Charlie Hebdo: A Convoluted World


The 40 world heads of states, who on a short notice dropped the affairs of their own nations and traveled to Paris to lead the protesters, epitomize the ultimate hypocrisy. One may question: are they here to support freedom of speech, or to protest the murder of people? If they are here to support freedom of speech we should remember that every one of them is actually waging his own war against his local journalists. If you pick any one of them and scrutinize the behaviors and policies of his government you would discover that they are the ultimate oppressors of free press and freedom of speech.



By Dr. Elias Akleh         

Charlie Hebdo Magazine tragedy and its consequential events are the perfect example of how convoluted our world is. Seventeen people were murdered in the attack including reporters, two police officers and a visitor. On Sunday; Jan. 11, two days later about four million people; the largest demonstration in French history, rallied across France carrying “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) banners protesting the terror attack. In Paris 40 world heads of states led a march of about one million protesters.

Watching the mass rallies on the TV I could not but marvel how much power the mass media has, being able in short time to create such social hysteria by its mass hypnotic broadcast robbing people of their logical thinking. This does not intend to belittle or to discredit the genuine feelings the marchers have, but to point out how easily these humanitarian sentiments could be manipulated by pictures and words broadcasted on a TV screen.

 Reading the banners “Je Suis Charlie” the marchers were carrying I wonder if they are really aware of what they are supporting.

Charlie Hebdo Magazine made its name insulting billions of people around the globe with its demeaning vulgar and obscene caricatures of Christian as well as Muslim religious figures but spared Jewish religious figures; a typical pro-Zionist approach.

 When the previous magazine cartoonist Maurice Sinet wrote a column, in July 2008, about Sarkozy’s 22 years old son marrying the Jewish heiress of an electronic goods chain, the magazine’s editor; Philippe Val, fired him. Val’s decision to fire Sine “was backed by a group of eminent intellectuals, including the philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy”; a Jew, as reported by the Telegraph magazine. Sine went on trial in a Lyon court on charges of anti-Semitism. The plaintiff was the so-called anti-racism and anti-Semitism group; Licra. I wonder why the French masses didn’t march in the streets of Paris carrying “Je Suis Maurice” protecting Sine’s freedom of speech. What a convoluted magazine!

French are so hypocrite or maybe so delusional. They claim they defend free speech when some of their laws and their government’s policies are against free speech. Any criticism of Jews and Israel, even if substantiated by proven facts and solid science, is considered hate speech and anti-Semitism, (Jews are not the only Semitic people), and is punishable by French law. Any critical historical study of the Holocaust (a historical event) that cast suspicion on, or question the validity of its narrative is considered a crime punishable by French law with imprisonment and fines. Let us not forget that France is the ONLY country that banned pro-Palestine demonstrations.

 A Convoluted World

While the French President; Francois Hollande, called the slain cartoonists “greatly talented cartoonists, courageous journalists, and heroes who defended freedom of expression”, the French comedian Dieudonne M”bala M”bala, who posted on his Facebook “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly” was investigated by Paris prosecutor’s office on January 12th, and was arrested on Wednesday January 14th for exercising his own freedom of speech. In the past the French government has banned his shows considering them anti-Semitic.  What a convoluted country!

The concept of free press and freedom of speech has been so much abused and used loosely to mean that one can say whatever one wants regardless of content as long as he has governmental approval. Freedom of speech carries so much responsibility and maturity to say what you want in a respectful mature constructive manner, not just insulting, demeaning, obscene and pornographic garbage. It carries heavy consequences. If you keep insulting and demeaning the core value of a group of people you would, definitely, end up at the receiving end of consequential possible aggressive reactions by some members of that group. Let us remember that George Bush went to many wars across the globe claiming that the other side “hate our freedom”; an American core value.

 The four million French citizens, who rallied in the streets, seem to be, unwittingly, defending the freedom of demeaning, insulting, and hateful speech. What a convoluted nation!

 A Convoluted World

The 40 world heads of states, who on a short notice dropped the affairs of their own nations and travelled to Paris to lead the protesters, epitomize the ultimate hypocrisy. One may question: are they here to support freedom of speech, or to protest the murder of people? If they are here to support freedom of speech we should remember that every one of them is actually waging his own war against his local journalists. If you pick any one of them and scrutinize the behaviors and policies of his government you would discover that they are the ultimate oppressors of free press and freedom of speech.

For my own freedom of speech I will pick the Israeli Prime Minister; Benjamin Netanyahu, as an example. Netanyahu’s government is in constant confrontations against Palestinian journalists (herehere, and here) and against Palestinian freedom of speech. Many Palestinian journalists are imprisoned. Others have been routinely targeted by the Israeli soldiers smashing their cameras so they wouldn’t be able to expose Israeli terrorism. During the Israeli assaults against the Gaza Strip journalists were deliberately shot by snipers, and their media centers were targeted by Israeli fighter planes and artilleries (here, here, and here). Palestinian civilians protesting the theft of their land and the erection of the apartheid wall are harshly targeted and bombarded with rubber-coated bullets and gas projectiles (hereherehere, and here). The rest of the heads of states are not better than Netanyahu.

The fact that 15 European countries; France, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Poland, having instated laws to imprison any person, who exercises his freedom of speech and criticizes Israel or question the Holocaust, speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of their leaders. What convoluted countries!

If the leaders went to Paris to protest the terror attack then I would question why they didn’t do the same against even more heinous terror attacks against Muslims, Arabs, and especially Palestinians. Why didn’t they lead protests in Gaza Strip when Israeli state-sponsored terrorist army used the latest and most devastating American weapons to destroy whole civilian neighborhoods and to murder besieged impoverished and defenseless population? Where were they when terrorists destroyed most of Syria murdering thousands of innocent civilians and creating refugee crisis? Where were they when terrorists bomb market places, restaurants, government buildings and even schools in countries like Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries? Where were they when dictatorial governments oppress and persecute citizens in countries like Yemen, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia? It seems that the only thing they do in this arena is to create, finance, arm and train terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, the Free Syrian Army, ISIS, and other small terrorist groups to spread havoc in the Middle East. What convoluted heads of states!

The world mass media outlets went on a frenzy propaganda trip never taken before reporting and analyzing the terror attack with outrageous Islamophobic flavor and generalizations, they had never report previously about any other terrorist attack in the past. Large printed titles such as “Attack on Freedom” (The Times), “War on Freedom” (The Daily Telegraph), “An Assault on Democracy” (The Guardian), had filled up the front pages of many papers camouflaging as freedom of press the insulting, demeaning and obscene character of Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures as “controversial” rather than what they really are; racial hate crime. The worst titles came from the Zionist owned and pro-Israeli papers. The pro-Zionist The Telegraph used the title “The Islamists Want WarThe Daily Express owned by Jewish Richard Desmond wrote “Britain on red alert as Jihadis shoot 12 dead in Paris”, and Murdoch’s owned The Sun wrote “This evil in the name of Islam must stop!”. Television broadcasters and their propagandizing so-called authority on terrorism, terrorism consultants and/or terrorism analysts have been using “Jihadis”“Islamic”, and “rise of radical Islam” adjectives to describe almost all terror attacks, but never use “Christian” or “Jewish” adjectives to describe Christian Western state-sponsored terror attacks on Muslim countries, or Jewish Israeli terror attacks on Palestinian civilians. This media madness is taking billions of Muslims in the guilt of yet-alleged few extremist Muslim perpetrators. This Islamophobic trend is the core of what has been called “clash of civilizations”; created and propagated by Zionists to bet Christians against Muslims while they profit from the resulting wars “let goyim kill goyim”. What convoluted mass media!

Due to their oppressive colonial history in Muslim North African countries, the French, in general, disdain and look down on their Muslim minority, who is discriminated against, socially deprived, and denied equal growth opportunities. Some French laws and regulations have targeted Muslims specifically, such as the ban on women head dress in all public buildings including schools. Muslim communities are isolated in the cheaper mostly neglected neighborhoods of French cities. Much like the American black minorities in the USA, French Muslim youths are routinely targeted and abused by French police as can be obviously seen in the 1961 French police massacre of hundreds of Algerians, and throwing their bodies into the Seine. Such targeting had led to violent riots in 2005 for three weeks in 300 French towns leading to a state of emergency. A second riot erupted in 2006 when Xavier Lemoine, the mayor of Montfermeil with large Muslim community, introduced a law banning teen agers gathering in groups of more than three. A third riot took place in July 2010 when a French police officer shot dead a Muslim man in front of his home.

A nation with such anti-Islamic history and sentiments would readily believe that Muslim terrorists had perpetrated the Charlie Hebdo attack or any other terrorist attack for that matter. Within the last week, at least about 54 anti-Muslim attacks across France have been reported. In his speech, Thursday 15th, at the Arab World Institute in Paris, French President Francois Hollande stated that France’s millions of Muslims should be protected and respected. “Anti-Muslim acts, like anti-Semitism, should not just be denounced but severely punished” he stated. Claiming that Muslims are the main victims of Islamic extremists he said “in the face of terrorism, we are all united.” What a convoluted President!

The official narrative of the terrorist attack does not really match the event, is full of suspicious gabs, and provokes so many questions suggesting a false flag operationThe video of the attack and the killing of the wounded police officer, in itself, speaks volumes about the nature of the attack. The street in the video is totally different from the real narrower street where the magazine is located. The presence of the photographer at a location where he could take clear professional high definition video and clear recording from a far distance of one of the assailants claiming revenge for Prophet Muhammad is a very suspicious convenience. The execution of the alleged wounded Muslim police officer is clearly staged since the bullet of the AK47 weapon would have blasted his head into bloody pieces, yet no blood was spluttered. While the video clearly shows that there were ONLY two terrorists and no driver, the official story indicated that there was a driver, who had given himself up to the police. And then there is the silly police claim that the terrorists had left their ID cards in the getaway car, which French terror expert; Gaston Grenouille, had doubted very much that those highly-professional special-forces-type terrorist would just accidentally do that. This reminds me of the miraculous discovery of the passport belonging to the 911 terrorist among the tons of burned debris. Then there is the reported alleged suicide of the deputy director of the regional judicial police in Limoges; Helric Fredow, in charge of the investigation while he was writing his report alone at night. One wonders what had he discovered. What a convoluted police work!

The Charlie Hebdo Magazine started its anti-Islamic campaign in 2000, and started its vulgar caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in 2011. One would ask what made extremist Muslims wait until 2015 to attack the magazine. What is the significance of timing? Does it have to do with the fact that France has asserted an independent foreign policy abandoning the Western coalition; US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Israel, in their wars in the Middle East and dangerous confrontation against Russia? Or was it the fact that France has recently supported the Palestinian cause at the UN Security Council, has criticized the Israeli occupation and the on-going illegal settlements, and many of its intellectuals and academics had joined the BDS movement against Israel? All these seem to have caused a panic among Israeli officials, who feared that the European political positions, led by France, might turn against Israeli occupation in favor of Palestinian statehood. This fear had, lately, prompted an Israeli media campaign and state discourse against what they termed “Islamic extremism”in Europe that had led to some anti-Islamic protests such as that in Germany.

It is worth mentioning here that Jimmy Carter had blamed the Paris attack on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This blame was reinforced by Turkish President; Tayyip Erdogan, and other Turkish officials such as Melih Gokcek, the mayor of Ankara, blaming France and the Israeli Mossad behind the attack to boost enmity against Islam.

While still in shock, angry and emotional the French Parliament had approved on January 12th with almost unanimity (only one rational abstention) the budget for France’s continuous and enlarged involvement in the alleged Western Coalition war against Islamic terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Immediately, without any delay or time for reconsideration, France deployed its aircraft carriers, including the nuclear-powered French flagship Charles de Gaulle and troops to Iraq ostensibly to attack ISIS.

Zionist Israelis have a history of false flag terrorist attacks in many countries, even against fellow Jews, to encourage Jews to immigrate to occupied Palestine (Israel), to gain sympathy for their occupation of Palestine, and to push Western Christian government to wage crusading wars, as George Bush described them, against Israel’s enemies; Arab and Muslim World in the Middle East, as we have seen in the terrorist attacks of 911 in the US and the 7/7/2005 London bombing. It seems that the Paris terrorist attack carry the same finger prints. What a convoluted Zionist ideology!

Amazingly, and sadly, this is the convoluted world that we live in.

Intifada (Voice of Palestine)

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