Attacking Iran: A Reality Check

Iran’s Sejjil IRBM missile, according to Wikipedia, has a speed of Mach 14. And a range of 2,500 kilometers (1,553.4 miles). The warhead ranges from 500 to 1,500 Kgs (1,102 to 3,307 pounds.)

Iran has developed unstoppable cruise missiles with a range of 800 miles.

Update: Iran had been working on their own anti-missile system based on Russian licenses. They just shot down a Global Hawk drone spy plane which is an automated version of the U-2 spy plane which flies at very high altitudes. In the past Iran could not have shot it down. Now they can. This puts them in the big leagues.

On 12-5-2011 Obama’s CIA made a gift of an RQ-170 drone to Iran which Chinese, Russian and Iranian scientists studied in depth. Today Iran has a fleet of drones capable of launching missiles at US ships and military bases from Diego Garcia to Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. All US ships in port or in either the Persian Gulf or the Indian ocean would be sinking minutes after an attack on Iran. Iranian attacks on US bases with fuel air explosives would eliminate most personnel. Survivors would be captured by ground forces in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

60% of American currency is overseas. Even if America responded with nuclear weapons, the people overseas holding dollars would dump them . They would be dumped as nobody wants to get paid in the money issued by the country that lost the last war. That would double prices thus cutting permanently in half the wages and pensions of most Americans.

So if attacking Iran does not make much military sense, then why do it?

We were told that Iran had used mines to attack oil tankers in the Persian Gulf but that has already been disproved by eyewitnesses much as was the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam war.

The principle factor guiding behind our attacks on Libya, Syria and Iran is that Israel wants it thus.

America has been doing the bidding of Rothschild Zionism even before there was an Israel. One of the reasons America lost 130,000 soldiers in WW I was so we could make the war last beyond 1915 thus bankrupting our allies, Britain and France. Another goal was to secure Palestine as a British-Jewish colony. And there was a third reason. Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild partner, gave Leon Trotsky and 400 other Jewish radical a million ounces of gold sending them from New York to Russia to overthrow our ally. They set up a Jewish Communist state that killed 60 million Gentiles. 30 million were killed because they were Christians. Americans are forbidden to think those thoughts.

In 1982 Oded Yinon listed Iran, the Sudan, Libya, Lebanon and Syria along with Iraq as Israeli targets. The Jewish lobby is so powerful in both the Democrat and Republican parties as well as the media that they can get America to do their fighting and dying for them. Israel took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001. After 911 General Wesley Clark reported that the pentagon had a list of 7 Muslim nations to attack. It obviously originated in Israel. This list was: Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.

Syria never used chemical weapons against their own people. But has been bombed many times by the US because the Jewish controlled press told them to. The US government is definitely not Christian. They gave radical Muslims weapons, money, arms and training so they could kill tens of thousands of Christians in Syria. The Jihadis beheaded Christians and gouged out their eyes.

There is an economic reason for the US to confront Iran. Catherine Austin Fitts has mentioned several times in interviews. She tells us that America needs to use its military to force other nations to trade in dollars even though we make few things they want. They refuse to eat our GMO crops. Even our wheat is sprayed with Roundup so the farm’s crops can all be harvested on the same day which maximizes profits while poisoning the American food supply.

America’s problem is that she was become over populated by design. Since 1950 we have been importing natural resources though we had a temporary respite from high oil prices due to fracking which as a trade off gives us permanently polluted ground water. Essentially, the Deep State plan is to take down America and give the world a One Bank, One Vote global government. It was focused on making whites a Minority. That plan is on track.

The problem the Deep State faced while over populating America was that old law of Supply and Demand. But since they own the banks, they had a solution. So what if wages are forced down and rents up. Just print more money and hire 31 million federal, state and local government employees paying for it with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. Wages collapsing due to too many legal and illegal aliens? Ditto. Print more money and buy free things from overseas so even the poor can afford clothes, TVs and cell phones. And middle class people with either a government position or a job in a subsidized sector like healthcare or defense contracting can afford a new car.

President Trump has been put in a bad spot between a rock and a  hard place. He needs a strong dollar so our high standard of living continues to be subsidized by money printing. But he is entering dangerous waters as he needs lower interest rates to prop up the stock market. If the stock exchanges had a 20 to 40% correction, foreigners would dump their stocks and many would seriously consider dumping the dollar as well.

The US economy is supposed to be doing well if you believe the lies. But Reuters just said our budget deficit will reach a trillion dollars. So what happens, when, not if, our low interest rates double and that $535 billion annual  interest rate charge passes a trillion dollars?  Would you be willing to eliminate healthcare and education to maintain our trillion dollar a year subsidy to the New York Banks and the Federal Reserve?

Soon there will be a day when even the most ardent Zionist will regret having spent $7 trillion on killing Muslims and Christians living near Israel.

There is no rational reason to attack Iran. Probably the Pentagon leadership knows that we would lose. They would likely send the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff to the White House at midnight telling the President to forget escalating the war as they did with Obama. That was General Martin Edward Dempsey who went to the White House just before midnight. He also established a back door direct link to the Russian military to prevent any  miscalculations so the professionals in the Russian and American militaries survive policy errors from the politicians.

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