The Banking Elite Are Cannibalizing Greece and the World


When I read a tweet by Kathimerini reporter Yannis Palaiologos recalling an incident where former U.S. Ambassador to Greece David Pearce threatened the former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras about exiting the Eurozone, I knew I had to write this report. According to the reporter’s message, Alexis Papahelas, the Executive Editor of Kathimerini, related a story from the eve of the referendum when Pearce told Tsipras that in the event of a Greek exit from the Eurozone. But the real threat to Greece is not Turkey or some invader from the east. Greece’s enemies come from the other direction.

So, the overflights of Hellenic Air Force F-16s at Crete holidays and the constant Greece-Turkey sword rattling propaganda on Greek TV have a greater purpose, let me assure you all. What most people do not realize, is how NATO and veiled threats play into just about every policy discussion in Eastern Europe. But the Greece story is perhaps the most poignant one because of the suffering of these people. You see, U.S. Ambassadors here, they are more like CIA paper pushers than hand selected diplomatic emissaries to our friendly Greek partners. But that’s another story. Today, I want to call your attention to the ones who stand behind ambassadors, and I don’t mean President Trump.

Most readers will recall how the breakup of the Soviet Union led to a pirating of Russia’s most successful businesses, and a privatization mafia that almost destroyed the country during the Yeltsin years. What some will not be aware of is the broader privatization piracy that is still going on throughout eastern and southern Europe. In the Russia version of liberal world order domination, the name Rothschild has come to the forefront many times. Rusian President Vladimir Putin has been quoted as having made this statement about the economic war being waged against his country:

“We used to behave naively, but now we see that the WTO [the World Trade Organization] rules are all too often broken, the restrictions are imposed for political reasons, which they call sanctions. Plus more and more of them are imposed to secure its favorite competitive advantages.”

In many of my previous reports, I’ve discussed the role of the Rothschild bankers in the anti-Russia policies. And I am not the only one reporting that family’s leading role in the designed economic crises gripping much of the world. I may, however, be the only investigator who is making more concrete the connections in between Rothschild and direct pirating of nations via privatization. And this is where Greece comes in.

After reading Yannis Palaiologos’ tweet I starting searching for the financial ties that bind the actions of PM Tsipras, to the current piracy going on where the Greek people’s heritage is concerned. A recent investigation over the Greek government’s attempts to privatize Minoan Palaces and other historic treasures came to mind, and then I ran across an Excel spreadsheet from Lazard Asset Management. For those who are unaware, these guys are the advisors Alexis Tsipras engaged to “help” Greece with privatizations. I could go deep into the role this company plays in selling off Greece’s wealth, but this Institutional Investor story with the CEO of the firm, Ken Jacobs will tell you more than an expose. This story does not use the term “opportunists,” but Jacobs’ firm is the ultimate tool for the Frankfurt, Benelux, and London interests to spirit off with Greek wealth. Take, for instance, the Danaos Corporation debt restructuring where Greece’s biggest container ship company issued new stock and turned over 47.5% of the company to creditors. Lazard’s clients in this one were the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSH Nordbank (Hamburg), Piraeus Bank, and Aegean Baltic Bank (See Chenavari Financial Group Limited in the UK). Rothschild advised investors on this deal as well (Annual Report 2018).

There’s Jacobs’ company’s involvement in the sale of the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, banks being purchased and recapitalized, and a score of other deals Lazard has been part of. The most intriguing (surprising) one I found via their documents is the takeover of Greece’s national lottery OPAP by a firm called Emma Delta.Yes, you read correctly, the Greek people do not even profit substantially from their own lottery system. They just pay and pay, and then pay some more for crooked bankers and politicians running game on Europe. Germans pay for failed banks that caused Greek banks and loans to fail, and the Greeks and Spainyards foot the bill for the same. The public, from America to Japan, absorb the risk. But let’s continue.

The toxic assets business is dominated by three players Lazard, Rothschild and Houlihan Lokey. It seems obvious to me that Rothschild is probably running the whole show through offshore shell companies and etc. This brings me to the strange privateering of a Czech businessman named Jiří Šmejc, a minion of billionaire Petr Kellner, who is a friend of Rothschild as well. Kellner, who had bad dealings through his company PPFI with Russia’s Oleg Deripaska over an attempt to privateer in Russia. All this money business loops in big names like Lord Browne, Nat Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, and even the Italians. To say the whole sorted mess stinks to high heavens is an understatement. Bad blood has been created, millions of people have suffered, and the piracy continues. The whole lot give pirates a bad name, just to be clear. Captain Kidd or Jean Laffitte would certainly have made most of these banksters walk the plank for their excessive greed and obtuseness toward common folk.

Lazard’s boss man is on the board of trustees of the Brookings Institution think tank which develops policy for Washington globalists, as well as a member of the Steering Committee of the infamous Bilderberg Group. The connection to the Rothschild bankers is rock solid with former Lazard chairman and past CEO of Rothschild North America, Gerald Rosenfeld still serving as an advisor to both Rothschild and Lazard. I leave you with a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) which shows the top “dealmakers” in mergers and acquisitions in the world, and in Europe. When you look at the thousands of deals being made under the advisory of these pirates, I hope you do not get as sick to your stomach as I do. For the people of Greece, I can only feel admiration for their patience and fortitude. Americans put under the same conditions, would have already turned to cannibalism.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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