Babel & Hollywood – Jay Dyer on Canary Cry

Jay Dyer on Canary Cry Radio. THE SKRIPTURES SAY THERE IS A TIME TO WEEP, AND A TIME TO LAUGH! This is a highly accurate description of what it’s like for those who expose the esoteric deception that is rampant in entertainment media on a daily basis. The occcult powers that shape our spiritual and social worldview seem obscure and nebulous for many folks to grasp or understand. But through symbolic dekonstruction of the entertainment media, we can begin to see the repetitive patterns that reveal the philosophical foundations behind the visual and auditory experience of consuming media.
What many like our guest today have discovered, is that the most notable and memorable moments in popular film history were ostensibly used for the purposes of psykological warfare on the masses. To help us better understand what this all means, our guest today is the author of ESOTERIC HOLLLYWOOD volume I and volume II. He is the man behind and the Jay Dyer YouTube channel where he does debates, film reviews and analysis, often with a satirical flavor, commenting on everything from pop culture, metaphysics, literature, and history.

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