Hanford, Imploding Cities, Derivatives, The NSA And The End Game

That railroad tunnel filled with barrels of leaking radiation was an accident waiting to happen. Eugene Wigner was a mathematician who worked on the Manhattan project. He noted that radiation discomposes metal. That deterioration brought down the tunnel supports at Hanford. The government and the corporate media have said no radiation was released though private citizens to south with monitors had radiation counts as high as 99 cpm.

The Wigner Effect is why we are told that nuclear power plants are supposed to be replaced after 30 to 40 years. The US has 99 nuclear power generators. Their average age is 36 years. About a dozen are near known earthquake fault zones in California and New Madrid, Missouri.  The government and the corporate media have said no radiation was released at the Hanford tunnel collapse. Private citizens to the south with monitors had radiation counts as high as 99 cpm but those high counts have since stabilized at a lower level.

The deterioration of piping at nuclear power plants is a known issue. This has to date not been acted upon even at the planning stage.

The US has an infrastructure debt measured in the trillions. If we do nothing to reverse this deficit, America will cease to function as a developed nation. If America is not to die, we must decommission 99 nuclear power plants over the next several years.

This lack of concern should convince you how little your government cares for you. Neither political party has a plan for the survival of your nation.

They don’t care if there is a Fukushima or two near you.  They don’t care if you get caught in a radioactive rain shower or eat food that glows in the dark.

These are the people who let Wall Street steal $50 trillion from you and will cancel our pensions and cut our wages in half on the Day the Dollar Dies.

There are fewer than 12,000 police officers in Chicago.  There are 150,000 gang members in Cook county according to FBI numbers. President Obama, his political party, most of the corporate press and quite a few Republicans thought it would be a great idea to send out to Mexico, Central America and other parts of the globe to dramatically increase the number of gang members. Border Patrol officers were forced to admit confessed murderers and juvenile members of cop killing gangs to cross our border to join forces with those gangs who are destroying our cities. Chicago is not the most violent city in America even though their homicide rate is 4 times grater than New York’s. Detroit and Baltimore are not as safe as Chicago.

Yet thepoliticians add to the burdens of our cities. Children live in terror. One Chicago girl with good grades has decided to become a mortician. They have a guaranteed future. She lives in a city where our political class are unwilling to protect nine year-olds from being executed in the streets during the best of times. So what will happen to our cities the Day After the Dollar Dies and Food Stamps are cancelled? Washington doesn’t seem to care.

By design we are sitting on hundreds of trillions of dollars in Unpayable Debts. Dr Michael Hudson said Unpayable Debts are never paid. Oh! Does that mean that hundreds of trillions in Unpayable Debts will be canceled either in bankruptcy court or through inflation? Doesn’t that mean we are in for far worse times than the Great Depression when 3 million Americans starved to death.

Donald Rumsfeld admitted on 9-10-2001 to CBS Evening News that he had no way of knowing where $2.3 trillion in Pentagon spending actually went. But he did promise that some day in the future the government would adopt modern accounting procedures. That promise was never kept. Both political parties and the corporate media continue to let those men who own our government rob us by the tens of trillions.

Because everything is done to benefit those who own the government in Washington we cannot repair our infrastructure. We are not allowed to demand the arrest of the men who stole $50 trillion from us. We are not allowed to repair our aging dams and bridges. We cannot decommission aging nuclear reactors. Apparently Washington wants us to experience a few Fukushima style meltdowns.

Do you remember Edward Snowden saying how criminally irresponsible the NSA was? The NSA insisted on opening all those backdoors into our computers while designing advanced tools to hack them. Somehow those tools were released to cyber criminals who have exploited our mandatory backdoors. Some of us believe that elements within the NSA did the Ransomware hack. And they might be trying to take down Bitcoin.

The corporate media has missed the whole point of the story which is the criminally irresponsible behavior of the NSA and the who are allowed to rob the US government. But the media is owned by the same people so they are paid to not report the news.

This government absolutely despises you and wants you dead. Disagree? Watch Dr Seneff.

I have not written for a while. I am preparing for my future. I live in what many would consider to be a small town. At least, it used to be. I might be moving to a more rural location. We need to be making serious preparations. We need to be creating our own sources of food production instead of relying on canned beans and shotguns to see us through a 90 day collapse of the government and the loss of every city in the US. I do expect Nationwide Food Riots.

The coming economic debacle could get a lot more than 10 million Americans killed.

The people who own the government decided to give us an interest bearing currency at a cost of $850 billion a year. They decided we needed a fractional reserve currency so we would have a wild ride on the way up and devastating times on the way down when those loans are cancelled.

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