Disrespecting The American, European And Soviet Dead

Boris Abramovich Berezovsky died recently under mysterious circumstances. He had converted to Orthodox Christianity from Judaism. Forbes said he made 3 billion dollars by controlling state assets under his friend Boris Yeltsin’s presidency. Yeltsin was of Jewish descent. Yeltsin allowed 9 oligarchs and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Harvard Endowment fund and others to loot the former Soviet citizens of 240 billion dollars. By the way, 8 of those 9 oligarchs happened to be Jewish.

Much has been written about the falling out between the Jewish oligarchs  and Vladimir Putin. But most of the assets held by the disgraced oligarchs was turned over to the Rothschilds. But few mention that Berezovsky financed Putin’s political party and met with him five times in the year before his rise to power. Berezovsky might be gone but  the new Russia has considered passing a law that would make it illegal to deny the Holocaust. It is alleged that this disrespects the memory of the dead.

There is talk of the EU collapsing over the euro crisis. I have called the EU Rothschild land. Some have suggested a union between Germany and Russia and their respective client states. Germany already has laws making debate over the Holohoax illegal. They have imprisoned many scholars over the years. Now there is a movement in several nations  to equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism to make it a crime to say it is wrong for Israelis to target Palestinian schools with white hot phosphorous and cluster bombs.

Is defending Palestinian children from war crimes now to become a crime? On many college campuses the Jews want to make criticism of Israel a punishable offense under their hate laws. Legislation on the federal level would make statements about Jews and Israel hate speech. You can imagine what Jewish judges and lawyers would do if anti-Semitism were a hate crime. People outside the United States and Americans who have been asleep for 20 years have to be told how corrupt their courts have become. A Sikh was standing in his front yard wearing a traditional turban. An uneducated racist cop yelled at him thinking the man was an Arab. The Sikh had done nothing. The cop ran into the man’s yard and beat him with a club. The Sikh put up his arms to deflect the blows from his head and shoulders. The cop arrested him for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. The court convicted the Sikh. That is routine in America. We have Jewish courts which already make life difficult enough for Gentiles so we do not need a hate law to make criticism of Israel and the Holohoax illegal.

But more importantly we need to properly respect the American dead. Where is the memorial to the millions of Americans who died of starvation in the Great Depression? Boris Borisov, the Russian demographer, has estimated between 3 and 7 million Americans died from starvation during those terrible years. America had poor record keeping at that time so a more exact figure is not possible.

I would like to see one congressman or Senator with the courage to erect a monument dedicated to the memory of the millions of Americans who died from starvation because the Federal Reserve bank was too busy confiscating our wealth and giving it to billionaires to do anything for us.

Is it not a matter of disrespecting our dead if we forget those who died at the hands of greedy bankers? Do we not disrespect the dead if we forget our countrymen who died in WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, in the War on Terror and on 911? Israel did 911. We fought WW I and WW II to benefit the Jewish dictatorship of the Soviet Union and to create a Jewish state in Israel. Are we to forget the 58 million who died in WW II after the Japanese Emperor was refused the right to surrender in 1936 and the German military was denied surrender terms in March of 1939?

Meanwhile in Russia there does not seem to be proper respect given to the millions of people killed by the Jews. Recently an article In Israel talked of Stalin’s Jews who killed at least 25 million Gentiles. The author said students can graduate from high school on Israel without ever hearing the names of Yagoda and Kaganovich. The men who killed tens of millions of non-Jews. They also killed 10 million in the Ukraine.

Now the Jews want to make it illegal for Russians to discuss the Holohoax and would like to apply that law to protect Israel from criticism for its war crimes as well.

Hate laws are designed to allow Jewish people to commit war crimes so they can Be Jewish and get away with it.

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