Banker Occupied Governments Reduced To Desperate Measures.

Robert Mundell is the father of the euro. When he taught at the University of Chicago, he told his students that the euro was never intended to actually work. Its purpose was to fail, impoverish the people of Europe and force them to accept a dictatorship from the unelected European Commission. This is according to Greg Palast of the BBC who attended the University of Chicago.

On the American front the history of America’s occupation in the modern era began in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed and the Internal Revenue Service was created. The bankers obviously assassinated President Kennedy. They decided to kill him on the 53rd anniversary of their first meeting held to draft the legislation  for the Federal Reserve Act. Bankers like to flaunt their power. There is a reason for that. It changes the society which has to adjust to the fact that the bankers have the right to kill us for committing the crimes of excessive courage, honesty and integrity.

Even before the assassination of Kennedy I knew we would experience a rapidly growing National Security State.  Our bankers are allowed to create our money as a loan at interest to transfer all wealth from us to them. We had lost more than 3 million Americans to starvation in the Last Great Depression.

Try looking at the world from the point of view of the Trilateral Commission which is a Rothschild-Rockefeller operation. They issued a paper in 1975 called The Crisis in Democracy On The Governability Of Democracies. The bankers concluded that we suffer from excessive democracy. Really? I see no evidence of democracy. Are there any politicians who listen to voters on all those wars, Bailouts, Austerity cuts and tax increases? Americans now consume meat that is not inspected for disease. One of the men who wrote that original paper also took up the idea of the Clash of Civilizations and the War on Terror. This clash is between Banker Occupied Governments and Muslims who do not like usury, bank fraud, unemployment, Quantitative Easing, colonialism and Zionism.

Ehud Barak who had been Prime Minister when Israel was planning the controlled demolitions of World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 was in London on 911. He had a script for the future of all NATO countries.  He said we were to wage a War on Terror. We then were told that this war was to be waged for the next 100 years. But America, Great Britain and Europe will be bankrupt long before we reach the 12th anniversary of 911.

We are very close to an economic collapse in Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, America and a hundred other countries. Does anyone believe that America would be willing to sacrifice ten million people to die by starvation to show their love for the bankers? Does anyone believe that two million Americans of Hispanic descent will willingly starve to death rather than be accused of being disrespectful to our ruling Lords of Wall Street? Does anyone believe black Americans will sacrifice two million of their people? Does anyone believe that five million white Americans who have over 300 million guns will willingly die of starvation?

Things are getting worse in the EU. A coroner in a small county in Ireland had five coroner’s juries return verdicts in one day. All five were suicides of young men ranging in age from 16 to 30. Some do violence to themselves but others will do violence against their oppressors.

Bill Holter of Miles Franklin recently wrote a short piece at Silver Doctors saying that the COMEX will default on its silver and gold contracts. The bankers sold tons of paper gold and silver they cannot deliver. They did drive down the price and even piled on by raising margin requirements. This was an act of desperation.

Mario Draghi, the former Goldman Sachs VP and current head of the European Central Bank said that Cyprus was not done right. They took the deposit money of politically unconnected while allowing the favored few to get their money out and get into something better than a euro.  Draghi says they needed a Structural Mechanism to do abetter job at what I have called Quantitative Looting and the media is calling a Bail-in. Angela Merkel is being advised by Five Wise Men who recommended a Bail-in which would take the Cyprus model, refine it and take it all the way across the Eurozone. Specifically they are talking about a wealth tax. Their idea is that if the Too Big To Jail Banks go under, we will allow the people who own the government to loot our bank accounts and to levy a one time tax on our homes. The latter is thought to be a good idea because homes are easy for tax collectors to find. These policies are being discussed prior to the German elections. Italy might have to go for a second round of parliamentary elections. I do not think voters in either Iraly or Germany are going to like these ideas. Maybe that is why the Trilateral Commission thinks we suffer from Excessive Democracy and Obama is buying 30,000 drones, 2 billion bullets and 2,700 tanks to terrorize the taxpayers.

People are going to get angry. It is time we ask our friends this: Why bankers cannot go to jail. Tell them the answer is that an Occupying Power is exempt from the laws of Occupied nations like America, the EU and the UK.

So let’s look at the bankers’ possible exit strategies. All of these exit strategies involve your impoverishment and enslavement to be followed by your death.

The bankers got out of the last Depression by starting World War II  after the German military and the Japanese Emperor had tried to surrender.

Vladimir Putin is not my favorite man on the scene. He could do a lot more to defend Syria and Iran. But at least he is an adult. He will not allow this hype over Korea, Syria and Iran to go nuclear. And as I have been saying for more than five years, there will be no attack on Iran. That would be suicidal. The professional soldiers in the US and in Israel have said No.

So what is left?

Recently the police in Colorado were told by federal officials that they would have to go door to door taking guns away from Christians and Catholics. That is insane and will only happen if the bankers decide to destroy America by starting a civil war.  They want to kill both sides. That is one form of population reduction. As Zbigniew Brzezinski said, “It is easier to kill a million people than to control them. They will need to kill us off in large numbers while impoverishing us.

I think they know earth changes are coming anyway and will add a series of plagues into the mix. The New Madrid and California earthquake zones are long overdue. There is also a problem in the Indo-Australian tectonic plate so there is an increased risk of volcanoes and earthquakes in the Pacific Ring of Fire area. Do not forget that the Pacific Ocean has become toxic due to Fukushima.

They do not have much time left before their banks collapse so we should expect a major event within weeks or at most two or three months.

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