is happening in Libya but they offer no help, they offer nothing, because the US is still supporting the radicals in Libya by direction of their masters the Zionists bankers. Thus the Europeans cower behind the threats of the big bully on the the block the USA.

It is past time for the EU and the world to stand for the innocent people of Libya and Africa, forget your masters and save the world.

Libya is a microcosm of what they have in store for all of us, the world had better wake up and step up.

Libyan War Truth

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