When did America lose its way, guts, backbone, focus and . . . forgive me . . . balls? I’m sure our cryptogendered world mates will find this problematic, perhaps egotestical, to be so bold as to suggest that America is waxing impuissant too much, too often and more than ever (and making genital puns to boot). Too bad. Sue me. America sits back again and again and takes the steady stream of abuse from all comers and corners. Look how we tolerated the Russian collusion myth and watched as our system of justice was rerouted and misdirected by a group of traitors who just wanted to derail and reverse the franchise.

That’s right, to reverse the fact that Donald Trump was actually and rightly elected POTUS. Notwithstanding the words of the Oven Mitt Fashionista who’s still arguing that she was robbed while she and her predator husband slash ticket prices to their pathetic road show. Have these people not enough money? Even after the billions that their criminal foundations finagled and stole. Remember that the Russian collusion myth was enabled to justify and explain how HRC lost a rigged election. No other reason. There was never for a solitary minute ever the remotest of possibilities that the government of Russia ever posed or presented a cogent, identifiable threat to our electoral system. Yet the feckless media jumped in full tilt and full throttle. And now that that’s been established they want to subject AG Barr to the most obstructionist of postmortems imaginable. This, fellow patriot, must and will stop.

Let me remind you of this question: Why are we still allowing our southern borders to be breached by invading hordes of criminals and sex and drug traffickers who’ve no intention of assimilating or joining the ranks of duped patriots who still quote Emma Lazarus? Why? That’s the question, friends. That’s the question indeed. Why are the demented Dems advocating the abrogation of all rules of the franchise to accommodate these swarms? I know and so do you the answer to that rhetorical question, viz. to beef up the electoral rolls. That simple. Look, these are the same dastards who seek to invite convicted murderers and rapists into the voter folds.

So what happened? And better, what do we need to do? Simple. America needs to immediately reconsider and remobilize the militia: private citizens who opt and elect to protect what’s theirs and stop asking for permission. That’s right, stop asking for permission. Every time something happens to us we sit back and whimper about our perceived wrong and then do nothing. Just look at what’s happened to passels of conservative voices who’ve been silenced on various social media platforms. What did and does America do? Nothing. When mainstream media news spews lie after lie, what does America do? Nothing. We’ve habituated and been conditioned to inaction. We’ve surrendered and become used to taking it. Well, that all changes now. If you elect to stand up and be counted. Shout!

Where’s the passion of the impassioned? Where’s the conservative counterculture? Even Fox News, the once-proud counterprogramming platform thanks to the genius of Ailes has now been reduced and relegated to reconstituted nothing. If I didn’t know better I’d swear America was cowed by the faux Left ochlocracy. Look, there’s simply no media Right (but plenty of wrong). No counterbalance, no opposite positions represented anywhere. Were it not for citizen and civilian journalists using social media platforms, there’d be absolutely nothing even remotely representing another perspective. And this is critical as the number of lunatic citizens who think CNN’s legit is growing exponentially. No, make no mistake about it, we are at war. A truth war. A data and verity war and we’re losing.

So how does Trump get the word out? Think about it. How? Through Sean Hannity or Rush? Puh-leeze. What are you, living in the 80s? He and we need desperately a Trump media platform that provides a 24/7 access portal to data and truth and information that citizens are not able to attend. Just this past week when the Kabuki dance called the Mueller Investigation finally sputtered to a conclusion, where were the accurate assessments that were available to Americans to review? Who knew what that charade was about? Even Fox News muddled the message with the notorious quisling Judge Nap and of all people, Donna Brazile. Gone are the days when the Left screamed that they weren’t being represented. Remember when they tried to reconstitute and dust off the hoary Fairness Doctrine. My, how times have changed.

Let me also add something that’s never addressed. America needs to review what’s being done to dilute and destroy its history, identity, tradition, customs, values, language, ideology, sensibilities and, yes, religion. America is Judeo-Christian in foundation and while that’s not to imply or suggest that the doors are closed to alternative faith systems, the systematic and systemic overturning of such is contrary to all that is American. The First Amendment encourages and guarantees religious freedom so long as American freedoms are not limited and curtailed by those who seek to replace fundamental American precepts with religious ideologies that seek to subvert and replace. Sharia governments must never replace that of ours. That of what is American.  

The latest iteration of the Left claims vocally to embrace and include diversity and heterogeneity as a righteous goal. Hear! Hear! But let’s not forget one thing: While that’s an admirable goal, the snowflake embrace is contrary to who we are and what we’re about. That simple. That basic.


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