Is Donald Trump  a bogus Presidential candidate helping Hilary Clinton  win?

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Is Donald Trump  a bogus presidential  candidate who is aiding Hilary Clinton or  has he genuinely lost it, both is a matter of concern for Americans. I can however assure you two things. First, Donald Trump will not win and the second, he needs heavy dosage of medicine for loss of sanity.

by Parul Verma

 Donald Trump’s unshaken  willingness to insult any ostensible ally within the conservative movement, vomit racist remarks, spread irrational ideology with no understanding of American policies, has left GOP leaders dumbfounded. What is more astonishing is how better  experienced with a prospective of a rather functional policies, candidates like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker is usurped by Donald Trump . Trump, as I say is the “ political catalyst who provides illusion of choices”  is engaging in open racism, xenophobia, unethical war mongering statements, dehumanizing anything and everything that do not fit in his  twisted ideology, only to make it  psychologically clear for you , “who you should not vote for?” . If put in the simplest of words, he is giving you the options of “ electing the lesser racist and dysfunctional regime out of the many”. His lunatic statements has become a night in shinning armour for Hilary Clinton, the most controversial candidate for Presidential run.

Why is Donald Trump endorsing Hilary Clinton?

To answer the question, one needs to reflect on the war-mongering decisions made by Hilary Clinton in the past as well as her relationship with Donald Trump. As San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders says, Trump is not really any kind of Republican, and, what’s more, his links to the Clintons are well-documented and close. In 1987, Trump registered as a Republican in New York. But in 1999, he registered with the Independence Party. In 2001, he registered as a Democrat. In 2009 he was back in with the GOP. Hillary Rodham Clinton sat in the front row at Trump’s 2005 wedding with Melania Knauss. According to Politico, Trump has donated more than $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. On August 5, the Washington Post reported that Clinton spoke with Trump in May 2015, about Trump’s political ambitions. Here’s the how the paper characterized the exchange.

“Former president Bill Clinton had a private telephone conversation in late spring with Donald Trump at the same time that the billionaire investor and reality-television star was nearing a decision to run for the White House … Four Trump allies and one Clinton associate familiar with the exchange said that Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party and offered his own views of the political landscape.” (Source : Is Donald Trump running a false flag campaign to help Hilary Clinton by J.K.Trotter).

Defending Hillary’s reputation  and escalating her chances to become the next POTUS is a matter of extreme profitable agenda, considering the amount the selective elite organisations and individuals have invested millions in her presidential campaign. But none can save the day, considering her twisted war mongering and inhumane decisions made in the past. Hillary defended the 1998 cruise missile strike on the El Shifa pharmaceutical plant in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum , thereby destroying the largest producer of cheap medications for treating malaria and tuberculosis . This pharmaceutical plant provided over 60% of available medicine in Sudan, leaving region to flourish with deaths  due to the lack of treatment. The two most defining features of Clinton’s tenures as Senator (2001-2009) and Secretary of State (2009-2013) is crucial to understand the U.S.A government’s “right” to aggressively intervene in foreign countries. In 2006 she agreed to send United Nations troops to Darfur with the support provided by NATO forces. Libyan leader  Muammar Gaddafi claimed it was not committed out of concern for Sudanese people but “…for oil and for the return of colonialism to the African continent.” This is the same leader who was murdered in the aftermath of the 2011 NATO bombing of Libya. The administration knew that removing Gaddafi from power would allow the terrorist organisations to play an active role in Libya to run for the possession of power in the vacuum left behind. And  Libya has indeed become a terrorists safe haven and a failed state, conducive for exporting extremist to the conflict against Assad in Syria. The Pentagon had converted the demography of Iraq into a blooming business opportunity for burgeoning mercenary industry. Clinton turned the State Department into a profitable machine for promoting U.S. business. She did a brilliant job in  aiming to install herself as the government’s highest-ranking business lobbyist.

The announcement of her presidential candidacy raised eyebrows of the general population, considering her scandalous email controversy and merciless aggressive foreign policies have done nothing but forced America to invade a foreign land, sustaining the chaos for profitable reasons. Let’s analyse the graph below.

Graph 1.1 Depicting Hilary Clinton Favourability before Donald Trump announced his Candidacy for President.

Is Donald Trump a bogus Presidential candidate helping Hilary Clinton win?

Clinton’s deflated favourable rating reflects the challenging political environment she has faced recently. Her use of a private server and email account as secretary of state remains an ongoing controversy and has prompted congressional and FBI investigations . Clinton’s sub-40% favourable ratings in 1992 were mostly a product of the public’s lack of familiarity with her, rather than any kind of broad unpopularity. By contrast, her current 41% favourable rating is arguably her worst, given her nearly universal name recognition. Her present rating is about as low as it was in March 2001, during her first few months in office as a U.S. senator from New York. ( Source : Hillary Clinton’s Favourable Rating One of Her Worst by Andrew Dugan and Justin McCarthy )

 Clinton has drowned in the waters of negativity and the only thing that could save her is another candidate, not just drowned but blissfully enjoying the waters of negativity. Trump is her shinning light in the tunnel of less-preferable presidential  candidate. With his open racism, the demagogic appeals, the faux-populist rhetoric, he makes  Hilary sound like a rational candidate with a functional agenda for implementation .

How is Donald Trump endorsing Hilary Clinton?  Why he is making anti-Muslim statements?

Donald Trump is worth 4 billion USD according to Forbes (2015). The real state empire that he has build is not restricted to American geography alone. He has invested around $1 million to $5 million a year in licensing his brand to the Trump Towers Istanbul developments in Turkey. Another $2.5 million licencing his brand to the Trump Hotel and Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan. “Multiple opportunities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,” touted by his daughter Ivanka, who is in charge of acquisitions for him. In May 2015, Ivanka told Hotelier Middle East magazine  that Trump Hotels were looking at “many very compelling deals in each of them”. Trump’s International Golf Club conglomerate is close to completing a 7,205-yard golf course in Dubai, , which is scheduled for completion in 2015. The venue will feature a 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art clubhouse, which Trump wrote on the site “will be the largest of its kind in Dubai.”

What is interesting to note is his million dollar investment in the Muslim dominated countries, the same population that he has proposed  of banning from entering the United States. If you observed, by the way he explicitly boast about his wealth and materialistic possessions ,he would dare not make a move to scar the prospect of his businessmen benefitting billions. But his recent statements around his fantasy of every “Muslim is a bomb carrying human” would bruise his empire on the Muslim dominated geography. Is Donald Trump, a real state mogul , a foolish businessman to begin with? Or he is merely acting as a bogus presidential  candidate, spurring open racism and the faux-populist rhetoric, only to endorse other presidential candidate  (Hilary Clinton ), who definitely looks more civilised and less evil as compared to Trump.

“But it’s something that you’re going to have to strongly consider( dissolution of mosque in America ). Because some of the ideas and some of the hatred – the absolute hatred – is coming from these areas. It’s something that many people – it’s not me –  are considering, and many people are going to do. The hatred is incredible. It’s embedded. It’s embedded. The hatred is beyond belief. The hatred is greater than anybody understands.” -Donald Trump, 2015 on dissolution of the mosques in America.

Trump’s remarks have created an anguish and sense of anxiety in Muslim population in the United States. The interesting notion around his verbatms,is he is unapologetic about it which raises the question of his presidential candidacy. Political statements are designed to gain trust from the voters of each ethnic /cultural/economic strata. In the absence of this basic understanding of the cater-ness of the needs to each voter, either qualifies Donald Trump is the most foolish presidential candidate or his pre-determined strategies to shine others, in the presence of his negativity. His dehumanization of others has actually created an array positive light around other presidential  candidates. His explicit usage of racist remarks has escalated the anticipated votes towards others, specifically Hilary Clinton.

For example, Hilary Clinton on Tuesday condemned Donald Trump’s call to bar Muslims from entering the United States, calling his proposal “shameful” and “dangerous” in a damning statement. “Donald Trump has made a name for himself in this election by trafficking in prejudice and paranoia,” Clinton wrote in a post on her website. “At a time when America should be doing everything we can to fight radical jihadists, Mr. Trump is supplying them with new propaganda. He’s playing right into their hands.”

The statement made by Hilary Clinton, flooded with positive response  from Muslim population and other liberals, on the social network. Trump ,has been proved to be her night in shining armour. The following graph explains the same assertion, as I have been arguing.

Graph 1.2  Depicting Hilary Clinton favourability after Donald Trump announced his Candidacy for President.

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample MoE Clinton (D) Trump (R) Spread
RCP Average 11/15 – 12/6 47.0 43.7 Clinton +3.3
USA Today/Suffolk 12/2 – 12/6 1000 LV 3.0 48 44 Clinton +4
CNN/ORC 11/27 – 12/1 930 RV 3.0 49 46 Clinton +3
Quinnipiac 11/23 – 11/30 1473 RV 2.6 47 41 Clinton +6
MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist 11/15 – 12/2 2360 RV 2.0 52 41 Clinton +11
FOX News 11/16 – 11/19 1016 RV 4.0 41 46 Trump +5
PPP (D) 11/16 – 11/17 1360 RV 2.7 45 44 Clinton +1

All General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Polling Data

Millions have been invested in Hilarity Clinton’s campaign by the elite corporations and individuals who would enjoy the holy grail of profit once she wins. Hillary Clinton’s greatest billionaire backer has been Haim Saban, a dual United States-Israel citizen and hardline supporter of Israel, who has openly commented, “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” When asked in July( 2014) how much he would give to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, he responded, “As much as is needed.” Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, and Kenneth Pollack who lead AIPAC policy front organizations would very likely receive National Security Council and US State Department positions if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

Is Donald Trump  a bogus presidential  candidate who is aiding Hilary Clinton or  has he genuinely lost it, both is a matter of concern for Americans. I can however assure you two things. First, Donald Trump will not win and the second, he needs heavy dosage of medicine for loss of sanity.

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