Human Destiny Hijacked

First, a personal note... I will indeed be taking off for "parts unknown" starting this Saturday, the 20th of July, and returning on Wednesday, July 31st.... I will be taking this much needed break and will be, at least most of the time, unable to do any "blogging" at this site.... I do hope that people do understand that I need a vacation to prevent burning out.... I will again suggest that readers do go over to those who I call "the finest bloggers that I know" during my absence....

Well, back to the issue at hand... John Kaminski, who of course writes his fabulous essays over at his website at, has just released another fine essay that I absolutely want to share with my own readers right here.. This one is entitled: "Human Destiny Hijacked" and definitely shows clear evidence about how the Jewish criminals have indeed hijacked our very futures and are leading our nations into perpetual enslavement and ruination... Here is that essay, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Yesterday’s lies recycled into today’s fake news
Freedom of speech in the United States
has been terminated by Jews,
who now control the money, the media and the minds
of most deliberately deceived Americans.
The world has been turned upside down; the paupers of the world tell the truth and are put in jail; those who run the world tell nothing but lies and get richer by the day.
We arrive today at an unmistakable crossroads in human history. The question is whether we will survive as independent individual entities in charge of our own fate who believe in liberty and justice for all, or march semicomatose into the future as preprogrammed slaves incapable of genuinely independent thought?
If you ask most Americans about their role in history, you will see the question has already been answered.
Kidnapped by yesterday’s lies
Jews present themselves as citizens of the country in which they live, but they’re not. First and foremost they are citizens of their worldwide Jewish community first; all other citizenships come after that as they constantly prefer their bizarre cultish allegiance over the countries they pretend to adopt as their own.
Freedom of speech in the United States has been terminated by Jews, who now control the money, the media and the minds of most deliberately deluded Americans. We can’t get a clear view of our past so our decisions in the present are necessarily corrupted by the historical propaganda we have been forced to believe is a true account of what happened, but isn’t.
In country after country, leaders have always become corrupted by the international moneylenders, who are always Jews. Those who refuse to take the lucrative bait are killed in assassinations or wars, both of which are always engineered by Jews.
The day is coming when the whole world will realize the Jews are out to kill everyone who isn’t a member of their demonic tribe. Already people’s voices have been crippled by accepting orders that they must say only what is politically correct. Talk about the lies of World War II or September 11th or Sandy Hook and they’ll put you in jail, or maybe just wreck your right to do business in your chosen profession, just like they did to Rick Sanchez, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer and many other genuine patriots.
It is appalling to me that most people, fearing their paychecks might be jeopardized, accept these Jewish depredate without even a whimper. Perhaps that very instinct is what will trigger humanity’s permanent doom.
In order to survive the activities of those intent on eliminating large numbers of people permanently, people must learn what the Jews have done to the world — principally by various diseases for which they provide boobytrapped medicines. People need to understand the headlines they hear on TV today are written by Jews exclusively for Jewish purposes.
Not understanding this is to accept our own metamorphosis into dumbed down drecks who can no longer think for ourselves, but are forever doomed to follow the poisonous programming we continue to receive from all directions nonstop throughout our lives.
Jews specialize in slander
Based on what they learned from failing to defeat Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zündel in court, the Jews and their Zionist Christian stooges no longer dare confront Holocaust Revisionists directly, but instead always revert to their ages-old technique of slander — never dealing directly with the argument but always impugning the character of those of us who dare to challenge their grotesquely fraudulent belief system.
The reason for this is simple. When they pass laws insisting that only their facts are the truth, you know they’re covering up a lie. Many lies.
Count the lies. No 6 million dead in WW2 camps. (Red Cross said around 290,000). No gas chambers. No lampshades made of Jewish skin. Hitler wanted to conquer the world. Muslims did 9/11. There is strength in diversity. We need to bomb Iran, and any other country the Jews hate (which means every country in the world) because all non Jews are potential threats to their worldwide financial hegemony.
The majority of brainwashed Americans believes the Jewish version of all these events. But they’re all lies. The only thing diversity brings is division and senseless violence, exactly what the Jews want to destroy America. This is the situation with most of our history because it has all been twisted and detoxified by Jew editors and publishers.
Yes, yes, I know. Most people simply don’t care. They’re too busy trying to keep their jobs, raise their children and not run afoul of the thought police.
But that doesn’t change the fact that their minds are totally polluted by fake history, and the decisions being made today are based on a hundred years of lies that have been turned into gospel by very rich people who have always sought to rob America and every other country of things like honor, loyalty, and the love of family, friends and tribe.
All that has been deliberately destroyed by the ruthless manipulators who have turned America into a nation of brainless paupers, who have no objection to their sons and daughters being sent around the world to kill people the Jews want dead.
The fool Americans simply don’t realize that they’re going to get the same treatment in the end as all those other Amalek, because we are all Amalek, too.
Truthtellers an endangered species
You can go back a long way and not find anyone in public life who is telling the enire unvarnished truth. Most of those who told the truth throughout history have had their words erased by the Jews, their books burned, their memories blotted out. These were those who preached individual freedom for all. These thoughts are no longer politically correct (which is a euphemism for doing what the Jews tell you to).
In a demented slave state such as ours, the future of slavery is bright.
The Jews have hijacked human destiny by treating everyone else as a commodity to be acquired, duped, controlled, exploited, abused, harvested and discarded. You might add reduced to tears and unnecessarily disfigured to a much longer list of malevolent Jewish effects perpetually defacing the world and everything in it.
To say that the Jews are not really human beings is not completely inaccurate. Their own history in the world betrays them. Their philosophy inscribed in the Talmud describes it. Raping children. Biting babies’ penises. Spitting on Christians. Taking unnatural pleasure in the slaughter of large numbers of people whom they consider cattle. Forcing people from their homes and installing large numbers of savages from far away in nations over which they have no overt control or interest. Behind the scenes, with the help of totally disingenuous media, corrupt courts and politicians made rancid by huge amounts of money, Jews own every inch of this festering scene from a living hell witnessed around the planet.
Recent notable Jewish achievements include funding, assisting and engineering the illegal immigrant invasion of both Europe and the U.S. by the use of NGOs to fund and transfer the migrants in a probably successful attempt to destroy white societies in the Northern Hemisphere.
Bribery, blackmail and murder was the ages-old formula used by the early Roman Catholic church to gain control of all the minds in the Western world. It has been the same formula the Jews have used over the last half millennium to take complete control of civilization, and to capture in either a primary or secondary way nearly 100 percent of the world’s businesses.
Jews pass judgment on every paycheck in the world. They get to block your access to cash if you don’t say the right thing, if you don’t think what they arbitrarily deem is proper thinking. This is the future of humanity: the corralling of the human mind into acceptable and preprogrammed thought processes, which are constantly reinforced by various habit-forming entertainment techniques and medications.
Perhaps the most diabolical aspect yet of the Jewish destabilization template is the sexualizing of preschoolers and first graders by introducing them to homosexuality and other perversions long before puberty. First we thought it was women’s liberation; then we thought it was the legalization of homosexuality. So this invasion of schools and brainwashing of toddlers could be the final nail in the coffin of the nuclear family.
A lifelong method of control
And it gives them a lifelong method of control over the victims of their diabolical sexual indoctrination, which is particularly helpful to their cause. People who become sex addicts at an early age can never hold security clearances because they are always vulnerable to blackmail, which seems to be what the whole Jeffrey Epstein court carnival is all about.
Maybe next they’ll send rabbis into schools to circumcise children without notifying their parents. Right after giving out their flu shots, of course.
Our slave’s future is already firmly installed and operating. Criticize Israel and lose your job. Apply for a loan to tide you over, and get turned down at your local bank. This is Jewish power, the power of our jailer, both in thought and reality.
Human destiny is really only a matter for our dreams. In America today we can either dream about finding a rich Jewish friend who will get us into a good school, find us a good job (and a way to make money on the side, probably from investments), bow down to Israel and profit from the many schemes of fleecing others that will make you rich. Maybe if you work really hard you can metamorphose yourself into a Jeffrey Epstein and hobnob with twisted world figures who determine the fate of the world in between their bouts of cocaine and sex with children.
Or we can see the horror of America drifted away from its honorable principles and turned into the giant monster, which obliterates and defaces every human instinct wherever it finds them, and doesn’t even honestly count the bodies it leaves behind.
And now like good goyim, we are now all corralled into the Jewish supermax prison system known as the Deep State, and dare not say a critical word lest we immediately forfeit all of our meager assets, if not our lives. That’s the plan for our future, and believe me, it’s nothing we could live with.
We don’t need to be killing each other; we need to be serving each other, because we are all part of the same organism, and one day we all will die. Shee-it, get a brain, man!
America is like a giant rubber band stretched around the world, and it’s getting ready to snap.
A government that can’t be trusted, least of all by its own people, leads us into a very regrettable situation, which is that ultimately we simply cannot trust ourselves.
As Benjamin Franklin once warned us — “. . . a Republic, if you can keep it . . .” — it seems we have proven that we’re simply not up to the task of governing ourselves, so what is going on in the world is exactly what we’ve asked for, thanks to the guiding, benevolent hand of the Jews.
Because of the Jews, humans will never be what they were meant to be — guardians of everything that lives. On our present course, if we are to follow the Jews’ prescriptions, we will forever be slaves to ruthless psychopaths whose money is far more important to them than our impoverished lives.

NTS Notes: Again, John definitely hits the "nail on the head" with this one...

I too can see a very abysmal future for all of us unless we are able to fight back and try to get everyone out there to actually realize how these criminal Jews operate.... But again, even with many of us now awakened to the Jewish problem, these criminals are trying now to suppress our efforts by curtailing free speech in itself!

I of course cannot comment on the part in John's essay that takes a shot again at the validity of the Jewish "holocaust" of the second world war.... This is of course due to the ludicrous actions by the previous Pierre Eliot Trudeau government way back in 1974 that passed the most idiotic legislation imaginable that made any research and investigation into the validity of the entire Holocaust by any Canadian to be punishable by jail time... Honestly, the only ones that would be pushing this ludicrous legislation that is now about to be passed or has already been passed in so many nations are those that have something to hide! Truth never needs laws to enforce itself, only LIES do!

And I do agree that rather than control our own destinies, the Jewish pricks are in the process of, or have already in so many aspects, taken that human right away from all of us... Our very futures are now one of destitute and poverty unless people do wake the fuck up and take charge and go after these pricks for  fucking up our world...

And with this being the 50th "anniversary" of that insult to human intelligence, the so called and very fraudulent "moon landings", I see most people are still lacking in common sense and the ability to rationalize how that is indeed just another mind fuck of a fraud concocted on all of us, and is in fact a form of brainwashing and mind control....  I truly had wished that John would have touched on this fraud in this article, but maybe he will in an upcoming one!

More to come



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