De-Judification: The Process By Which We Will Survive The Jewish Century.

People must learn how the Jews seized power so that Jewish Power over Gentiles can first be undone and then made to cease until the End of Time.

For purposes of convenience I will date The Jewish Century as having started in 1914 with World War I. Evidence of His Majesty’s Jewish government to get America into WW I surfaced in 1904 when the Admiralty required new ships like the Lusitania to have cargo space for munitions. It was sunk on May 7, 1915 11 miles off the coast of Ireland by just one torpedo.  4,200,000 rounds of rifle cartridges and other munitions caused an enormous secondary explosion. Despite having a double hull, 1198 of the ship’s 1,959 passengers and crew died. Only 6 of 48 lifeboats could be launched. The Lusitania was listed as an auxiliary class cruiser. The German Embassy had placed an ad warning  passengers not to board the ship. 128 of the 139 Americans on board the Lusitania died.

There was another incident which exemplified the push by Her Majesty’s government both to make the war last longer and to get the Americans involved. Herbert Hoover had been an American mining engineer in Australia when he became a Rothschild business partner through his interests in Rio Tinto Zinc corporation. Herbert Hoover ran the Belgian War Relief effort. They supposedly were collecting donations to help the widows and orphans of Belgium.

Edith Cavell was a British nurse in Belgium. She saw that the Belgian War Relief was a fraud. What Hoover did was to load trains with food and send them to the Germans so their men could continue to kill and main allied soldiers. Nurse Cavell wrote a letter denouncing the Belgian War Relief which appeared in the April 15, 1915 issue of the Nursing Mirror. She did not know the Allies had also continued trade with Germany through Sweden and other neutral nations to prolong the war.

Sir William Wiseman who worked at the Rothschild owned Kuhn Loeb Investment Bank was head of British Intelligence for North America. When he heard of Edith Cavell’s letter to her nursing magazine, he ordered the Germans who had captured her to shoot her.

In 1912 the head of the Reform Rabbi association in America had switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat when he had learned that Israel was to be liberated by the coming World War. He was an early Woodrow Wilson supporter.

Thomas W Lamont was a J P Morgan business partner. Morgan himself was part of the Rothschild network which included the Harrimans and the Rockefellers. Lamont told businessmen at public meetings as early as  1915 that it was in American interests that World War I be made to last long enough for her European Allies to go bankrupt. At first the Europeans would have to sell their American bonds and shares to finance the war. The war would be so expensive that it would require the Allies to seek American loans. The Europeans would become American debt slaves if enough men were willing to die in battle.

Currently, the same procedure is occurring but with Asian Financiers becoming the kings and the Americans and Europeans serving as Debt Slaves.

To make sure WW I lasted longer a plan was devised to force the Russians out. Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) was sent with $20 million in Jacob Schiff’s gold together with Jewish radicals from New York. Their ship which had been chartered by the Warburgs and Schiff was stopped by the British at Halifax, Canada on April 3, 1917. Sir William Wiseman and Colonel House pressured the British admiralty into releasing the Communists and their gold. The British military knew the Jewish revolutionaries would attack their ally the Czar and take them out of the war. This would make the war last longer and kill more men. Wilson’s adviser Colonel House threatened the British saying that America would refuse to enter the war unless the radicals, their gold and their ship were released. Funds from other Rothschild and Warburg sources were sent to Lenin.

And thus the Jewish Century began. The Jews led by the Rothschilds did get the war to last long enough to overthrow the Russian Czar so they could set up a Soviet dictatorship that killed 60 million plus Gentiles. And have a Jewish colony in Palestine protected by Britain.

The Balfour Declaration had promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine on what was then Turkish occupied lands. The Faisal-Weizmann Agreement dividing up the conquered territory was signed on January 3, 1919 by Emir Feisal, son of the King of Hejaz, and Chaim Weizmann who later became head of the World Zionist Organization and did head the Zionist contingent at the Paris Peace talks ending WW I. Weizmann noted that Feisal shared his contempt for the Palestinians.

The House of Saud was put on the throne by the British in exchange for their acceptance of a Palestine mandate which was to become a home for the Jews. The Sauds were converts to Islam from Judaism as was the founder of the Wahhabi sect, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab.

The Donmeh sect of Islam were Jews who followed rabbi Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676). Zevi taught his followers to invoke the wrath of God to hasten the days of the End of the (Gentile) Age. He told them to commit incest and even that daughters should conceive babies  by their fathers. Almost half the Jews of Europe had accepted him as the Jewish Messiah. Half of the European Jews did accepted the satanist rabbi Jacob Frank (1726-1791) as their Messiah.

The followers of Sabbatai Zevi converted to his Donmeh sect of Islam. Mehmet Talat, the official who carried out the genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians for the Turks in 1915, was a Donmeh Jew from Salonika. And when it came time to create a secular state in Turkey the Jews from the Donmeh sect were there with help from the Rothschilds and the European Freemasons.

Today the House of Saud, the Turks and Israel are the primary backers together with the US and Great Britain of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The Rothschilds took over the Bank of England and subsequently the British government after the end of the Napoleonic wars in 1815. The Rothschilds took over America by creating the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service in 1913.

The first day of the meetings to write the draft for the Federal Reserve Act actually occurred in a private railway car on the evening of November 22, 1910. The Jews took over America’s banking and monetary system and the country in 1913 when the best Congress money can buy passed the Federal Reserve Act. Not all coups involve tanks in the streets. It was no coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 which was the 53rd anniversary of Israel’s earlier coup. President Kennedy had dared to attempt to take America back from the Jews which was and is a capital offense under Judaism Incorporated’s laws.

Mordecai Vanunu told us that David Ben Gurion ordered JFK’s assassination because Kennedy had objected to Israel’s development of nuclear weapons. There was also the matter of the Vietnam war. That war could have ended in 1968 or not have happened at all if the Jews had not been allowed to kill the American President. But the Jews needed the war to last until 1975 to demoralize American youths so they would succumb to the drug trade.

The Jews had owned 90% of the ships in the African slave trade and profited immensely from it. British Gentiles banned slavery on their soil and then internationally in their colonies. The Jews planned ahead and had begun the Opium trade to replace slavery with even more profitable drug dealing. The Bankers persuaded Her Majesty’s Jewish Government to fight two Opium Wars (1839-1842-and 1856-1860) against China because it was good for business. Today the Too Big To Jail Banks launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. They also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes.  It is through bribery, Opium and other drugs that the Jews are able to corrupt governments and to wield so much power in conquered nations like America.

It is no accident that the United States and Great Britain have had so many pedophile scandals. The Jews want no honest and decent men and women to get anywhere near the centers of power. The American CIA was trained by the British MI-6 which grew out of the British East India Company’s private spy service protecting the Opium trade. Today the CIA flies drugs into the USA by the plane load. They also fly kidnapped American children out of the country to be sold as sex slaves. Those are one way trips. None of the 300,000 women and children kidnapped by mostly Jewish crime organizations are ever released.

Catherine Austin Fitts said that Wall Street had stolen $40 trillion from American taxpayers and would continue to steal tens of trillions of dollars more.

The Talmud summed up the legal position of modern taxpayers in this statement: Robbery of a Gentile by a Jew is permitted ‘when they are under our rule’.

To undo Jewish rule I would suggest the following:

1) End Jewish corruption. Arrest the men who stole tens of trillions of dollars. Seize their assets. Legalize drugs. Arrest everyone who is involved in sex trafficking. That can be done as their money goes through banks which can be regulated by Gentiles.

All of this can easily be accomplished if the Gentiles who serve in the military decided that they do not want another Jewish war. The US military has refused orders from Bush and from Obama because they would have launched WW III. And yet Wall Street continues to seek war. The Bankers are sowing the seeds of their destruction by asking our military get themselves killed.

2) We should issue currencies as a public utility which bear no interest. Lincoln’s Greenbacks and Britain’s Bradbury pound were non-interest bearing. And they were Debt Free. Under our present Jewish banking rules, Bankers are allowed to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. It is designed to create mountains of Unpayable Debts.

Fund Debt Cancellation by using seized assets.  Ban fractional reserve banking. Allowing a Banker to loan out ten dollars for every dollar on deposit creates cycles of Booms and Busts . Men with Inside knowledge are allowed to capitalize on market fluctuations. Our present system is designed to transfer all wealth from us to Wall Street and to the City of London. It was also designed to reduce us to Debt Slaves.

I would note that 21,000 wealthy Chinese people have $4 trillion stashed in Caribbean banks. Poor Asians are becoming the Debt Slaves of the Uber Rich Asian families. If the American military were to seize all those bank assets from offshore banks, the Chinese people would gratefully use those trillions to fund Debt Cancellation and end this worldwide Depression on their end of the line.

Remember, a Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. Only Debt Cancellation can end a Depression. And any global Depression will require worldwide Debt Cancellation which must include Africans, Asians and Latin Americans.

3) It is not just Banker’s assets that need to be seized but also the Foundations and the corporate media who were their co-conspirators. They aided and abetted treason by covering up 911 and the assassination of President Kennedy. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a war crime. It could not have been accomplished without the press’s consent and active participation.

Education does not currently include telling the truth about those who exploit humanity. How many children know that Jews owned the distilleries that made the rum which was traded for Africans? And fewer still know that many Jewish traders sold liquor and rifles to Indians who would kill white settlers. How many times have you seen a reference to the Holohoax in public debates or in films or school lectures?

Have you ever heard a public school teacher ask any of the following questions: How is it possible that cyanide gas kills a room full of Jews but not harm in any way the Jewish witness who opened the door, walked in without gloves or a mask and began pulling out dead bodies? Why was it that the American pathologist Dr Charles Larson who had been sent to determine the causes of death in the camps said that not one person had died of cyanide poisoning? And why did the World Almanac say that worldwide there were 800,000 more Jews alive in 1950 than in 1940? Education will take several generations to accomplish.

But one day, if we survive, we will have a world full of Gentiles who will be born free of Jewish rules and rulers.

The reference to the Talmud approving the robbing of Gentiles came from this article:

Israel Shahak: The Laws Against Non-Jews In 2 Minutes

As references for the war against America by Israel, I would suggest either one or both of the following articles:

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World

I would like to suggest the following as background:

How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

The Chicago Plan of 1933 was also called 100% money. It is the basis of all monetary reform. Please consider this:

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.

Finally, as a resource for future reference you might want to look at this and save it:

Quotes About Jews You Will Never Hear In Schools

Jewish ways are not our ways. Jewish thoughts are not our thoughts.

The Twelve Steps Of Gentiles Anonymous

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